Friday, 31 May 2013

Kodaline Intimate Concert

On Tuesday night I was just sitting around playing on my laptop when I got a phone call off my friend Kerri asking what I was doing on Thursday night. As I didn't have anything planned but work, I said nothing and asked why, and she told me she'd won two tickets off Absolute Radio to see Irish band Kodaline at Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester! After double checking that I wasn't on a late shift at work, I excitedly told her I would LOVE to go. We did a bit of research and found out that it was only an intimate gig, and that only a handful of people had been invited or had won tickets, so that made us look forward to it even more! Kerri met me after work in the late afternoon, and we went shopping for a little bit first to kill some time before we had to get to the venue. I took a couple of pictures of the afternoon as I thought that may be more interesting than me rambling on.

We grabbed a bite to eat from Harvester as they weren't serving food in Hard Rock Cafe.
Then we made our way to the venue!
We joined a very long queue on a red carpet (feeling pretty important) and waited for the doors to open.

Kerri bought an Alabama Slammer cocktail, that was actually pretty nice, and very kindly bought me a refillable coke.
Here's a picture of the band while performing. Please excuse the dreadful quality, the lighting wasn't amazing from the back. 
After they had played through their amazing album (which I 100% recommend you buy and listen to!) we left Hard Rock and made our way to the local Pizza Hut. At first I didn't think I was too hungry, but after the large cheesy bites pizza that Kerri made us share was placed in front of me, I made very quick work of eating it! 

I had such a lovely and fun night, and am so grateful that Kerri decided to take me as her plus one! If you haven't heard any songs by Kodaline, here are my favourites for you to listen to! :) High Hopes and All I Want. Let me know what you think of them, or are you already a fan!?

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Amy x

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  1. I really dig Kodaline. Check out their video for "Love Like This"


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