Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

A few weeks ago I gave into temptation and purchased the highly spoke about Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush. This product had been on my wishlist for a long time, and on a spontaneous visit to the Lush store in my hometown of Manchester, I decided to give up and buy it - I'm not disappointed!

I've always preferred eye products to lip products (as you may have read in my other posts), and one of the reasons is that when I apply lipstick sometimes it makes my lips appear very dry and flaky. I put this down to my lips being chapped and used lip balms all the time which didn't really do much..After getting into blogging, I saw the name "Bubblegum Lip Scrub" appear all over and after reading about it decided it would be something that would help massively. Even though it sounded great I still wasn't 100% sure, as really it's just sugar mixed in with oil and you can make things like this at home. Anyway, I ended up buying it and as I said, I haven't looked back.

I apply this in the mornings when I'm doing my make up, and follow it up by some lip moisturiser. One of the best things about this scrub is the smell and taste. As the name states, it's bubblegum flavour and as the scrub is edible, you can easily lick it off after scrubbing it into your lips. The scrub buffs away any rough or flaky patches from your lips meaning your lip products will glide on with ease. Sometimes I do have to restrain myself from putting unnecessary amounts on just so that I can eat it...

For all those who want to primp and perfect their lips before putting on their lippie, (who doesn't?), I would definitely recommend the Bubblegum Lip scrub from Lush. It tastes amazing, does a good job and lasts a long time. At just over £5, you can't go wrong.

What do you think of the lip scrub?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Products I Regret Buying #1

For the past few weeks I haven't really posted many beauty related posts, so it's about time I did! Although this isn't a review or a wishlist, it's something I've not posted before but still beauty related. I always find reading posts like this interesting, as it sometimes helps to make my mind up on a product I've been mulling over for a while, and sometimes I just like being nosey and seeing what people do and don't like!

First up is the Collection Colour Po Lip Lacquer. For years I've always been more of an eye make up girl, specifically jet black eye liner, but I've began buying quite a few lip products over the past 6 months or so. I picked this up on a whim really, as I thought I might get more wear out of a glossy lip product rather than matte in this weather. Basically, I didn't like it at all. The formula is so thick and gloopy, it feels like glue on the lips. This made it pretty difficult to apply too. I loved the colour when I first saw it, and think that if the formula was dramatically improved I'd think about trying it again.

Next is the Simple toner, and I was surprised that I disliked this! I've wrote about this before when I posted about a few products I'd bought from Simple, which you can read here. Although I love my eye make up remover and cleanser from Simple, me and the toner didn't get on. After use, it made my skin super blotchy with a breakout violently threatening to appear. I stopped use and my skin went back to normal, so I'm scared to try it out again!

This might be a bit of a controversial one, but I really regret buying the Rimmel Apocalips! I bought the shade Galaxy and really did not like it. The application was awful, it was too thick and using the applicator that was provided didn't help at all. I tried using my fingers which did help slightly, but it seemed that the colour 'bled' and ended up looking messy and as though I'd just applied it without looking in a mirror. Maybe in a little less of a bold colour, it might look better but I'm not risking buying it again just in case I have the same problems. Seems as though I don't really get on with lip lacquers?

Finally, there is a different kind of beauty product, Veet. I was speaking to some girls at the Manchester Blogger Meet Up about this, and it jogged my memory about how awful this product was and I knew I had to add it into this post! Basically, you apply the lotion while in the shower, leave it on for the stated time and then scrape it off with the remover provided. I used it on my legs and it's supposed to remove hairs as you take the lotion off, but it just doesn't work! I know hair removal etc isn't spoke about very often on blogs, but the majority of us girls do it so why not include it? It didn't cost an awful lot, but even so I wouldn't buy it again. I'd rather brave it and wax!

Have you tried and disliked any of these products?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

University Series #2 My Journey

 I've just had my place confirmed! It was annoying as I knew I had the grades, I just couldn't wait to see it all in writing so what better to write about in the second post of my University Series!?

 If you didn't already know, I'll be starting at Manchester Metropolitan University in September studying PR and Digital Communications and I cannot wait, even though I'll be living at home as I live close to the campus, boo! Before I created amyjanealice, I wrote a blog called The Journey To University as part of a college project, and on there you can find all sorts of information from how to apply, to what to look for at universities, to what to take with you if you're moving out. I don't write on that blog anymore, but for any students who will be first years this year, there's information that would be helpful to you and also to people who are still in college, it might be useful for you to have a look as I find it's always best to think about things like this way before it comes down to it! You can see this blog here.

