Friday, 29 March 2013

Primark and Boots Haul!

So yesterday was payday, yaaaaay! It feels like such a long time since I've treated myself, and I needed an outfit for the night as I was going out; did I need any more excuses to go shopping?! I spent a lot more than I intended, and bought more than I had planned but I'm very happy with my purchases :) This is also my first haul post so let me know if I could improve it in any way to make it easier to read etc. 


1. Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - £6.99
2. Collection Clear Mascara - Isn't on the website; was around £2
3. Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy £5.99
4. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 - £4.19
5. Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish in Bongo Beat - £1.99
6. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 001 Dark Brown - £2.99
7. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Translucent - £3.99

The less glamorous items...

8. Boots Smooth Care Shave Gel - The exact one isn't on the website but this is extremely similar 
9. Boots Therapy Nourish Shower Gel £0.89

In the top picture that I forgot to take a closer picture of (oops sorry :( ) are a pair of Boots Slanted Tweezers that are only £1 and work really well! There is also a pack of chewing gum as I had some advantage card holder vouchers and it was half price for chewing gum - why not ey?! The pack of Andrex wipes were being given out for free in Manchester Arndale and are flushable toilet wipes although I'm only using these as standard wipes for things like cleaning my hands when I'm out and about :)


1. Silver Cross Chain - £2
2. Small Tan Satchel - £2 (In the sale)
3. Gold Statement Necklace - £3
4. 80D Tights - £2
5. Aztec Print Baggy Shirt - £12

I've literally just got back from picking a few things up with my boyfriend as I'm writing this, so I thought I'd include them in this post :) That's why the pictures aren't taking in an ideal place, his white bedding was the best I could find!

1. B&M Candle Tart Warmer - £0.99
2. B&M - "Love Changed Everything" Hanging Ornament - £1.99
3. Tesco 3 x Tea Light Holders - £0.75 (In clearance)
4. Tesco Storage Box - £2 (In clearance)  
They only had one black version of this left and it had been ruined, so I bought this colour and plan to cover it in pages of my favourite magazines :)

I'll be posting reviews of the items over the next few weeks so keep an eye out lovelies! Thanks for reading everyone :) Comments for any improvements would be appreciated, as this is my first haul, so please be nice! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why do you wear make up? | TAG & FOTD

I feel like I haven't posted anything in ageees and that's just because of how busy I am with work from college and actual work. I find myself just wanting to sleep whenever I have any spare time, so that's why I've been away for a few days :( So I thought I'd post a quick tag just so that I still have posts going up, and I promise when I have a few hours to my self (oh my god that would be amazing) I will upload a more lengthy, in depth and interesting post! I've seen this tag floating around a few blogs and it seemed quite interesting so I'm giving it a go! Oh and I've also included a FOTD from yesterday that I forgot to upload (oops). 

1. When did you begin?
I started wearing make up in about year 6, and this wasn't a full face of make up in any way, it was a sweep of my mums mascara (without her knowing AND for primary school, I felt like such a rebel!). I distinctively remember one morning lining up in the play ground and another girl "telling over" me to the teacher because I was wearing make up. I must have only been about 12! Anyway, that soon stopped because my mum realised and told me I was too young! When I got into secondary school I started wearing a lot of black eyeliner when I went through of stage of being "emo", even though I was adamant and told everyone that it was not a stage! It kind of stemmed from there and even though I'm not amazing at applying make up, I've definitely come a long way!

2. How do you feel without make-up?
I don't mind wearing no make up sometimes, it gives my skin chance to breathe as such, and it just feels much nicer not having anything on your face. Although, this is only when I'm inside the house or travelling or being somewhere that no one (except family, boyfriend, friends etc) are going to see me. If I'm at work or college I just wear a bit of make up to cover up my imperfections and my eyes look so strange and small if I don't wear eyeliner/dark eye shadow! If I'm going out out I'll put more effort in and this gives me a lot more confidence, as I'm sure it does for a lot of people :)

3. What do you like about make-up?
I love how you experiment with different things and achieve different looks. It's also a great way to boost your confidence and for me personally, I think it makes me look a lot older! I also find it really fun finding new products and experimenting. 

