Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Body Shop Lemon Lip Butter

Last week I posted about the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush (which you can read here) and as this is the product I pair it with, I thought it'd be nice to review this too. 

After watching Gabriella Rose's YouTube videos, and seeing how much she loved this Lemon Lip Butter, I had to buy it to try it out when I saw it on sale in the Body Shop at £2. Since I was a young girl, I've always loved lemon curd (not to everybody's taste) and lemon cheese tarts, and this smells exactly like that. It has such a fresh smell, and tastes nice which is a plus! 

I use this lip butter near enough every day; the formula is so thick and moisturising and is absorbed almost straight away. This is an important factor for me, I hate it when lip products are greasy or feel as if they're going to drip off. 

After only using it for the past couple of weeks, it hasn't made a drastic difference to my lips. Now and again they do still feel quite tight and dry, but after putting this on they feel better instantly. Even if it isn't making a long term difference, it is a brilliant quick fix for lips that need a little moisture. 

Have you tried this Lemon Lip Butter from The Body Shop?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x


  1. This looks amazing! I don't have the lemon butter but I have tried a grapefruit one in the past which was lovely.

    I bet this tastes delicious! I absolutely LOVE lemon! :)



    1. It's such a lovely lip butter, I highly recommend it :)


  2. ooh might have to try this. i have quite dry lips and i LOVE lemon curd. i actually buy jars of lemon curd to eat like yoghurt. delicious.

    Carry x

    1. Haha sometimes I eat it like that too! Naughty us x

  3. I;ve never tried this but, may have to check it out next time I'm at the body shop xx


    1. Yeah I'd definitely recommend it :) x

  4. I've never tried this product before but love their body butter, so image this is just as amazing! I am loving that it smells like lemon tarts... yummy! :D



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