Friday, 31 May 2013

Kodaline Intimate Concert

On Tuesday night I was just sitting around playing on my laptop when I got a phone call off my friend Kerri asking what I was doing on Thursday night. As I didn't have anything planned but work, I said nothing and asked why, and she told me she'd won two tickets off Absolute Radio to see Irish band Kodaline at Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester! After double checking that I wasn't on a late shift at work, I excitedly told her I would LOVE to go. We did a bit of research and found out that it was only an intimate gig, and that only a handful of people had been invited or had won tickets, so that made us look forward to it even more! Kerri met me after work in the late afternoon, and we went shopping for a little bit first to kill some time before we had to get to the venue. I took a couple of pictures of the afternoon as I thought that may be more interesting than me rambling on.

We grabbed a bite to eat from Harvester as they weren't serving food in Hard Rock Cafe.
Then we made our way to the venue!
We joined a very long queue on a red carpet (feeling pretty important) and waited for the doors to open.

Kerri bought an Alabama Slammer cocktail, that was actually pretty nice, and very kindly bought me a refillable coke.
Here's a picture of the band while performing. Please excuse the dreadful quality, the lighting wasn't amazing from the back. 
After they had played through their amazing album (which I 100% recommend you buy and listen to!) we left Hard Rock and made our way to the local Pizza Hut. At first I didn't think I was too hungry, but after the large cheesy bites pizza that Kerri made us share was placed in front of me, I made very quick work of eating it! 

I had such a lovely and fun night, and am so grateful that Kerri decided to take me as her plus one! If you haven't heard any songs by Kodaline, here are my favourites for you to listen to! :) High Hopes and All I Want. Let me know what you think of them, or are you already a fan!?

Also, Emmerliejay is hosting an amazing giveaway on her blog to win a customised denim jacket from Warehouse. Click here to enter; it is mandatory to follow her blog to be in with a chance of winning but all the other options are optional. 

Amy x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sister Vintage Jewelry Haul

A week or two ago I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline and noticed that Sister Vintage had a sale on their jewelry Big Cartel store. Even though I was supposed to be saving up, after I saw the pieces and the prices, along with the fact it was one standard price for delivery no matter how many items you bought, I knew I had to take advantage of it all. 

Blue and Gold Skull Triangle Earrings - £1 in sale
Silver Crocodile Ring - £1
Set of Silver Rings - £0.50
Eiffel Tower Necklace - £0.50
How amazing are those prices and how gorgeous are the pieces of jewelry - you should definitely check their Big Cartel out (it's linked in the first paragraph). My personal favourites are the crocodile ring and the blue and gold skull triangle earrings. I haven't worn the earrings yet, but they look so cool. As for the ring, it's such a great accessory to add on to any outfit! 

Have you tried any jewelry from this amazing store? They're currently working on selling new pieces of jewelry and on their Asos market place so keep an eye out! Also, I am planning a meet up in Manchester and it will be in July, check out the post for more info: click me!

Amy x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Simple Skincare

A couple of weekends ago I was browsing in Superdrug and saw that they had a couple of offers on skincare. As you fellow beauty bloggers will understand, like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the stands and without a thought decided that I was going to buy something. I had a look what they had, and decided to buy some things from the Simple range. Simple is one of those brands that I don't see blogged about very often. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it seems like no one hates it but no one raves about it. Anyway, I have quite dry and sensitive skin and combining the fact that Simple are "experts in sensitive skincare" and that they only include the purest ingredients, no colours and no perfume, I knew that they were the one. I bought the Kind To Skin facial cleanser, toner and the Kind To Eyes eye make up remover. I got the latter free with my points card, so only ended up paying around £4 in total - bargain!