4. 3 Holy-grail items.
Ooooh this is hard! I don't have particular brands that I stick to, I think I'm yet to find a certain brand's product that I HAVE to have in my make up bag! Although, I have bought L'OrĂ©al Paris True Match Foundation in the palest shade a few times as I've found it gives really good coverage when built up! Another item I've bought a couple of times is Collection's Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner in black. It's fairly cheap, around £3 I think and I use it every day! I haven't found one that is easier to apply. I am on a student budget though, so I may need to branch out when I have a bit more money (roll on student loan)! I also neeed powder! Some people don't use powder but I find that if I don't my make up won't set or stay for very long. Right now I'm using Mac's Studio Fix pressed powder. 

Thanks for reading everyone :) If you have any suggestions for posts I could write then let me know lovelies! 

The pictures are all sourced from Google Images.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Warehouse Wish List!

Working at Warehouse doesn't make me bias in the slightest, these pieces are gorgeous and if I had the money I'd definitely buy them all! Being a shop assistant in a clothes shop is great, I get up to date information about all the latest trends and get knowledge on what styles sell the best and worst. This is always great when I'm thinking about updating my wardrobe as I know what to avoid! It also gives me a good feeling when I help someone get an outfit sorted and know they're genuinely happy with their purchase! 

Anyway, I've been browsing the website for the latest pieces and I've come across these beauties, so when pay day rolls around my wage will probably be going straight back into the company! Below you can see a selection of my favourite pieces that will be hitting your stores soon (unless your lucky enough to already have them in your local Warehouse!). Just a quick disclaimer, I'm getting no credit for this post nor am I being sponsored to write it, I just love these pieces and wanted to write a post about them :) 

What do you all think? Thanks for reading!



Thursday, 21 March 2013

Favourite nail polishes of 2013 so far!

Over the past few months I've been trying out a lot of nail polish that I already owned, as I was trying to stop spending so much money on beauty products! In this post you can see a selection of my favourites that I've been using regularly.

 As you may notice, there is a lot of Leighton Denny. His polishes are such good quality! They are long lasting and do not chip easily, and also dry really fast which is great if you're a nail smudger like me! I've found that the colours aren't too sheer which means you can apply just one coat for an even and gorgeous look. Luckily for me, my mum loves his polishes too so sometimes I can steal borrow hers! The majority of the polishes were bought in sets which cost around £27 depending where you buy them from, so I'm not sure how much they cost on their own!

The other two polishes are from Collection and are great for if you want a quick fix colourful nail polish that is also pocket friendly! You have to apply one or two coats of this polish depending on how thick/thin you apply it but it does dry fairly quickly - although I don't agree with the 60 seconds name! I can't remember exactly how much these are, but I think they are around £3 and under, so it's great if you want to experiment with colours you don't usually use! 

 (right-left) Collection Fast Dry BMX Biker/Leighton Denny Lolly Pop/Leighton Denny Zero Gravity/Leighton Denny Berry Nice/Leighton Denny Supermauva/Leighton Denny Supermodel/Leighton Denny Saturn Seduction/Collection 60 Seconds Big Hair

(left-right) Leighton Denny Zero Gravity/Leigton Denny Supermodel/Leighton Denny Supermauva

 (left-right) Leighton Denny Berry Nice/Leighton Denny Saturn Seduction/Leighton Denny Lolly Pop

(left-right) Collection Fast Dry BMX Bandit/Collection 60 second Big Hair

What do you think everyone? :) Thank you for reading!

Hair Change!

So last Saturday I took the plunge and finally got my hair cut after promising myself I would get it done for months! I've dyed my hair all sorts of colours, black, red, purple, ombre, you name it, so the ends of my hair had turned into a right mess. Usually I only get an inch or so off my hair as I'm so scared of having short hair (I wouldn't suit it at all!) but this time I took the leap and got a few inches off. Having your hair trimmed regularly helps speed up the growing process, so hopefully by the time I start university in September my hair will be considerably longer and healthier! Now, a lot of people say they can't really notice a difference in my hair from before, but I feel as if I've had loooooads off! You can see in the images below the before/after pictures :)


Excuse the scary eyes on the right! That picture was as I was waiting in the hair dressers so I was trying to look inconspicuous...


On the left is me and my boyfriend (looking slightly uncomfortable) at my mums 50th party the same day I got my hair cut :) The right hand side picture is as soon as I got home after the stylist had blow dried my hair, I wasn't keen?! What do you guys think? Does it look better? :)

Thank you so much for reading :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Review!

