Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Healthier Lifestyle

I wouldn't say I am extremely unhealthy, but I have those days as I'm sure most of us do where I feel awful. Whether that's after pigging out on crisps (my absolute favourite) or having far too many chocolate digestives, or after running across town to make my bus on time after work. I also wouldn't say I was overweight, but I think I'd benefit from losing a few pounds and it would boost my confidence too! I have sporadic bursts of going to the gym every couple of months, and when I finally began getting into a routine, they changed the price plan meaning I would have to re-join, pay a joining fee and sign a 12 month contract. Don't get me wrong, I was really into the gym at that point but I didn't feel like signing a 12 month contract that would mean I would pay £20 a month by direct debit! I couldn't guarantee I'd be there the next month, let alone in a year. So, after doing home exercises now and again for the past few months, and a conversation with a lovely model friend of mine I've decided to finally push myself into getting a healthier lifestyle (in my post the five month plan I have already decided I will improve my lifestyle before hopefully going to university)! 

First up is the squat challenge. I'd heard a lot about these challenges and at first I was skeptical, but after reading about other peoples improvements and successes I decided to take the plunge! I'm currently on day 11, which is 110 squats. Saying that I couldn't do 20 without needing a break before starting, and can now manage over 100 in a row makes me pretty happy! I've also felt like my thighs and bum are a little tighter which is also a bonus. I took down my measurements before I started so I might write a post after I've finished the 30 days :) After this challenge I'm going to have a go at the abs challenge and then hopefully I'll be able to find one for my arms!

I have heard so much about the 30 Day Shred, and plan on starting this soon as well. I've started the shred before, and found some parts quite difficult and others not too hard. For those who don't know what the 30 Day Shred is: "Jillian Michaels, the superstar of America's fitness trainers, is committed to getting big results. As your own personal trainer, Jillian will guide you through her exclusive 3-2-1 Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic 30 day shred. The DVD includes three complete 20-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start with Level 1 and advance through to Level 3- in no time you'll achieve a lean shredded body." - product description on Amazon. I've heard so many good things about this exercise plan, and that it actually does produce good results. I'm going to start this after the squat challenge, and then when I've got the hang of the 30 day shred I'm going to introduce the abs challenge.

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My Fitness Plan is an app on Apple products, and you can enter your current weight, goal weight and how often you plan on exercising and it will work out how many calories you can consume each day to reach your goal weight. You can then input what you eat and it will add up the calories for you. I've used this a few times before but I really want to start using it properly. Counting calories all day every day drives me insane, which is why I don't always keep up with it. Also, just because it has a low calorie count doesn't mean it's ok to eat. If a product has a very high saturated fat percentage but a low calorie count, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthy to eat. So, I'm going to try and use this most of the time, just so I can see what I'm actually eating!

I eat a lot more than I need to some days. I'm one of those who will eat whether I'm full or not, and I hate it! Most of it is willpower, but I'm having a look at healthier recipes and snacks to take to college with me, as this is the place I am the most unhealthiest (damn you homemade flapjacks!). 

If any of you have any tips, whether it's fitness or food related, please share them with me! I'd be ever so grateful :) Thank you for reading!

Amy x

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