I waited around three weeks to write this post as I wanted to wait to see if the products actually made a difference to my skin, meaning that I could write a truthful review. So, every night I take my eye make up off first by applying a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton pad and wipe softly around my eyes. As I do wear thick liquid eyeliner or smoky brown eyes, it takes around 2 pads to remove it all. When I wear mascara and a lighter shade shadow, one cotton pad is plenty. The eye make up remover is non greasy, and once my eye make up is off the area is dry, which sets this remover apart from others which have left my face feeling wet. I do the same with the cleansing lotion, a lovely thick cream, which leaves my skin feeling soft and supple after use. Unfortunately, when I had used the toner for a few nights consecutively, I noticed that I was beginning to break out and that my skin went red and blotchy almost immediately after use. I stopped using the toner and in a few days the breakout had reduced a massive amount; I have decided to cut the toner out completely. Overall, I feel like my skin has improved since before I started the skincare routine so I'm going to continue using it! I've heard some wonderful things about the Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover (you can read about it here in my beauty wish list) so I'm planning on trying that out, but will definitely repurchase the facial cleanser and Simple's eye make up remover too. 

Have any of you tried out this range? What did you think?

Amy x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Beauty Wish List

Currently I'm saving my money for two of my friends birthdays that are coming up in the next few weeks so I'm trying to refrain myself from buying anything that I need want. I've put together this wish list of items that I  plan on buying next month or the month after when I've got some more money saved up and the parties have passed. Also I think I deserve to treat myself soon! :) It's mainly a budget beauty wishlist, because I'm saving up for bigger things but you can't say no to a bit of a beauty haul can you?

1. MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow x 4

Recently I won a giveaway that Zoe from Sweet Electric hosted, and got myself 4 MAC eyeshadows. So I need to buy myself this quad to keep them safe and compact! 

2. Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Fiona from North Western Beauty recommended this eye make remover to me, after I'd asked for some help over Twitter. I've only recently bought myself some eye make up remover from Simple, along with a cleanser and toner (a post will be up soon!), so I plan on buying this one when I've used the other up.

3.Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Finale

I don't own many lipsticks (gasp! I know), I'm more of an eye make up kind of girl, but I saw these on a trip to Boots a few days ago and knew that I had to get it! It's a gorgeous colour and says that the lipstick hydrates and moisturises with a long staying power.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I hit pan on this powder a few days ago, but I've been trying to get as much out of it as possible although it doesn't look like it will last much longer *sob*. I need to get some more of this asap because I love it. It really gives you a smooth and clean complexion which I love.

5. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

I am also running very low on this concealer too! It really does deserve all the brilliant reviews that it receieves. This concealer covers up dark spots under the eyes, blemishes, and other imperfections on the skin. I definitely need to get my hands on this before my current one disappears!

6. Bourjois Cream Blush

If you haven't heard of this cream blush over the past few weeks, where have you been?! I'm yet to try a cream blush and I'm sure this will be the perfect one to start off with judging by the recommendations that I've read recently. I'm not sure which shade I want yet, so I think I need to get my swatch on next time I go shopping!

So that's my wishlist for the next couple of months. What are you lovelies planning on treating yourselves to?!

Amy x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Book Review #6 - The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I was expecting big things from this book after I'd seen so many people reading it. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. I started reading the book a few months ago, and I couldn't get into it at all, but after hearing such good things I decided to push on in the hope that it might get better.

The story revolves around a fifteen year old boy called Charlie, who feels as though he never really fits in and is quite socially awkward. After making a somewhat strange group of friends, Charlie finds himself still feeling as though he is on the outside of the group and still over analyses everything which ends up making him paranoid. Despite this, Charlie is quite a likable character; he's modest and quite shy.

Charlie is the main character in the book, and it's all written in first person by himself. The book is written as a series of letters that are all addressed to an unknown character. I found this quite interesting, and was constantly questioning and wondering as to who the letters are being sent to, or if they are being sent at all. I do think that the characters were quite interesting as well, which was the best thing about the book in my opinion.

