The Book Review #4 – My Mad Fat Diary

Another Sunday, another book review! This time I’m talking about My Mad Fat Diary, the real life diary written by Rae Earl. The book was recently made into a series on E4, and I loved it. I have to be honest, the acting wasn’t always the best, and the story line was a bit predictable but nonetheless I really enjoyed watching it, so when I saw the book I had to buy it! 

When my camera stops playing up, I’ll upload an actual picture.
I promise!

I wasn’t immediately sucked in to the book like I have been with others, but some of the best books start off slowly so I gave it a chance. The more and more I read the book, the more and more bored I got with it. I couldn’t understand why, I thought as I was reading it before I went to sleep that I was just tired and couldn’t concentrate, although this is when I read the majority of books.

If I’d have read the book before watching the program, I think I would have enjoyed it more and been able to follow it a lot easier. The names that are used in the program are different to that in the book, so it was confusing trying to work out who was who. If I’d read the book first I wouldn’t have character expectations etc.  

The book was quite interesting though as it was an adapted version of the writers real diary from when she was 17, so that makes it fairly funny. I was so disappointed because I really had loved the television series, and was expecting the book to be the same. I didn’t feel compelled to read on, and that’s one of the worst things when reading a book; I read for fun, not because it’s a chore. Rae herself was quite relatable though, which was one of the best things about the book, and as I mentioned before it was funny too! 

I might try reading it again in the future, but my opinion on it at this moment in time is that I didn’t really enjoy it unfortunately! Have any of you read the book? What do you think? Thank you for reading 🙂

Amy x


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  1. 3rd August 2013 / 12:44 am

    Ive tried reading that book to and I've got to say, like you I wasn't really a fan. I don't think real life diaries necesserily make good fiction books, maybe that was the case with this one?

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