Monday, 29 April 2013

Pepper's Story!

On the 9th April a small black cat followed my sister home from the bus stop, and decided to camp outside our house for the following few days. Eventually, this little stray cat became my little Pepper and I thought it'd be nice to write a post about how he came to be my cat! (This post might be a bit long....sorry!)

After realising the cat had been sleeping in our garden and not actually going to a home, I messaged the local cat and dog shelter asking for advice. (If you're looking at adopting a cat or dog, or just want to help this great cause you can check out Millstream Animal Centre here). I'd already checked for a name tag and there was none, so the very helpful lady that I spoke to told me to check local shops for missing posters - there were none, so I then uploaded a picture to their Facebook site. It received so many comments and shares in such a short space of time we were sure we'd find the owner. Soon, there was a comment from a lady saying she was sure it was her cat, so I gave her my number and she text me. After a few texts checking details like the little bell on the collar, the eye colour, the hair, everything, she spoke to her husband and he confirmed that their cat had arrived safe at home. So the little stray still didn't have an owner!

After a couple of days staying outside our house, we set up a little bed in our porch and covered the floor with newspaper and let it sleep in it. We tried multiple times to get the cat into a cage kindly donated by our neighbour to get it to the vets, and on around the 4th day, we eventually did! Once we got it to the vets we found out that he was a boy (thank god we gave him a gender mutual name!), around 2 years old, healthy and chipped. The chip told us he was actually called Bud, but all of us except my Dad preferred Pepper. It was 3-1 so I guess you know who won. The vets receptionist gave the number a ring, but it was dead. She told us she would send them a letter but that the cat was from a different part of Manchester so we couldn't work out how he had got down here. She also said we would probably end up keeping him, as she sees this a lot and it is usually the case that his owners had moved house and left the cat behind, this made me so sad and angry!

We looked after Pepper as our own; fed him, watered him, changed his flea collar to a newer one, bought him toys and treats, he really became part of the family! Even though we cared about him a lot, we knew there was a possibility that his owner would get in touch and he would have to go home. It was a sad thought but we would always have given him back, I couldn't bare the thought of keeping someone's cat away from them!

On Friday the 26th, I got a call from the vets saying that she'd had no phone call or reply to the letter, and as all protocol had been followed, we get to keep him! I was so happy! After always wanting a cat, I finally had one and he has definitely settled into the family perfectly. On Monday I'm ringing the vets to set up an appointment to get his booster injections and make sure everything is as it should be.

It seems as if my years as a cat lady have began, and I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of Pepper around my blog from now on :)

Amy x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Book Review #3 - I Heart New York

I Heart New York is the first of the five 'I Heart' books by Lindsay Kelk. For anyone who has already read the book, how much do you want Angela's life?! Aside from the fact her boyfriend of 10 years cheats on her, she gets to live in New York, buy beautiful handbags and make up, meet gorgeous men and did I already mention? She lives in New York!

Right now, the above seem pretty unrealistic to me, but apart from that you can really relate to the main character Angela. The book flows with such ease and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. One of the best things about the book are the characters. The way they are described and the dialogue they use really paints a picture in your mind and I felt as if I knew each character.

Although this book isn't a complex read and the story is one where you could maybe work out the ending, I think it's great. Lindsay Kelk has a unique way of writing; the story was funny, serious and even sad at some points but you always felt involved. I think that Angela begins to lead a life that many girls want (especially as she becomes a blogger for a big time magazine!) and I feel like this is one of the major attractions of the book. It is so easy to get immersed in the book and picture yourself as the main character and I think this is hard thing for authors to create.

I finished this book within a few days of buying it, and have already moved on to the second! The review of this will probably be up next Sunday if it's as good/better than the first! I'd 100% recommend this book, it's fun, flirty and will probably make you a little bit jealous.

Has anyone else read I Heart New York? What did you think? Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Inspiration #1

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration, whether that be for blogging, for college or university, or for life in general. Even though inspirational and motivational pictures seem a little cheesy, they really stick in my mind and sometimes they give me that little boost that I need! I thought I'd start sharing them with you all just in case you're in need of a little lift too :)

Now this last one isn't exactly inspirational but it really made me smile. I'm a sucker for cute pictures!

I hope this post has helped you or inspired you in any way :) Let me know in the comments if it has! Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Topshop Sale Picks!

As most of you probably already know, Topshop currently has a sale on, yay! Unfortunately I've been a bit frivolous with my spending this month, so I'm counting down the days until pay day at the moment (6 to go..). Anyway, these are my top picks from the sale. They aren't all available in the correct sizes, booo, but I love the pieces and want to buy them all!








Have you guys bought anything from the Topshop sale, and what do you think of the picks? Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The 5 Month Plan!