Now I have my confirmation, and my student finance is pretty much sorted, I can start getting even more excited and getting everything sorted for September! You can expect to see posts about my first day, freshers week. things about my course and the university itself, tips for prospective students etc. When I mentioned this on Twitter I had a great response so I can't wait to get writing more about the journey as it all begins properly!

Is anyone else starting MMU this year? Or university at all? What kind of posts would you like to see? :)

Thank you for reading,

Amy x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Current Shower Essentials

Over the past few months I’ve built up a collection of trustworthy shower products and have got myself into a little routine. I used to care so much more about make up, but now I'm getting older and wiser I know that taking care of your skin is essential, so I make sure that I buy the kind of products that my skin needs.

When I first get in the shower I usually use my Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. I love the Strawberry range from The Body Shop, and have received a few gift sets over the past year or two which fuels my obsession with the products. However, my latest tube is beginning to run out, and although it is a great exfoliator, I wanted to try something a little more ‘gritty’.

This is when I came across the exfoliating sponge from Tesco. At £1 how could I say no?! One half of the sponge is made of exfoliating material while the other is softer, for every day cleansing use. I squirt my body wash onto the exfoliating side, and scrub away at my skin. It is quite rough, but I like this as I know it’s really working. It’s great to use before shaving the legs for example, as it gets rid of any dead or damaged skin.

Currently I’m using the Radox Moisturise body wash. It’s not fancy or anything like that, but is soft and gentle on the skin, which is great as I do suffer from sensitive skin sometimes, boo! I often change my body wash, but I’m particularly liking this one so I think it may be here to stay….

After washing and exfoliating, I start washing my hair with the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and follow it with the matching conditioner. After years of dying my hair and the occasional use of heat, I always buy shampoos and conditioners that help to relieve my hair and that provide it some moisture. Along with doing a great job, I LOVE the smell of these products and they are often seen making a comeback into my shower routine.

I recently picked up the In Shower Moisturiser after reading some great reviews by all you lovely bloggers! It’s not like I needed another moisturiser but I love the idea of being able to use this in the shower, preventing the whole having to wait for normal moisturiser to soak in after a shower. I’ve only used in a few times and can’t make my mind up if it actually does anything of use, but I like using it and I’ve not come across any problems. I’m not sure if I will repurchase it, we’ll have to see when I finish this one off!

So they’re my shower essentials, do you use any of these? Or do you recommend any products that I should be using?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Two Weeks In PR

On Monday 1st of July, I started my two weeks work experience at esteemed PR company Fido, based in Manchester City Centre. It’s fair to say I was pretty nervous considering I’d only been studying PR at college for a few months, so didn't know how the whole industry worked, but I was soon sucked into the midst of it all, and I absolutely loved it. The location was so lovely too, built in an old stable alongside a canal. 

On my first day I learned about Fido’s clients and what they do for them, and it was interesting to see how certain things were tailored to each client, even if the stories were slightly similar. I’m glad I knew about this from my first day onward as it helped me to navigate the scary office server that saved every press release written, every photograph taken, basically everything that was of importance, even if I did save a few things in the wrong places a few times… oops.

During the first week I wrote press releases, conducted my first telephone interview, collected client information from newspapers and wrote photo calls telling photographers when to be where and why for different stories. I’m so glad that I was thrown right into the actual business, instead of doing menial tasks like counting staples (I've actually had to do things like this in other companies!), as I feel like I've really got a feel for how a PR company works, just after two weeks!

The second week was just as interesting, with more press releases and photo calls to write. Not only did I write the press releases, I actually got to attend the photo call relating to one of them which was brilliant as I got to see how it goes from the photographer getting the pictures, to me getting the quotes and writing the piece, to it being sent off for approval and publishing. I've also learned how to use industry software which was interesting to see. 

As I've always been interested in writing this experience has been fantastic for me. It’s helped me to understand that sometimes my sentences are a bit long (sorry to everyone reading this as I’m still probably doing this now) and that certain phrases can be changed to sound better than I initially thought.

