Monday, 27 May 2013

Simple Skincare

A couple of weekends ago I was browsing in Superdrug and saw that they had a couple of offers on skincare. As you fellow beauty bloggers will understand, like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the stands and without a thought decided that I was going to buy something. I had a look what they had, and decided to buy some things from the Simple range. Simple is one of those brands that I don't see blogged about very often. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it seems like no one hates it but no one raves about it. Anyway, I have quite dry and sensitive skin and combining the fact that Simple are "experts in sensitive skincare" and that they only include the purest ingredients, no colours and no perfume, I knew that they were the one. I bought the Kind To Skin facial cleanser, toner and the Kind To Eyes eye make up remover. I got the latter free with my points card, so only ended up paying around £4 in total - bargain!

I waited around three weeks to write this post as I wanted to wait to see if the products actually made a difference to my skin, meaning that I could write a truthful review. So, every night I take my eye make up off first by applying a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton pad and wipe softly around my eyes. As I do wear thick liquid eyeliner or smoky brown eyes, it takes around 2 pads to remove it all. When I wear mascara and a lighter shade shadow, one cotton pad is plenty. The eye make up remover is non greasy, and once my eye make up is off the area is dry, which sets this remover apart from others which have left my face feeling wet. I do the same with the cleansing lotion, a lovely thick cream, which leaves my skin feeling soft and supple after use. Unfortunately, when I had used the toner for a few nights consecutively, I noticed that I was beginning to break out and that my skin went red and blotchy almost immediately after use. I stopped using the toner and in a few days the breakout had reduced a massive amount; I have decided to cut the toner out completely. Overall, I feel like my skin has improved since before I started the skincare routine so I'm going to continue using it! I've heard some wonderful things about the Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover (you can read about it here in my beauty wish list) so I'm planning on trying that out, but will definitely repurchase the facial cleanser and Simple's eye make up remover too. 

Have any of you tried out this range? What did you think?

Amy x


  1. I love the Simple moisturisers, and have re-purchased them several times.

    Lucy x

  2. That toner sounds bad :( the whole point of toner is to soothe your skin after you've cleansed and act as a step before you use a mask/moisturise.
    I use one by Garnier which is in a blue bottle and part of the skin essentials range. It's quite cheap too, I think I got mine in home bargains.

    X fi -

    1. I know! It may not have been the toners fault entirely but I'm scared to try it again; my chin is still recovering! Ooh I may have a look out for that, thank you! x


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