Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

A couple of months ago I bought the Real Techniques Core Collection after hankering for it for some time. I'd seen so many beauty bloggers and You-Tube-ers (it should be a word...) use the brushes, and had high recommendations off some of my friends so I thought it was about time I invested in them. 
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In the collection you get the (R-L) infamous buffing brush, a detailer brush,  a pointed foundation brush and a contour brush. I have to say that out of the four brushes, I only regularly use two of them: the buffing brush and the contour brush. As I use the buffing brush for my foundation along with sometimes blending with my fingers, I don't have much use for the foundation brush. However, that doesn't mean I won't find a use for it in the future. The contour brush is great, and I use this for applying bronzer, and well, contouring my face. In the past I have used the detailer brush for my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but found that either my fingers or the buffing brush gave a much better finish and blended more evenly. 

Before I bought this collection I used an array of brushes bought from various places, none of which can compare to this collection. The brushes I previously used shed their fibres, were harsh on my skin and often the brush head fell off the actual brush body. Whereas, the Real Techniques brushes are sturdy and soft, and do their job brilliantly. Although one or two fibres have shed, this is probably down to me not being as gentle as I could be when handling them. After washing the brushes return to their natural colour of white tops with black roots, apart from the buffing brush which now has a tiny hint of orange (I buy THE palest foundation, how it ends up orange I don't know!).

I have found that these brushes do make applying make up a lot easier and more effective and at £20.99 for the 4, that comes in at around £5 a brush so it's definitely worth the money. My only hang up would be is that I wish I could find a good use for the foundation brush, aside from applying foundation, as I feel it's a waste for it just to be sat there. 

 Do any of you own this collection? What do you use each brush for?

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  1. I got these for my birthday and I looooove them! I'm the same in that I use the buffing & contour brushes the most and don't really have a use for the foundation brush. I tend to use the little detailing brush to get my concealer in to areas that are a bit harder to reach then blend it with my fingers or the pointed end of my blending sponge xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Yeah I do the same sometimes! I need to experiment more I think :) xx

  2. I love my Core Collection Kit so much! I use the buffing brush for my foundation, the contour brush for my contour, blush or powder, the detailer brush for my eyebrows (works great for me) and I don't really use the foundation brush, it's so small, it would be great for concealer though, I've used it a few times. x


    1. That's such a good idea! I'm definitely going go try that :) xx

  3. Real Technique brushes are my absolute favourite! I have powder, expert (I use for foundation), blush and eyeshadow and they've completely changed how I do my make up (for the better. I really want the whole collection now lol so greedy!xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

    1. I'm definitely buying the eyshadow set on payday! xx

  4. I use the foundation brush to blend in any highlighter/concealer just underneath the brows! I also use it for the odd blemish cover up ! I love all the brushes in this collection!

    Megan x


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