Sam Raimi, director of popular films like the Evil Dead and the Spiderman series is back with another hit. Oz: The Great and Powerful is different than Raimi’s usual films, but hints of his older work shine through in this new adventure. The Wizard of Oz, 1939, is a classic and captured hearts and imaginations of all ages around the world. To create a prequel to such a huge film must have been nerve wracking, but in my opinion I thought it was brilliant. Raimi created the film in such a way that it pays homage to the original but does not try to rival it in any way. In fact, there are only a few times where there are references to the original, the main one being that the story begins to unfold in the prairies in Kansas itself!

The story follows a small-time circuc magician turned con-man, Oscar Diggs, on his unexpected journey to Oz. When he first arrives he believes he has hit the jackpot as the people believe he is king who is entitled to great riches. However, the story turns when he is sucked in to the country's problems and Oscar has to decide whether to be the man he has always been and leave, or change his ways and become a good man.
James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz star in this 2013 release and I believe they picked the right actors for the characters. Franco plays Oscar and gets it down to a T. From his cheeky smile to his showmanship, Franco makes you really believe it. Now I can’t really talk much about the three witches as it may spoil the film for you, but after watching you will agree they picked the right women for each role, as their energy and sometimes even their looks helps portray each of their characters traits.
Wicked, the musical that also tells the story of the time before Dorothy arrives in Oz, was a huge success worldwide and this just shows that the story still interests today’s audience.
Now, I’m 18 and I went to see this film with my 16 year old sister and my 48 year old dad, and this just shows that this film is not just aimed at a younger audience, despite the storyline and the presence of magic and amazement throughout, which are sometimes portrayed as things a child might prefer. There is only moderate violence and no strong language so the film is definitely suitable for younger children, but there are some slightly “scary” parts as my sister did jump at one point, though this may just be because she’s a bit of a wimp.
One of the best things about the film was the creativity and the amazing scenery throughout, and although I didn’t see the film in 3D (boooo!), I didn’t feel as though I’d really missed out! The crew did such a good job when creating this film you really do feel as though you are in Oz yourself, from the buildings, to the animals, to the magnificent colours. The animation is so lifelike and it really added to the quality of the film and the experience.

Overall I would say this film is a must watch for lovers of adventure and animation, who are also fans of The Wizard of Oz story; it's definitely a 2013 hit!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Making the move to Bloglovin!

If you've not heard about the whole Google Friend Connect fiasco, well I don't know where you've been! It's going to turn into a bit of a mess for most of us bloggers who only really use GFC to follow blogs, and the majority are moving over to Bloglovin. So, our blogs won't be affected (yay!), it just means we will have to follow our favourite blogs through another site. For those who follow a lot of people/have a lot of followers it can be a huuuuge pain trying to accumulate them all again. However, there is a way of importing the blogs you follow. You can see a post of how to do it on Sam's blog here! Unfortunately it hasn't worked for me yet (*sadface*) but I know of a lot of people it has worked for!

With GFC disappearing forever I thought I'd create a new post with details of where you can follow me from now on! You can find me here on Bloglovin: I'll see you there :)

Also, as your may know if you've read my previous posts, I've been nominated for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 (yay!).  I'd appreciate it so much if you could maybe vote for me? I only have a handful of followers and have only recently set this blog up but I think winning this award  would be such a help and honour!

If you'd like to help me out just go to and then enter my blogs url when asked, which is The catergory is "Best personal style newcomer blog with new look (blog less than a year old)".

Thank you so much for any help at all :)

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Paint review!

So after hearing a lot about the Barry M Hi Shine Gel effect Nail Paint and knowing that bright nails were bang on trend for S/S 13, I just had to try it out! I bought the shade Green Berry as I don't have any light greens in my nail polish collection and it looked nice and cool and on the shelf.

I tried it out the night I bought it as I was so excited; I really want to get gel nails done professionally so I thought this nail varnish would be great until I finally got around to it. Personally, I found the polish quite difficult to apply. I don't know if this was just me applying it wrong or anything, but my nails ended up looking smudgy and "blobby" (for want of a better word!). I found that you had to apply quite a lot to cover the whole nail without it looking patchy, and this ended up looking as if I'd put too much on! I had used a base and top coat, which helped slightly. As for the colour, I wasn't too sure once I had applied it. I think I would much prefer the colour in Spring, as for now I think it is slightly too bright. It could also be purely because I wear a lot darker or neutral colours, so it may grow on me.

I would definitely buy the product again in maybe a creamy colour, as the green may have just put me off the polish initially. You can see a picture below of my nails - is it just me being rubbish at applying nail polish?!

Leave a comment below if you've tried this polish with any opinions or tips! Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spring Beauty Trends 2013.