Personally, I didn't enjoy the book which was massively disappointing as I usually really enjoy books similar to this one. I have to admit, I didn't actually finish the book; after nearly 3/4 of not enjoying it, I didn't see the point in finishing it. I didn't know whether to write this post, as I hadn't read the whole of the book so didn't know whether that was fair. Although, it is a book review and I can't enjoy every single book I've read and think it's always better to be honest!

I decided to watch the film after trying to read the book and found myself disappointed at that too! It wasn't a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, but after it ended I didn't feel like it had been an amazing watch. I was so disappointed as the trailer had looked so good *sad face*. What did you think about the book everyone? Do you think I should try and read it again in the future? Thank you for reading :)

Amy x

Friday, 17 May 2013

University #1: Student Finance

Before I started this blog, I had created another aptly named The Journey To University, it's pretty probable that you've already worked out the topic. If you want to have a look at that, click the link. I don't post on that blog anymore as it was all part of a project for college, but it includes some pretty useful information and tips on topics from moving away to university, to help with accepting or declining your offers. After me wanting to start a series like this for a while and a great response on Twitter when I asked if people would like me to start a university series too, here is the first post - student finance.

By this point, most of you will be waiting for offers from universities you have applied for, and will be looking at applying for student finance. I only accepted one offer out of the 5 that I got, because I didn't want to go anywhere but Manchester Metropolitan (any of you going here too?) so I didn't see the point in an insurance choice. When I'd heard off other people that it was a lengthy and very repetitive process, I wasn't surprised when I was clicking through page after page of very similar looking stuff. Before starting to apply, I'd suggest you have the following to hand. I didn't, and me, my mum and my dad ended up running around trying to get everything so we could sort it out quicker. 

1. Your passport and National Insurance number
2. Your parent(s)/guardian(s) National Insurance numbers and P60's
3. Your course name and code
4. Information of any benefits or other forms of income you receive, if you receive any
5. You will be asked for the end date of the course

It is time consuming so I wouldn't advise starting it around half 8/nine pm like we did *yawn*. I wouldn't say the application is difficult, but the wording was a little confusing at times, but only because they were asking so many similar questions over and over again. You are given the option whether you want to take your household income into account when applying. I chose to give it, just so that the student loans company got a spot-on view of how much money my parents earn which would make the loan I receive more accurate. I have applied for the tuition loan which is paid directly to the university and the maintenance loan available if you're still living at home. There are grants, bursaries and scholarships available as well, so it's worth checking if you qualify for those too!

It's also interesting to have a look at the repayments calculator, as it gives you an idea of how much you'll be paying back and how often. It's not the nicest figure you'll ever see (unless it's going IN your account) but it's worth being aware of.

The whole application is straight forward, just answer the questions, click yes or no, then continue. If you do have any problems or just want to ask a question, you can leave a comment with your email address or give me a email on I'm no expert but as I've just gone through the process I might be able to help :) This post isn't the most interesting that will crop up in the series, but it's about something we all have to go through if you're planning on going to uni! Thank you for reading everyone :)

Amy x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

I need YOUR help (please)!

So, I'm writing an article for an online magazine on 10 mistakes that every student makes and how to avoid them in the future/not make them again, and that's where you lot come in! 

Sourced from Google.

We all make different mistakes, and I think if I wrote all about my mistakes, it might be quite boring and repetitive. I'd also like to hear your advice on how to avoid making these mistakes! So, if you're a student, were a student, know any students, please leave a comment below with any mistakes you have made and how you would avoid them if they threatened to crop up again. Or, you can email me if that's easier on You can send me as many mistakes as possible and I'll pick the top 10 that I receive. Unfortunately I won't be able to mention you or link you all in the article, as it is for a magazine, but I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out! 

Thank you so much everyone, and I'll put a link up to the article if and when it is published!

Amy x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish Minty Fresh

A couple of days ago I was in Boots getting some photos developed for my grandparents, and the lovely man behind the counter gave me a voucher to get £3 off any No. 7 product. As I'm trying to save my money, I didn't want to spend a lot, but decided to go and have a look anyway. That's when I picked up this nail polish. I chose Minty Fresh because I have a lot of dark colours, reds, blacks, and a lot of pinks etc, and this is a shade I don't really buy. With the £3 off it only cost me £3, bargain!

