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I recently started using products from Weleda*, and as you may have read, I do suffer from quite dry, dehydrated and sometimes sensitive skin, so changing skincare is a big deal for me. After reading up about Weleda, I felt quite confident about using their products. They began back in 1921, proving that they excel in their field, and have been popular for nearly 100 years. With their motto being “In harmony with nature and the human being”, it shows that Weleda care about the world we live in and the people that live in it.

The first product is Skin Food, and when I first used it, I immediately noticed how thick the cream was, and knew it would be extremely nourishing for my skin. Skin Food’s primary use is to help nourish dry and dehydrated skin, and can be used as a protective cream. As it is made with organic sunflower oil and extracts of wild pansty, chamomile, calendula and rosemary, it smells really natural and fresh which I thought was lovely. Even though the cream is made for use on hands, feet and elbows, I used it on dry patches on my face which unfortunately do appear quite often! I found that Weleda’s Skin Food definitely helped to smooth things out and bring some moisture back to my skin. I still use my everyday moisturiser as my main one, but when I get any rough patches I immediately go to Weleda Skin Food. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry or dehydrated skin. You can tell by the shape of the tube that I’ve been using and loving it!

The next product is the Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream. The formula of this one is slightly different to Skin Food, as it is a little more runny. Although, it is absorbed into the skin right away. As you can probably tell by the name, the cream smells like roses. Sometimes I think this scent can be quite overpowering, especially in face products, but it wasn’t the case at all with the Smoothing Day Cream. I haven’t used this as much as Skin Food, as I preferred Skin Food by a mile as it is more nourishing, but it’s great when you just want to apply a light moisturiser.

The last product is the Calendula Lotion. This lotion is primarily for use on babies and very delicate skin, but it also states that it can be used on sensitive skin. The Calendula Lotion is the most runny out of the three, and again smells very natural. When applied to the skin it immediately feels like it’s doing wonderful things, and not as though it is just sitting on your skin. 

I have to say that my favourite out of the three is Skin Food, as it has been a saviour for my temperamental skin, but the other two are lovely products as well that I’ll definitely be using. Weleda is available from Feel Unique

Have you tried anything from Weleda? What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

*items were sent for review



  1. 2nd September 2013 / 12:43 pm

    This brand is really popular in Germany, I've just visited my mother in law out there and she had skin food pride of place on bathroom shelf 🙂 I think that sounds like it would be my fave too, although I do love your description of the calendula cream feeling like it's doing wonderful things!

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


    • 8th September 2013 / 6:50 pm

      Aw lovely! It really is so nourishing 🙂 Thank you xxx

    • 8th September 2013 / 6:51 pm

      I haven't no, what's it like?! x

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