In five months today, I will hopefully be starting university for the first time, how scary! Putting it into that perspective makes me realise how fast time goes, and how much I want to do before I start. I've had a sort of epiphany recently - I need to say yes and do more things more often. However cheesy the saying is, you only live once. This is where my new series of posts come in, "The *insert whichever number here* Month Plan". I've decided to write a list of things that I want to achieve in a certain amount of time. So, this is one is all before I start university, but the next one could be things to achieve before Christmas, or my next holiday.

1. Get my first tattoo
2. Get another piercing
3. Work for a healthier lifestyle
4. Get as much as I can out of my work experience in July
5. Try and get more hours at work
6. Save more money! (Links to number 5)
7. Post more on my blog
8. Do something different with my hair! Whether it's a change with the colour, or cut, anything!
9. Buy a decent camera
10. Try and have a bit more patience with things, I tend to get stressed out quite easily!

So there's the 10 things I want to achieve before university. I'll write a post saying what I have and haven't done on the 22nd of September, the day before I start uni! What things do you guys want to achieve in the next few months?

When I first started blogging I wrote a post about Lashes of London (read it here!), and I still need to buy something from them! Luckily, it's payday soon so I might treat myself. Lashes of London are currently hosting a competition to win one top, one dress and one skirt from their wesbite and you can enter here: Good luck everyone!

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

A Day Out To: Uppermill and Holmfirth!

Yesterday me and my family decided we wanted to go somewhere and to do something, as it's not often we're all free on a Sunday. After visiting my Grandad for his birthday, we decided to visit Uppermill, after me asking to go for weeks! Uppermill is a little village just past Oldham near Manchester, and only has one main road with a couple of shops on. It's very quaint, and is home to one off boutiques, cafes, pubs and charity shops. I love visiting book shops and hunting for bargains in charity shops, especially as the money goes to charity!

After Uppermill we drove up through to Holmfirth, where again we rooted around a few book shops and charity shops and I had fish and chips for the second time in two days :( How unhealthy am I!? I'm starting my change to a healthier lifestyle tomorrow so that's my excuse... I didn't get many interesting pictures as we weren't there long, but you can see below how historic and lovely Holmfirth is.

 After coming back through Greenfield and stopping off to get my dad and sister an ice cream, we made our way home. It was such a lovely change to spend a day with the family and go out together, and I had such a nice time.

 I didn't particularly buy much today, I'm counting down the days until payday, but I'm happy with my purchases! So the two sweet jars at the back might seem a bit random, but they were giving them away for free in the sweet shop we visited and I thought they were really cute and would be good for storage or decoration. The small container at the front was 50p from a charity shop, I really couldn't say no! I thought it would be perfect for hair grips or rings or anything small I don't want to lose. My sister found Grand Theft Auto and decided we needed it as it was only £1. I haven't been on the Playsation in a long time, but I think it's about to get used pretty soon. I love candles, I need to write a post on my collection! Anyway, I saw these little Yankee Candle samples in a really cute shop called "Seasons". If you go to Uppermill, have a look! It's gorgeous and has a full range of Yankee Candles, and all sorts of other little gifts and trinkets for all occasions. They were £1.25 each, and will fit perfectly on my tart burner. They are called Clean Cotton and Midsummers Night and are my two favourites!

My mum has taken up a new hobby of making cakes, and rustled up these cuties pretty quickly, so, I had ANOTHER cupcake. I just don't learn! Anyway, I apologise for the millions of pictures again but I thought the places I visited were too beautiful to not capture. Would you like to see more of these posts? Let me know what you think :)

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Book Review #2 - Warm Bodies

This Sunday's review is about Warm Bodies which was written by Isaac Marion. I'd seen the advert for the film a couple of times and really wanted to see it, but I picked the book up before making my way to the cinema. I find that I enjoy reading the books more than watching the films in some circumstances; I get more drawn into them and feel like a part of the story.  

The book was described as a "zombie romance" and that pretty much sums it up. The book is written in first person, and is narrated by a zombie who inhabits a post apocalyptic America. Throughout the film there are references to wars and natural disasters, but no specific reason as to why the land has become ridden with zombies. With no memory of his past, the zombie can only remember the first letter of his name, R, and this is what he is known by. When on a hunt with other zombies, R encounters a meeting with a girl called Julie, and this begins the story of an unexpected relationship.  

I really enjoyed the book, especially the way it is written. Stephanie Meyer, famous writer of the Twilight Saga, praised the book highly and even though I loved her books, I thought that Warm Bodies would be quite similar. I was pleasantly surprised  The book isn't "lovey dovey" as such, it is more serious and even though about zombies, more realistic. Don't get me wrong, I love a good romance, but I think this book suited Marion's style of writing.

R is quite a relatable character, despite the minor detail that he is a zombie... He is reasonable, with a conscience, and you can find yourself agreeing with the decisions he makes. I found myself disliking Julie at some points, I'm not entirely sure why? Even though a slightly predictable story line, there were some well structured twists and it was definitely an enjoyable read. Again, like Safe Haven (you can read my review of that here), I read it in around 2 days. 