I was so eager to get it on my nails, the previous colour had began to chip and it's not a good look, don't worry, I know! So I applied a base coat first, then put the No. 7 polish on. The first thing I noticed that it didn't give much coverage with one stroke, so I had to build it up. I didn't really expect this of a No. 7 polish as they're other products are spoken so highly of, but it wouldn't put me off using it again. After a few coats, and a top coat my nails looked ok. However, the polish is quite matte, even with a top coat and I prefer them to be more glossy.

I would recommend the polish as it's a nice and cute shade for spring, but I felt like it did look quite cheap in a way. Have any of you tried the polish? What did you think?

Amy x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

KW & LK Photography

KW & LK is a photography company created and managed by Kerri Worrall, based in Greater Manchester. I have the pleasure of being good friends with Kerri, but as I hope you already understand, I am always honest and and not afraid to give my opinion, so I wouldn't be writing a post recommending Kerri as a photographer if I didn't believe in her myself! I've nothing but praise for Kerri; her talent and passion shine through in each of her photos. When setting up her company in 2009, Kerri had no idea how successful she would become, having worked on numerous weddings, birthdays and occasions similar to these, photography for PR, portraits for actors, charity work and many more projects. So you've heard how much I like Kerri's photographs, so I though I'd share a few of my favourites with you so you can form your own opinions (I'm sure they will be the same as mine!). 

So they're a few of my favourites! Hope you liked them? Kerri has just shot another wedding, but I'm not allowed to show you yet until they have been given to the client but I'll update the post asap! I thought I'd ask Kerri a couple of questions as well, so you can get to know her as well as the photos.

What is KW & LK and why did you start it?

I didn't want to use my actual full name in case I got sick of it, so that's where the KW comes from - my initials. LK stands for my friends name, Lind (it's actually Belinda but everyone calls her Lind) Kols. Without her I wouldn't have even picked up a camera, she really helped me get into it even if she isn't part of the company now. I've always liked the idea of taking a picture of something and showing it to others so they can see your perspective. Everyone sees things differently. I could take a picture of a light switch, and so could somebody else but both pictures would be different.

What is the favourite picture that you have taken?

In college I had to create a magazine front cover, and I called the magazine Alcohol Anonymous. So, keeping in theme with the title, I set up two bottles of Smirnoff and we had to use the studio and think really carefully about the lighting so that the light didn't bounce right off the glass bottles. I really liked the end result and how it looked exactly like a advertisement. 

How did you turn your passion into a successful business?

I didn't want to go to university, like everybody else seemed to be doing and believed that you can teach yourself photography, and didn't need a degree. I found that I learned better by doing, which is why I began my portfolio when I was in year 11. My first project was a wedding. A friend from college got the gig, and knew that we worked well together, so when he asked me to help out I jumped at the opportunity, I even got paid half! When I set up my own business I started taking photos for free. So I did things like head shots for actors and landscape pictures. Once I built up a strong following I began to charge.

What do you think is the best project that you have worked on?

I have recently had a loss in the family, and during the last few months of their life, Dr Kershaws helped a lot. I felt like I wanted to give them somthing back, so I decided to start a project that would help raise some money. The idea is to take a picture in each season for the year. I've finished the Spring picture, where I got girls from the pub I work at part time to wear flower headbands and pose in a local park. Each of them donated £5 so I made £20 from that photo. The next photo will be taken for summer in the next few months and we're expecting a lot more people this time, so instead of a fixed donation price I will have donation buckets dotted about. If you wanted to help this extremely worthy cause and join in with my project, get in touch with me via my email below! I also did a project where I took a picture of each of the locals in my pub which is now on display, I enjoyed it so much!

So, would you recommend starting a business out of a passion to others?

