Friday, 28 June 2013

My Bucket List

A couple of days ago I read that Money Supermarket were hosting a campaign to get us bloggers thinking about our bucket lists, no matter how big or small our wishes and fantasies were. They want us to think of one budget dream and one where money is no matter, letting our imaginations run wild. If you want to enter, just click here you could win £1000 among some lovely other prizes for runners up!

The first thing on my bucket list is my budget choice. I want to learn to fight. I know that sounds a bit strange, and I'm not talking street fighting or killing people at all, I just find martial arts so interesting! As sad as it sounds, I love action films and often find myself thinking "I wish I'd be able to stick up for myself like that if anything happened" when the hero breaks out into Kung Fu after being approached in an alley somewhere. Although you don't really find me wandering around alleys looking for trouble on a regular basis... Truth be told, I've never been in a fight but I don't need experience to know that I'd probably be useless. Self defense is a great skill to learn, and doesn't mean that you turn into a meat head going around beating people up, I just believe that it would be useful to have that kind of skill. Martial arts also teaches you a lot of other skills, like patience, balance, and strength to name a few. I know a couple of people who practice martial arts and find that so many personal aspects have changed within them, and they haven't got a bad word to say about it! 

Next comes my more extravagant choice. I would LOVE to travel America. I know that sounds like such  a cliche. Every man and his dog want to go an American road trip but it would seriously be amazing. I'd love to be able to do this for mine and my boyfriends holiday next year but it's probably too late for us to start saving up.... America just seems like such an interesting and exciting place, from Texas to New York and I'd love to see it all! Me and the boyfriend have discussed doing this in the future, and there are a few things we want to do. Scuba diving with the marine fish at Florida Keys would be absolutely wonderful - and it's not often I use that word! I don't particularly like going underwater, but I bet that experience would be mind blowing and I know my boyfriend would absolutely love it. A cheeky trip to Disney World, Orlando, wouldn't be turned down either... For me, I'd love to drive through the desert from Las Vegas to LA in an open top car. How chilled would that be! Unless we got hi-jacked in the middle of the night, where my newly learned Kung Fu skilled would come into play... We'd do all the usual sight seeing of the famous landmarks, but I'd love to go to an open top cinema in a lovely rural area, maybe somewhere in Texas and eat a picnic under the stars with a few friends round a campfire. Sounds cheesy but how lovely would that be? I'd obviously have to take advantage of the American beauty stores, but also visit some ranches in Arizona. There would be such a stark contrast between there and my home in Manchester, but an experience you wouldn't forget. Visiting the beaches is also pretty high up on my list. If they're anything like in 90210, count me in! There some of the more detailed things I want to do, but obviously there are so many states I'd love to visit like Chicago, Hawaii, Louisiana, Vermont (Ben & Jerry's!) among so many others. This trip would cost so much money, but I NEED to experience this in my future. I'm so into making as many memories as I can with people that mean a  lot to me, so this trip with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends would be perfect. 

The three bloggers that I'm suggest writing this post are Fiona from North Western Beauty, Cat from CLLRS and Vickie from Beauty By Reilly! Are either of these are your bucket list, or have you already done any of them? Let me know! You can also recommend some places to visit in America if you want for when I do go. Oh and if you're still reading my blog in around 30 years (probably how long it would take me to save up to go on an American road trip) you'll definitely see some posts on it because I will do it! :)

Thank you for reading :)

Amy x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Recent Make Up Purchases Part 1

For some reason I have felt more compelled to buy make up and beauty products last/this month than any month before, and I don't know why. It seems that many different brands are holding different offers recently, and I have definitely took advantage of them. I didn't buy all these at the same time, I bought them across a few months but I waited until they all had arrived to write the post about them! I've also bought a few other things and am going shopping on Friday so I'll pop them in a second post :)

The first products weren't actually purchased by me, but I thought I'd include them in this post seeing as though I acquired them in May. A month or two ago I entered a competition on Zoe from Sweet Electric's blog to win four MAC eye shadows and I was so shocked when she emailed me saying I'd actually won! I was super happy because I hadn't tried any of their eye shadows before, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. Thank you Zoe! To hold the shadows I bought a pro palette as well.

