The Angel Series by L.A Weatherly

I haven’t posted about a book in what feels like months, mainly because I read a lot of similar books and I don’t want to bore you with repetitive quotes. However, recently I read a series of books and felt like I had to write about them. Reading is always something I’ve enjoyed, since I was a young girl. You’d more than likely find me sat in my room or snuggled into the corner of a sofa with a good book instead of playing out like the majority of young children. I will warn you, this post gets a bit geeky and “fan girly”. 

Last week on Twitter, I saw somebody recommend a book called Angel by L.A Weatherly, and after looking up the synopsis, I decided it sounded good and bought it from the iPhone book store. I can’t remember how much it was on there, it may well have been free! Even if it wasn’t, it was no more than £3. So, I read this first book, in literally just over a day. I was completely sucked into the characters world, and couldn’t put my phone down; I read it before I got ready for work, I read it on the bus to work, I read it walking through town, I read it all night. When I say I couldn’t put it down, I mean it! As soon as I finished the first I bought the second (Angel Fire),  and bought the third (Angel Fever), after finishing that – I read through them all in three days.

The first thing you’d notice about the books is the cover. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the images used. I don’t think the pictures of the characters really match the descriptions in the book, but it’s not a major issue! 

The story revolves around three main characters: Willow, who knows that she’s different than most teenage girls but doesn’t know how different, Alex, a dangerous but alluring angel assassin, and Seb, a mysterious boy not too different from Willow. Their paths cross and they join together when their world is threatened to be turned upside down and taken over by an evil source. The book is filled with love, jealousy, sadness, loss, revenge and anger among an array of other emotions. I don’t want to give anything else away as the story is a real page turner and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next!

L.A Weatherly is what I can only describe as an amazing author. I think I’ve talked enough about how I couldn’t put the book down, so I won’t go any more into that. I immediately felt part of the world and the characters were so believable it was like I was reading about real people. After finishing the final book, I felt a little upset to tell you the truth! To some of you, that may sound a little sad, but after reading a series and getting to know the characters, it feels strange to finish them all. I’ve read on the internet that the rights to make a film are being optioned, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 

This may have not been a book review exactly, and maybe more of a rant, but I  really wanted to write about the series so that some of you may be able to enjoy the books too. I’d definitely recommend the series to anyone who loves a book that mixes action, love all friendship, all with an element of danger. 

Have you any of you read the Angel series? What did you think? Or do you want to read them now?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x


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