As we all know, spring 2013 is soon approaching and with that comes new trends that can't wait to be rocked! Most of you, like me, probably love reading magazines and internet articles and fellow bloggers posts and have already read about the up and coming trends, so in this post I'm going to talk about a few of my favourites!

Michael Kors/Derek Lam,/Dior

First up is all about the eyes. To keep up with the latest eye make up trend, you need to make sure your make up bag includes some blue and green shades, from teal to turquoise. You can see these looks all over the catwalk including Dior and Michael Kors and if worn correctly can look amazing. One of my personal favourites is a green smoky eye. Now sometimes green can be a hard colour to work with on the eyes, but emerald is a shade that works with most skin types. I think using a darker matte green with a lighter emerald will be a great take on the classic grey or brown smoky eye and will look so fresh and cool for spring. If you're using a bold or bright colour on the eyes, make sure you don't over do it and use neutral and nude colours on the cheeks and lips.
Diane Kruger/Beyonce
My favourite hair style that is going to be big in spring is the side sweep. This vintage inspired style has been taking the red carpet by storm and has been everywhere at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards. It's a seemingly effortless and timeless look that is so chic and suits any type of look, whether its a casual day out with your girlfriends shopping, or a night out with your man. Hair stylists say the trick is to make the look seem natural and glamorous, but not grungy! Parting your hair to the side with tousled curls is a look I just love!
Adele/Janary Jones

Another look I already love and use a lot is cat eyes with nude lips. I've been such a huge fan of cat eyes for so long; it's a look that suits nearly everyone and can be so easy to do (although it can be a pain trying to even them out!). Adele is famous for sporting this classic look, and pulls it off so well! I'll definitely be continuing wearing eyeliner in this way, whether it's a trend or not!

Monika Chiang/Peter Som/Tracy Reese

Finally, it seems bright nails are taking the spotlight on the hand front, along with dark shades, nude shades and an appearance from metallics. I think wearing good nail varnish is so important as it can change your whole appearance! However, I do have to admit I am a chipped nail varnish culprit some days :( My favourite colours for this spring are coral, teal, lilac and mint green. Barry M have recently released a new nail varnish called the Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish and it is available in so many different shades, definitely a must have for next season! I already have the shade Green Berry and am planning on posting a review of it soon :)

So there's my favourite beauty trends for Spring 2013, I can't wait to start wearing them as soon as possible! What do you guys think about them?

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Should there be such a thing as plus size clothing?!

So today I thought I'd do a different kind of post and talk about a much debated topic. To give my opinion, I don't believe in the term "plus size clothing". I think it's wrong to create a separate term for a bigger size range of clothing and that people of these sizes can only shop at certain places.  I personally know people who have to buy clothes from these shops, and know how annoyed and upset they can get due to the fact they can't just walk into any shop and be able to buy something.

Being of a bigger size isn't always due to lifestyle choices, there are genuine illnesses that can cause weight gain which many people can't help. This is one of the reasons I think it is unfair to make bigger clothes less available. This also applies to smaller size clothing. Again, lifestyle choices aren't always the reason someone is a smaller size, it can be their genetics or just the way that persons body is. For example, I work in the clothes shop Warehouse and we generally only receive one size 6 and one size 16 in each item in our delivery. This could be down to the reason that sales figures show we don't often sell these sizes, but there have been times a customer has needed one of these sizes and we don't have any in the stockroom. I feel awful having to tell them that we don't have them!

Knowing people who wear these bigger sizes, I have seen the clothes and I have to say they aren't very fashionable! It's a fair point that sometimes people of bigger sizes don't suit certain fashions, but I think it's so unfair that just because of a clothing size they have to wear clothes that are so bland and shapeless. It's also the same with clothes at size 4 or 6 for example. Some shops just make the same dress in a size 6 and 16 without taking the fit into account.

There are shops out there like Simply Be and Evans for bigger sized clothing, but they are often over priced and they aren't open in every town or city. On the other hand, there aren't any high street shops specifically for people of smaller sizes, although places like Topshop do sell sizes 4 and 6. I wouldn't pay £20 for some of the tops that these stores sell for around £50; they can be such bad quality! Overall I think it can be a good idea to have these stores, but I think it would be a much fairer idea to have all sizes available at most stores in most styles!

I know this isn't a very long post but it's a topic I do feel strongly about and wanted to write a post about. What do you guys think? Leave comments on what your opinions are! :)

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