Friday, 28 June 2013

My Bucket List

A couple of days ago I read that Money Supermarket were hosting a campaign to get us bloggers thinking about our bucket lists, no matter how big or small our wishes and fantasies were. They want us to think of one budget dream and one where money is no matter, letting our imaginations run wild. If you want to enter, just click here you could win £1000 among some lovely other prizes for runners up!

The first thing on my bucket list is my budget choice. I want to learn to fight. I know that sounds a bit strange, and I'm not talking street fighting or killing people at all, I just find martial arts so interesting! As sad as it sounds, I love action films and often find myself thinking "I wish I'd be able to stick up for myself like that if anything happened" when the hero breaks out into Kung Fu after being approached in an alley somewhere. Although you don't really find me wandering around alleys looking for trouble on a regular basis... Truth be told, I've never been in a fight but I don't need experience to know that I'd probably be useless. Self defense is a great skill to learn, and doesn't mean that you turn into a meat head going around beating people up, I just believe that it would be useful to have that kind of skill. Martial arts also teaches you a lot of other skills, like patience, balance, and strength to name a few. I know a couple of people who practice martial arts and find that so many personal aspects have changed within them, and they haven't got a bad word to say about it! 

Next comes my more extravagant choice. I would LOVE to travel America. I know that sounds like such  a cliche. Every man and his dog want to go an American road trip but it would seriously be amazing. I'd love to be able to do this for mine and my boyfriends holiday next year but it's probably too late for us to start saving up.... America just seems like such an interesting and exciting place, from Texas to New York and I'd love to see it all! Me and the boyfriend have discussed doing this in the future, and there are a few things we want to do. Scuba diving with the marine fish at Florida Keys would be absolutely wonderful - and it's not often I use that word! I don't particularly like going underwater, but I bet that experience would be mind blowing and I know my boyfriend would absolutely love it. A cheeky trip to Disney World, Orlando, wouldn't be turned down either... For me, I'd love to drive through the desert from Las Vegas to LA in an open top car. How chilled would that be! Unless we got hi-jacked in the middle of the night, where my newly learned Kung Fu skilled would come into play... We'd do all the usual sight seeing of the famous landmarks, but I'd love to go to an open top cinema in a lovely rural area, maybe somewhere in Texas and eat a picnic under the stars with a few friends round a campfire. Sounds cheesy but how lovely would that be? I'd obviously have to take advantage of the American beauty stores, but also visit some ranches in Arizona. There would be such a stark contrast between there and my home in Manchester, but an experience you wouldn't forget. Visiting the beaches is also pretty high up on my list. If they're anything like in 90210, count me in! There some of the more detailed things I want to do, but obviously there are so many states I'd love to visit like Chicago, Hawaii, Louisiana, Vermont (Ben & Jerry's!) among so many others. This trip would cost so much money, but I NEED to experience this in my future. I'm so into making as many memories as I can with people that mean a  lot to me, so this trip with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends would be perfect. 

The three bloggers that I'm suggest writing this post are Fiona from North Western Beauty, Cat from CLLRS and Vickie from Beauty By Reilly! Are either of these are your bucket list, or have you already done any of them? Let me know! You can also recommend some places to visit in America if you want for when I do go. Oh and if you're still reading my blog in around 30 years (probably how long it would take me to save up to go on an American road trip) you'll definitely see some posts on it because I will do it! :)

Thank you for reading :)

Amy x


  1. You've forgotten to list the websites of three other people you think would like to do the bucket list thing! xxx

  2. Those are some great ideas! I read a book once about a guy who walked across America! It was really cool!
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3

  3. Love bucket lists! I'm an American and I live in LA. I have been to most of the places you listed. I would advise to add the countryside of Michigan (the Upper Peninsula & Traverse City area) because it's beautiful. I also suggest visiting a friend in LA and having the friend show you around. Much like any big city, LA is hard to get around and it can be daunting if you don't know all the hip places to visit. There's "tourist" LA & "real" LA and I would recommend finding someone who knows where us real Angelenos hang because it's marvelously beautiful!

    Feel free to show me some love @ {}

    Happy travels!


    1. Aw thanks for all the tips :) I'm excited to go! x


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