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KW & LK Photography

KW & LK is a photography company created and managed by Kerri Worrall, based in Greater Manchester. I have the pleasure of being good friends with Kerri, but as I hope you already understand, I am always honest and and not afraid to give my opinion, so I wouldn't be writing a post recommending Kerri as a photographer if I didn't believe in her myself! I've nothing but praise for Kerri; her talent and passion shine through in each of her photos. When setting up her company in 2009, Kerri had no idea how successful she would become, having worked on numerous weddings, birthdays and occasions similar to these, photography for PR, portraits for actors, charity work and many more projects. So you've heard how much I like Kerri's photographs, so I though I'd share a few of my favourites with you so you can form your own opinions (I'm sure they will be the same as mine!). 

So they're a few of my favourites! Hope you liked them? Kerri has just shot another wedding, but I'm not allowed to show you yet until they have been given to the client but I'll update the post asap! I thought I'd ask Kerri a couple of questions as well, so you can get to know her as well as the photos.

What is KW & LK and why did you start it?

I didn't want to use my actual full name in case I got sick of it, so that's where the KW comes from - my initials. LK stands for my friends name, Lind (it's actually Belinda but everyone calls her Lind) Kols. Without her I wouldn't have even picked up a camera, she really helped me get into it even if she isn't part of the company now. I've always liked the idea of taking a picture of something and showing it to others so they can see your perspective. Everyone sees things differently. I could take a picture of a light switch, and so could somebody else but both pictures would be different.

What is the favourite picture that you have taken?

In college I had to create a magazine front cover, and I called the magazine Alcohol Anonymous. So, keeping in theme with the title, I set up two bottles of Smirnoff and we had to use the studio and think really carefully about the lighting so that the light didn't bounce right off the glass bottles. I really liked the end result and how it looked exactly like a advertisement. 

How did you turn your passion into a successful business?

I didn't want to go to university, like everybody else seemed to be doing and believed that you can teach yourself photography, and didn't need a degree. I found that I learned better by doing, which is why I began my portfolio when I was in year 11. My first project was a wedding. A friend from college got the gig, and knew that we worked well together, so when he asked me to help out I jumped at the opportunity, I even got paid half! When I set up my own business I started taking photos for free. So I did things like head shots for actors and landscape pictures. Once I built up a strong following I began to charge.

What do you think is the best project that you have worked on?

I have recently had a loss in the family, and during the last few months of their life, Dr Kershaws helped a lot. I felt like I wanted to give them somthing back, so I decided to start a project that would help raise some money. The idea is to take a picture in each season for the year. I've finished the Spring picture, where I got girls from the pub I work at part time to wear flower headbands and pose in a local park. Each of them donated £5 so I made £20 from that photo. The next photo will be taken for summer in the next few months and we're expecting a lot more people this time, so instead of a fixed donation price I will have donation buckets dotted about. If you wanted to help this extremely worthy cause and join in with my project, get in touch with me via my email below! I also did a project where I took a picture of each of the locals in my pub which is now on display, I enjoyed it so much!

So, would you recommend starting a business out of a passion to others?

Yes! Whether it's film, editing, anything! Don't do it for the money at first, do it because it's your passion. If you don't enjoy it, you won't be successful! You can show your passion through social media and online portfolios for example. Ask others if they need any help for free so you can get your foot in the door. I love my job. I make money working for myself, gain so much experience and meet a lot of different people. I love it!

Kerri has a website that shows pictures from various projects she has done, and gives you the chance to contact her if need be: click me to check it out! You can also have a look at her Facebook page here and Twitter page here. For the quality of her photographs, Kerri charges an extrememly affordable fee. There are no set prices, as the fee depends on many different factors such as what kind of event it is, the location, the number of pictures needed etc. If you want to get hold of Kerri to take some pictures for you, or just want to ask a general question, her email address is kerri@kwlkphotography.co.uk

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's a little different than I normally post about, but what did you think? :) Thank you for reading!

Amy x

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