Yes! Whether it's film, editing, anything! Don't do it for the money at first, do it because it's your passion. If you don't enjoy it, you won't be successful! You can show your passion through social media and online portfolios for example. Ask others if they need any help for free so you can get your foot in the door. I love my job. I make money working for myself, gain so much experience and meet a lot of different people. I love it!

Kerri has a website that shows pictures from various projects she has done, and gives you the chance to contact her if need be: click me to check it out! You can also have a look at her Facebook page here and Twitter page here. For the quality of her photographs, Kerri charges an extrememly affordable fee. There are no set prices, as the fee depends on many different factors such as what kind of event it is, the location, the number of pictures needed etc. If you want to get hold of Kerri to take some pictures for you, or just want to ask a general question, her email address is

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's a little different than I normally post about, but what did you think? :) Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Book Review #5 - I Heart Hollywood

I'm currently working my way through the "I Heart" series, and have already posted a review about the first book I Heart New York here. 

So, the second book brought out the same emotions as the first; it made me jealous, it made me cringe (for the main character Angela, nothing to do with the actual book!), it made me smile and even nervous for Angela at some points! For some reason it took me a while to get into the book. This might be because I've been quite busy recently with work, college and just life in general whereas when I bought the first book I had a few days of doing nothing so I finished it relatively quickly. However, once I sat down and actually had some time on my hands I actually finished the book even quicker than I had with the first. I found that in this book, there was much more going on, and I felt more compelled to finish it. 

Even though Angela has a crazy, accident prone but fashionable lifestyle, she is still so relatable and is the "girl next door" kind of character. For some reason, I tend to get butterflies for fictional characters, is it just me on this one?! Anyway, when Angela meets a man in the story, I was feeling nervous and excited FOR her. It's not often I feel involved with a character and get emotional about a story, so I think it's such a great quality for a book to have. Kudos to Lindsey Kelk!

There's also a unique factor to the book, like there is with each in the series, they all have a guide to the city where the book is set! This includes bars, restaurants and places that you must visit. If there was a negative point to this, it would be that it's making me want to travel these place even more! :( 

I would recommend the book strongly, it's a great book for when you want to relax and put your feet up. Prepare to get jealous though girlies! Have any of you read it? What did you think? 

Amy x

P.s. I'm not usually like this but I had a bit of a fangirl moment when Lindsey replied to me on Twitter (three times!) about the review! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Bold Pant Suit

If there's one thing I've noticed that celebrities are wearing it's the pant suit. I think suits hold an image of power and importance, and if worn correctly looks super chic! I would love to be in a career where I'd have to wear tailoring every day, but at the moment I'm in my last few months of college so I might have to keep hold of that dream for the next few years! These celebs look stunning in their choice of bright coloured pant suit.

      Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  Blake Lively

       Iggy Azalea

Solange Knowles

I really am thinking of buying a suit like this, though I'd definitely have to pair it with some heels because my 5"3 inch frame as it is wouldn't do the suit justice! What do you guys think of this trend? Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review | Leighton Denny Supermodel

I haven't posted a review in quite a while so I thought it time to write one, and this nail varnish is perfect! Leighton Denny is such a great nail polish brand; he offers such a wide range of gorgeous colours and if worn with a top coat are super long lasting. Within 3 days of applying the polish, there were still no chips and it looked like I'd only just put it on!

Recently I've been wearing bright, vibrant colours but for a change I thought I'd wear a more neutral shade, which is why I picked Supermodel. Supermodel is a beautiful mink shade and fairly dark. I think it looks so sophisticated, whereas sometimes this colour can look slightly drab. 

As for application, the polish only needed two coats, and I usually apply this much anyway. It went onto the nails smoothly, just like the rest of Leighton's polishes. It wasn't gloopy or thick, which meant that you could cover your nail in a few strokes easily. 