I still haven't seen the film yet, but I definitely want to and would recommend that you read Warm Bodies too. Have any of you read it? What do you think?

Thank you all for reading!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Day Out To: Heaton Park!

Today I was off work, and as I usually work every Saturday I wanted to take the opportunity and do something different! Waking up and seeing the gorgeous weather was definitely a bonus. So after visiting one of my boyfriends favourite fish shops (another story for a different day...), we decided to go to Heaton Park. 

For those of you who don't know what Heaton Park is, it's a large family park and is now owned by the city council. However, between 1684 and 1902, the park was owned by only two different families and you can definitely feel the historic aspect of the park. Along with the beautiful architecture and the acres of greenery, you can find animals of all kinds, little cafes and play grounds for younger children. The park has something for everybody and it's the kind of place you could spend all day in. Unfortunately we didn't have much time but I took some pictures of what we did :) 

So we bought our ticket on the way in, and drove around for ageees trying to find a parking space. You can see below how packed it was!

When we'd found a space, we headed into the park itself and straight for the animal enclosure. My favourite had to be the alpaca!

 After having a look at the animals, we had a walk around the park and got some lunch. I'd fancied some fish and chips for ages, and even though it's not from the seaside (the best kind of fish and chips!) it was still nice. Yum!

I got a 99! It cost £1.50, so I'm not sure how they can still call it a 99 but it took me straight back to my childhood, and was still lovely!

I'm sorry that this post was slightly picture heavy, but I haven't done a post like this before and thought it would be a nice change :) Let me know what you think, and if you'd like to see more posts of this kind! Thank you for reading everyone :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Company Magazine Fashion Forum + Tips!

Last night I attended the Company Magazine Fashion Forum in Manchester and it was brilliant!

I met some lovely people (Yasminaa and Katie, click their names to read their blogs - I recommend!) and learned so much! After going the complete wrong way at first (yes, even though I'm actually from Manchester...) we got there eventually and were offered a drink that was included in the ticket price. Red and white w
ine, champagne and orange juice were offered but I chose water, I'm not even sure why?!

 At around 7pm we made our way into the lecture theatre which was filled with lovely Company goodie bags and at the front were the panel. After introducing themselves and giving a brief insight into how they got into the industry, the Q&A session began. I took a lot of notes down (I can't even read my writing at some points) and I thought it might be helpful to those of you who couldn't make it or didn't take notes for me to write the most important in this post. 

1. Intern and do as much work experience as possible.
2. Get to know as many people as you can - networking is essential.
3. Never give up your contacts, they can help you down the line!
4. Be indispensable - a menial task might massively help your boss, and get you noticed!
5. Never turn down an opportunity.
6. Always keep the name of everybody you work with.
6. Stand out creatively, you won't get noticed if you're the same as everybody else.
7. Tenacity is key. You need to be keen and work hard.
8. Mold yourself to situations but always stay true to yourself.
9. Be open and positive, nobody likes a a diva!
10. Believe in yourself and what you can do, otherwise no one will take you seriously.
11. Stay open minded when having to do things that may not be exactly what you want a career in. You may find yourself liking something you hadn't considered before!
12. With regards to CV's and covering letters, be brief, show passion and say exactly what you can bring to that company.
13. If contacting a company for a position or experience, it's often better to contact somebody in a junior position - senior staff can be extremely busy! 
14. Write letters instead of sending emails sometimes when trying to contact a company, they're almost guaranteed to get there and it shows individuality.
15. Do whatever your passion is. Don't choose a job you hate just for the pay and the good hours, doing what you love is more fulfilling and you'll enjoy it more! 

I was really happy with the lovely goodie bag that we receieved, I'd wanted the Cocoa Butter for so long, and there was a full sized bottle in there! Along with the gorgeous Pop Chips that I tried for the first  time last night (yum), I even found myself getting excited over toothpaste and deodorant! There's also some fake tan in there which I got in my shade (Lighter, although Palest of the Pale would probably have been more appropriate) so that's a bonus! :) There's a picture below showing everything else.

And here is my excited little face on my way there last night. I thought I may do a quick FOTD, or in my case FOLN (face of last night... *tumbleweed*). I do apologise, my boyfriend seems to think he's a formula one driver sometimes so the camera was a bit shaky in the car!

I was wearing:
  • The Body Shop Skin Primer - Moisturise It
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 01
  • L’OrĂ©al Paris True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent
  • MUA Bronzer - Shade 3
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 001 Dark Brown 
  • Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in black
  • Shades Naked and Wink from MUA Undress Me Too Palette 
  • Avon Supershock Mascara
Did any of you attend the Fashion Forum and what did you think? Also, did any of these tips help or do you think you could add some more? Leave some in the comments if you do :) Thank you for reading!

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