Next up is a little haul from MUA - Make Up Academy. If you haven't heard of MUA (where have you been!?) they are a budget brand that is available online on their website and in Superdrug. Their products start from £1, and their lipsticks, blushers and nail polishes are all this price. Wow! When I bought the products they had an offer of 3 for 2, so I decided to take advantage of it and buy a couple of things. In total all of this came to around £11, how amazing is that! I ordered the "power pouts" and the false eyelashes separately but thought I'd add them in here!

I often pop in to Boots to buy a meal deal before work, and near enough always have to look at the make up section too. Sometimes I manage to refrain myself, but some days I just can't help it. Wednesday was one of those days. I nipped in to get some lunch and decided to see what offers were on. Recently I've had a real hankering for new lipsticks, and decided to grab a couple of cheap ones to see if I'd get a lot of wear out of certain colours before buying higher end lipsticks. I noticed that Natural Collection had a three for £5 offer so I bought three lipsticks in shades I don't often wear.

As many of you know, Debenhams have had an offer on of 20% off make up and beauty products, so I couldn't say no now could I? I haven't been a fan of MAC foundations in the past. The MUA's who worked at MAC in Selfridges sold me the completely wrong shade twice, even after doing a 'skin match test'. The last one I bought was NC15, and this was a little too dark so when I saw that they had a released a paler shade of NC10 I had to buy it as their foundations do offer good coverage. Along with the foundation I bought a Burt's Bees lip balm in the flavour Mango. It's gorgeous!

This product is the one I may be the most excited about... The Real Techniques Core Collection! I had a bit of an issue with this being delivered, so it took around three weeks to get here but when it eventually did I was so happy! I've been debating buying this set for months, so when it was on offer on Look Fantastic I couldn't resist!

So that was quite a huge list of purchases, and I'm now pretty skint.... but expect quite a few reviews coming up over the next few weeks everyone and a part two!

Thanks for reading :)

Amy x

Also, little disclaimer (hate having to do this), but I purchased all of these with my own hard earned money unless stated otherwise:)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Update #1 - Exciting News!

I haven't really posted anything about 'me' recently, not that this blog is based around me entirely, but I thought it might be nice to give you all an update on what's been going on recently and my plans for the near future; some of it is quite exciting!

Yesterday I finally finished my second and final year of college, and I have quite mixed feelings about this. I'm so glad to have got it out the way and finally move on to a new chapter in my life that will hopefully bring lots of new and exciting changes and opportunities! College hasn't been an amazing time for me, not that it's be an awful experience, I just didn't overly enjoy it. Obviously there were some good and funny days, but I didn't find it too challenging and I felt like I spent most days with nothing to do as I'd already finished the work. Although I did meet some lovely people and got on with most of the tutors as well, I am happy to know that it's all done with now. It's a bittersweet feeling!

Onto the exciting part.... I'm very happily (and also a bit nervously) starting two weeks work experience at a PR company in Manchester city centre on Monday! After helping out with some filming at college, the lady I was filming asked what I wanted to do in the future, and after telling her I was planning on doing a degree in PR and wanted a career in that, she gave me a contact email as she worked in PR and said she'd be happy to supply me with some experience! I was so excited and grateful, as experience is something that a lot of companies deem necessary  nowadays, and it'll also give me an insight into the world of PR. I have finished all my PR work at college and find it so interesting, so I can't wait! During these two weeks I've also got a couple of blogging events, so this is going to be a really exciting time for me.

After that, I'm having a week off while my parents are on holiday, then after that I'm working until mid September, when it will be my 19th birthday and the start of my first year at university. I'm going to be pretty busy from now until then, but hopefully I'll have lots of exciting things to blog about (like the meet up I've planned!) Would you like me to do some posts about what I do at work? Maybe a timeline of photos? Let me know!

Thank you for reading :)

Amy x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Make Up: Before and After

I feel like I haven't posted anything in ages as I've been working a lot of 10 hour shifts recently and have a few last projects left to complete before I leave college. I should have scheduled some posts but having been a bit of a lazy blogger recently I didn't have any prepared, sorry :( Anyway, I thought I'd write a bit of a different post today featuring some (scary) before and after photos of how I usually wear my make up when going on a night out or having drinks with friends etc. The idea for this post came about after Michelle from Thou Shalt Not Covet asked bloggers to send photos before and after make up to show the difference, and I thought I could use my photos to write a make up based post about!

