Friday, 19 July 2013

Current Shower Essentials

Over the past few months I’ve built up a collection of trustworthy shower products and have got myself into a little routine. I used to care so much more about make up, but now I'm getting older and wiser I know that taking care of your skin is essential, so I make sure that I buy the kind of products that my skin needs.

When I first get in the shower I usually use my Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. I love the Strawberry range from The Body Shop, and have received a few gift sets over the past year or two which fuels my obsession with the products. However, my latest tube is beginning to run out, and although it is a great exfoliator, I wanted to try something a little more ‘gritty’.

This is when I came across the exfoliating sponge from Tesco. At £1 how could I say no?! One half of the sponge is made of exfoliating material while the other is softer, for every day cleansing use. I squirt my body wash onto the exfoliating side, and scrub away at my skin. It is quite rough, but I like this as I know it’s really working. It’s great to use before shaving the legs for example, as it gets rid of any dead or damaged skin.

Currently I’m using the Radox Moisturise body wash. It’s not fancy or anything like that, but is soft and gentle on the skin, which is great as I do suffer from sensitive skin sometimes, boo! I often change my body wash, but I’m particularly liking this one so I think it may be here to stay….

After washing and exfoliating, I start washing my hair with the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and follow it with the matching conditioner. After years of dying my hair and the occasional use of heat, I always buy shampoos and conditioners that help to relieve my hair and that provide it some moisture. Along with doing a great job, I LOVE the smell of these products and they are often seen making a comeback into my shower routine.

I recently picked up the In Shower Moisturiser after reading some great reviews by all you lovely bloggers! It’s not like I needed another moisturiser but I love the idea of being able to use this in the shower, preventing the whole having to wait for normal moisturiser to soak in after a shower. I’ve only used in a few times and can’t make my mind up if it actually does anything of use, but I like using it and I’ve not come across any problems. I’m not sure if I will repurchase it, we’ll have to see when I finish this one off!

So they’re my shower essentials, do you use any of these? Or do you recommend any products that I should be using?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x


  1. I love the Burt's Bees Shea and Honey Sugar Scrub. It's really 'scrubby' (if that's a word!) so it's great if you like your body scrubs on the grittier side. It also smells amazing so I'd definitely recommend giving it a sniff next time you're in Boots!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Oooh thank you for the recommendation :) xxx

  2. I love Radox!
    Becky xoxo


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