Please excuse the awful quality of the picture, it was taken in college where I was writing the post! I love Leighton Denny polishes, and haven't had any problems or issues with them so far (fingers crossed...). Have any of you used any of his polishes? What do you think? Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Healthier Lifestyle

I wouldn't say I am extremely unhealthy, but I have those days as I'm sure most of us do where I feel awful. Whether that's after pigging out on crisps (my absolute favourite) or having far too many chocolate digestives, or after running across town to make my bus on time after work. I also wouldn't say I was overweight, but I think I'd benefit from losing a few pounds and it would boost my confidence too! I have sporadic bursts of going to the gym every couple of months, and when I finally began getting into a routine, they changed the price plan meaning I would have to re-join, pay a joining fee and sign a 12 month contract. Don't get me wrong, I was really into the gym at that point but I didn't feel like signing a 12 month contract that would mean I would pay £20 a month by direct debit! I couldn't guarantee I'd be there the next month, let alone in a year. So, after doing home exercises now and again for the past few months, and a conversation with a lovely model friend of mine I've decided to finally push myself into getting a healthier lifestyle (in my post the five month plan I have already decided I will improve my lifestyle before hopefully going to university)! 

First up is the squat challenge. I'd heard a lot about these challenges and at first I was skeptical, but after reading about other peoples improvements and successes I decided to take the plunge! I'm currently on day 11, which is 110 squats. Saying that I couldn't do 20 without needing a break before starting, and can now manage over 100 in a row makes me pretty happy! I've also felt like my thighs and bum are a little tighter which is also a bonus. I took down my measurements before I started so I might write a post after I've finished the 30 days :) After this challenge I'm going to have a go at the abs challenge and then hopefully I'll be able to find one for my arms!

I have heard so much about the 30 Day Shred, and plan on starting this soon as well. I've started the shred before, and found some parts quite difficult and others not too hard. For those who don't know what the 30 Day Shred is: "Jillian Michaels, the superstar of America's fitness trainers, is committed to getting big results. As your own personal trainer, Jillian will guide you through her exclusive 3-2-1 Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic 30 day shred. The DVD includes three complete 20-minute workouts which progress by level of intensity. Start with Level 1 and advance through to Level 3- in no time you'll achieve a lean shredded body." - product description on Amazon. I've heard so many good things about this exercise plan, and that it actually does produce good results. I'm going to start this after the squat challenge, and then when I've got the hang of the 30 day shred I'm going to introduce the abs challenge.

Image sourced from Google.

My Fitness Plan is an app on Apple products, and you can enter your current weight, goal weight and how often you plan on exercising and it will work out how many calories you can consume each day to reach your goal weight. You can then input what you eat and it will add up the calories for you. I've used this a few times before but I really want to start using it properly. Counting calories all day every day drives me insane, which is why I don't always keep up with it. Also, just because it has a low calorie count doesn't mean it's ok to eat. If a product has a very high saturated fat percentage but a low calorie count, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthy to eat. So, I'm going to try and use this most of the time, just so I can see what I'm actually eating!

I eat a lot more than I need to some days. I'm one of those who will eat whether I'm full or not, and I hate it! Most of it is willpower, but I'm having a look at healthier recipes and snacks to take to college with me, as this is the place I am the most unhealthiest (damn you homemade flapjacks!). 

If any of you have any tips, whether it's fitness or food related, please share them with me! I'd be ever so grateful :) Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Top 5 Skincare Products!

I feel like I haven't written a beauty related post in a while, so I thought it was about time I did! I've chosen to write about my top five skincare products, as it's been something I've been planning for a while. I haven't always religiously followed a skincare routine, which I guess is pretty naughty of me, and in the past I have payed the price for this! Thankfully, over the past few years I've taken control of it a bit more and recently I have found my holy grail skin products, yay!  You'll notice that I haven't included any cleansers, toners etc, as I can't find the right ones for me! What would you recommend? :)

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Soft Essentials Comforting Cleansing Lotion For Dry Skin

So that's a bit of a long winded name, but it does exactly as the title states. I use this lotion either before or after washing my face just to make sure I have every bit of make up off (or if I'm feeling particularly lazy like after a night out, I'll just use this to cleanse my face). This lotion is perfect for me; you can use it around the eyes and because the majority of the time I wear quite a bit of eyeshadow/eyeliner, it can be quite difficult to get it all off with a face wash without getting it all in my eye. I find that it still takes a fair few minutes with this lotion, but my eyes aren't irritated at all after use. The lotion even leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised, and this is so important to me because I have dry skin all year round! 