So you can see, make up does make quite a difference depending on how you apply it, especially for me anyway! I tend to always wear winged liner, but when going out or going somewhere that needs me to be a little more dressy, I pair the liner with some blended eyeshadow.

First I applied Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 under my eyes and on any blemishes and blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and then prepped my eyes with the same concealer. I then applied MAC's Naked Lunch all over the lid, and then Satin Taupe on the outer corners making sure I blended it with the Naked Lunch. After that I dabbed some Shy from MUA Undress Me Too palette into the corner of my eyes to make them 'pop'. I then slicked on some Collection liquid liner over my lash line and flicked them out at the outer corners. I find that my eyes do look quite small without make up, which is why I  wear winged liner and always apply a lighter shade in the corners. My eyebrows are in serious need of a good re shape, but I need to grow them out first so recently I have started to use more shadow on my eyebrows than normal to sort them out. I use an angled brush from a random make up brush set I bought a couple of years ago, but I love this brush so sorry I can't give you a name otherwise I'd definitely recommend it! I then use either MAC's Concrete or MUA's Obsessed to fill them in and give a bit of shape.

After all my eye make up is finished (except mascara which comes later!) I begin with the base on my face. As I had already covered my blemishes etc, I went ahead and applied my MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC10 - yay, finally a MAC foundation pale enough - with my Buffing Brush again. For years I used to brush powder all over my face, but recently I have only been applying it on my t-zone, under my eyes and on my chin. I find that doing this makes my make up last longer. As I do get dry skin sometimes too much powder makes my face look a bit cakey after  few hours, so leaving my cheeks powder free is much better. So after using my Rimmel Stay Perfect powder in translucent, I contoured my face using MUA's bronzer in shade 3 which is £1 (!!!!) and is amazing. The longevity and colour payoff is amazing, I'd 100% recommend it. I then highlight with MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder. I do have quite a round face sadly, so I find a bit of bronzer and highlighter is a God send.

Finally, I apply my mascara, making sure I don't get it all over and under my lids which sometimes somehow actually happens. Currently I'm using Scandaleyes by Rimmel. I'm in dire need of a decent eyelash curler so send your recommendations this way! With having used quite dark eyeshadow, I don't tend to wear any lipstick. Sometimes I'll wear a pink or peach colour but usually I just apply a little bit of Carmex or my Burt's Bees balm. 

Sorry that this post has been quite lengthy. I haven't written one like this before, would you like more of them? Maybe how I create different looks? I am by no means a make up artist but I find it interesting to see how others do their make up so maybe you would too?

Thanks for reading!

Amy x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lush Wishlist

I love Lush, even if the shop does give me a slight headache. The fact that their products are animal friendly and are all handmade just add to the overall amazing-ness (that is a word... right?) of them. I've been wanting to go on a huge spree in their shop for a while, but I've had to rein myself in and limit it to wanting a few necessities. 

1. Hottie Massage Bar

This bar is used to help relieve muscles that have been strained and helps to comfort them with ginger oil and black pepper oil; this helps to stimulate blood flow. Hottie includes cocoa butter to help give a more velvety lather, and also cocoa butter smells gorgeous, so I can imagine it would add a bit of luxury to showering! I often use shower gels so I think adding something like this to my cleansing routine would be a nice change.

2. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is a product that I've heard such amazing things about and have been wanting to buy for months, but have never actually got round to it. I'm a sufferer of dry skin on the face and my lips are no exception; there is nothing worse than applying lipstick straight onto chapped lips!  I'm 100% buying this as soon as I can, as not only does it exfoliate the lips but it tastes like bubblegum, yum.

3. Butterball Bath Bomb

I'm more of a shower girl than a bath kinda girl, but I do love a good relax in the tub sometimes and think this bathbomb would be a lovely addition. Lush says that Butterball has a vanilla fragrance and includes cocoa butter (if you couldn't tell, I love cocoa butter) and helps those with dry skin after bathing. I love the idea of soaking in a bath that helps put the moisture back in to your skin and leaves it smelling gorgeous all day long.

4. Big Shampoo

I've heard brilliant things about this shampoo, and can't wait to try it out. It's a salt based shampoo that creates volume in your hair and Lush quotes "Have a big hair day". My hair can seem quite flat sometimes so instead of backcombing and using products to make it bigger which can damage your hair, it would be much better to have a shampoo that does the work for you!

5. Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

The boy bought me a big tub of this for Christmas last year, which went out of date in January so it only lasted a couple of weeks meaning I couldn't use the whole tub *sad face*, so this time I plan on buying the 100g pot. The formula definitely captures the essence of the ocean - it is fresh and fruity, and the salt used in it scrubs away dead skin and helps relieve blemishes. Although it is called a facial scrub, it can be used as an exfoliant for the body and I love the feeling of fresh cleanliness it leaves you with after showering.

Do you own any of these products? What do you think?

Also, there's an amazing giveaway hosted by E-tail PR to win a Michael Kors watch. How brilliant is that! Check it out here.

Amy x 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May Favourites

I haven't written a post like this in a while, and thought it was about time as my pile of favourite products is ever growing. Also, it isn't just make up favourites for example, it's a collection of a few things that I've really been enjoying recently. I'd like to apologise for the shoddy looking pictures - I'm currently redecorating and had to use a make shift set up for taking my photos! 

I Heart Book Series

If you read my Sunday book reviews (click here for a review of the second book) you'll have noticed that a couple of them have been on the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk. I'd heard a lot about the series before buying them, so when I saw the first three on an offer in Tesco of 3 for £5 I knew I had to buy them - I was not disappointed. I read through the first three really quickly, as they were such an easy going and cheery read, I didn't want to put them down! The characters are really relatable and I felt like I was actually involved in the story which I think is important in a book. I'm currently on the 4th out of 5 books in the series, so guess what my next book review will be....

Supermodel Nail Polish by Leighton Denny

I'm more of an eyeshadow kind of girl than nail polish, although if you saw my collection of polishes you may beg to differ. Although, I have a lot of love for Leighton Denny as the nail polishes he creates are amazing! I especially love the colour "Supermodel". It's a very sophisticated mink colour, and it lasts for so long.When applied with a top coat I find that the polish lasts up to around 5 days without a chip or scratch. 

MAC Studio Fix in NC15

I had been lusting after this powder for quite a while, and so my boyfriend kindly was told decided to buy it me for Christmas, yay! Although I absolutely LOVE my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and use that most days, I always come back to my MAC powder. It gives great coverage, and lasts a very long time. I wish I could be one of those people who could wear just foundation and only a bit of powder on their T-zone but unfortunately I need to wear powder for my make up to sit right on my face.  

Owl Purse and Umbrella from Next

These were another lovely gift for my 18th birthday off my lovely boyfriend. I have a slight obsession with owls, whether they're on jewelry, jumpers, purses or umbrellas, I love them and was so pleased he remembered that and bought me the above! I use the purse every day and always make sure that I keep the brolly in my bag, because as you fellow British know, our weather is slightly unpredictable to say the least. They're both a little battered now and the brolly's getting a bit discoloured, so I'm thinking of buying a new one of each before they both get completely ruined because I love them too much! If you have any recommendations let me know!

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

First, I need to apologise for the absolute state that the palette is in. When it arrived in the post, the bottom left shade (tranquil) had smashed and gone all over the rest of the palette. Unfortunately, it has stuck in the corners of the palette and is really annoyingly hard to get out! Also, it is well loved and I use the palette near enough every day which explains the state it is in. I absolutely love this palette and bought it for around £4 from Superdrug and it was an absolute bargain! It can used to create so many different looks, from smoky eyes to neutral ones. The darker shades are very pigmented, but with the lighter ones I do feel that you need to build them up quite a bit, but once applied to the level you like they stay all day. I would 100% recommend that you buy this palette!

DKNY Apple Perfume

This is my second bottle of the lovely perfume, and hope to be getting it again soon! I first got it when my mum bought herself the set which included both the red and green perfumes, and I decided that I would "borrow" the green one. Thankfully my mum didn't mind too much as she's not a fan of sweet perfumes, and this one is quite sweet and fruity. I wear it nearly every day, but it's starting to run out, argh!

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm
 I spoke about this in my recommendations post a few months ago - it was one of my first posts and you can see it here! I still love it now, and use it near enough every single day. This lip balm does exactly what it says on the pot; it soothes, it relieves, it moisturises! I would definitely recommend picking this up next time you go to the high street or even the local supermarket as most places to sell it for around £2.70. This is now a staple in my handbag, I MUST have it in there at all times!

Are these any of your favourites? :)

Amy x