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Why do you wear make up? | TAG & FOTD

I feel like I haven't posted anything in ageees and that's just because of how busy I am with work from college and actual work. I find myself just wanting to sleep whenever I have any spare time, so that's why I've been away for a few days :( So I thought I'd post a quick tag just so that I still have posts going up, and I promise when I have a few hours to my self (oh my god that would be amazing) I will upload a more lengthy, in depth and interesting post! I've seen this tag floating around a few blogs and it seemed quite interesting so I'm giving it a go! Oh and I've also included a FOTD from yesterday that I forgot to upload (oops). 

1. When did you begin?
I started wearing make up in about year 6, and this wasn't a full face of make up in any way, it was a sweep of my mums mascara (without her knowing AND for primary school, I felt like such a rebel!). I distinctively remember one morning lining up in the play ground and another girl "telling over" me to the teacher because I was wearing make up. I must have only been about 12! Anyway, that soon stopped because my mum realised and told me I was too young! When I got into secondary school I started wearing a lot of black eyeliner when I went through of stage of being "emo", even though I was adamant and told everyone that it was not a stage! It kind of stemmed from there and even though I'm not amazing at applying make up, I've definitely come a long way!

2. How do you feel without make-up?
I don't mind wearing no make up sometimes, it gives my skin chance to breathe as such, and it just feels much nicer not having anything on your face. Although, this is only when I'm inside the house or travelling or being somewhere that no one (except family, boyfriend, friends etc) are going to see me. If I'm at work or college I just wear a bit of make up to cover up my imperfections and my eyes look so strange and small if I don't wear eyeliner/dark eye shadow! If I'm going out out I'll put more effort in and this gives me a lot more confidence, as I'm sure it does for a lot of people :)

3. What do you like about make-up?
I love how you experiment with different things and achieve different looks. It's also a great way to boost your confidence and for me personally, I think it makes me look a lot older! I also find it really fun finding new products and experimenting. 

4. 3 Holy-grail items.
Ooooh this is hard! I don't have particular brands that I stick to, I think I'm yet to find a certain brand's product that I HAVE to have in my make up bag! Although, I have bought L'OrĂ©al Paris True Match Foundation in the palest shade a few times as I've found it gives really good coverage when built up! Another item I've bought a couple of times is Collection's Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner in black. It's fairly cheap, around £3 I think and I use it every day! I haven't found one that is easier to apply. I am on a student budget though, so I may need to branch out when I have a bit more money (roll on student loan)! I also neeed powder! Some people don't use powder but I find that if I don't my make up won't set or stay for very long. Right now I'm using Mac's Studio Fix pressed powder. 

Thanks for reading everyone :) If you have any suggestions for posts I could write then let me know lovelies! 

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