2. Palmers Cocoa Butter

I only started using this cocoa butter after receiving it in the Company Magazine Fashion Forum goody bag, but I'd been wanting to buy it for quite a while and I don't know why I didn't! It smells absolutely gorgeous, applies to the skin well and soaks in almost straight away. I hate moisturisers hat sit on the skin for ages and don't actually do anything! Anyway, after applying the butter over my face and body, I can definitely notice a different. It feels softer, smoother and definitely hydrated.

3. Soap and Glory Flake Away

I LOVE body scrubs! It's like a necessity now and I don't know what I'd do without them. I've found the Soap and Glory one to be the best I've used so far, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and ready for shaving/moisturising/fake tanning (although I don't do this too often!). I only have the travel size version of the Flake Away, but I'm definitely planning on investing on a full size tub because I know I'll get my use out of it.

4. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes

A lot of people disagree with using face wipes, but I always keep a packet handy for them just in case situations, whether that's for use after cleansing my face as a last resort or to clean my hands after applying make up. There are so many wipes I've found that I can't use because of my skin being quite dry and sometime spot-prone. Many wipes can dry your face out even further and others my skin just reacts with in a bad way for any reason at all. With Simple wipes, I've found that neither of the above happen! I've used many Simple products over the past few years and I believe they really do prove that what they stand for works. I don't currently have any of these wipes, I bought some emergency ones and are using these up at the moment!

5. On The Spot Treatment

A while back I was browsing Bodycare with a few friends trying to see if there were any bargains to be found and I came across one of the best products I've ever found -  On The Spot Treatment. Basically, you apply the gel to a spot, whether it's just started to appear or is in full throttle, and it dries it out. It's such a miracle treatment and cost no more than £2, absolute bargain! I've had it for quite a while now and should probably buy another one, but it's lasted so long because you literally need the tiniest drop. I couldn't recommend this product any more :) (You can see in the picture that it's quite dirty and well used!)

What would your top five products be? Thank you for reading :)

Amy x

The Book Review #4 - My Mad Fat Diary

Another Sunday, another book review! This time I'm talking about My Mad Fat Diary, the real life diary written by Rae Earl. The book was recently made into a series on E4, and I loved it. I have to be honest, the acting wasn't always the best, and the story line was a bit predictable but nonetheless I really enjoyed watching it, so when I saw the book I had to buy it! 

When my camera stops playing up, I'll upload an actual picture.
I promise!

I wasn't immediately sucked in to the book like I have been with others, but some of the best books start off slowly so I gave it a chance. The more and more I read the book, the more and more bored I got with it. I couldn't understand why, I thought as I was reading it before I went to sleep that I was just tired and couldn't concentrate, although this is when I read the majority of books.

If I'd have read the book before watching the program, I think I would have enjoyed it more and been able to follow it a lot easier. The names that are used in the program are different to that in the book, so it was confusing trying to work out who was who. If I'd read the book first I wouldn't have character expectations etc.  

The book was quite interesting though as it was an adapted version of the writers real diary from when she was 17, so that makes it fairly funny. I was so disappointed because I really had loved the television series, and was expecting the book to be the same. I didn't feel compelled to read on, and that's one of the worst things when reading a book; I read for fun, not because it's a chore. Rae herself was quite relatable though, which was one of the best things about the book, and as I mentioned before it was funny too! 

I might try reading it again in the future, but my opinion on it at this moment in time is that I didn't really enjoy it unfortunately! Have any of you read the book? What do you think? Thank you for reading :)

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