The people I've been working with are absolutely lovely, and not only have I gained some invaluable experience, I had a good laugh along the way, showing that PR doesn't always 
have to be a huge scary industry. Thank you Fido, for such a great two weeks experience!

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Friday, 12 July 2013

Couture Crush Press Launch

I’ve been very lucky to have attended quite a few blogger events over the past few days, and last night saw the press launch of new brand, Couture Crush. I had been particularly excited about this event ever since I received the email telling me and inviting me to it, as I really liked the sound of what this brand was about and the plan for the evening. Couture Crush are a website that allow you to “Seek. Sell. Switch” vintage, pre-loved or new designer and vintage accessories, such as bags, shoes and sunglasses.

I met up with the lovely Fi from North Western Beauty and we made our way to Nando’s to meet up with Cat from CLLRS and Fran from The Francesca Diaries. It was great to meet up with these lovely girls again, even though I’d only seen Fi and Cat the day before! We had a good natter over some lovely chicken, (I was obviously the unhealthiest out of the four, ordering mash, chips and halloumi cheese as my sides while the others opted for salad!), before making our way to the venue. As we were there a little early we decided to have a look in Harvey Nichols and obviously our inner beauty blogger came out and we all began spouting mini reviews and gazing longingly at various make up brands.

When we got to the venue we presented our invitations, or VIP pass as I like to call them, and headed downstairs into the The Circle Club. We were given a free champagne cocktail, which I didn’t drink as I’m not a lover of wine or anything similar, but it was a nice thought! We all began chatting among ourselves and to some of the other bloggers that were there too and then Rachel from Lost In Lipstick joined us. The seats all ran along the walls, curving at the corners so it was quite difficult to talk in a straight line! Fortunately some room became free on one of the corners so we moved down to be able to hold a conversation between us all! 

Canapés were brought round, and being the classy lady that I am, I bit my tongue as I tried to eat them and let out a big “OW”. So much for being aloof and glamorous… Anyway, after eating the canapés we started on the cupcakes. I love cupcakes, so this was a great touch I thought. A dance troop had come along to provide some entertainment by dancing along to some of Beyonce’s best tracks, slut drops and all!

After receiving our goody bags filled with samples and a product from the website, and with the night coming to a close, we said our goodbyes and headed home. I had such a lovely night; being able to make some new friends within the blogging community and having a good chat with those I already had, I really enjoyed it and had such a laugh. I’m excited to see what this brand will be doing next! Let me know in the comments if you went too!

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Neal's Yard Remedies Event

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Neal's Yard Remedies bloggers event, and so I gratefully accepted and couldn't wait to go after work last night! After finding out my good friend Fi (North Western Beauty) and the lovely Cat (CLLRS), who I met properly for the first time at the FABB Event, were going too, I was even more excited, and arranged to meet up with them for a bite to eat before we headed down to the Neal’s store.

Of course Google maps was no help at all, but I put my intrepid explorer hat on, and after taking a few “short cuts” we found it. As soon as you walk into the store you’re hit with a real sense of calm and tranquillity, as well as a lovely fresh and floral scent, and the ladies at the door were extremely welcoming. We were offered drinks straight away, a God send with this hot weather, with wine, herbal teas and juice on offer. I opted for the juice, as I’m not a lover of wine or herbal tea even though they smelled delicious!

Free taster sessions were available for all the bloggers that attended, so me, Fi and Cat all got our make up done. Me and Fi chose the same look and it’s strange how different it looked on each of us, me being pale with blue eyes and Fi being slightly more olive toned with brown eyes. I have to say I do prefer more coverage than the mineral powder offers from Neal’s Yard, as my skin is prone to a few blemishes etc. The way the shadow was applied to my eyes by the MUA was great; it just wasn’t the best look for me! Cat also got a massage towards the end of the night and it was quite amusing to watch, even though I knew if that was me being massaged I would have fell asleep straight away, especially when she moved onto her head!

At the end of the night we were all given a lovely goodie bag, with a cleansing balm, mist spray, eyeshadow, lipgloss and a pack of wipes included. Thank you!

Overall I had a great night, being able to catch up with the lovely Fi and Cat, and learning a lot about organic skincare and what it offers off the welcoming and knowledgeable staff. I’d definitely recommend visiting the Manchester store, with it only being 5 minutes away from the City Centre.

Have you tried anything from Neal’s Yard Remedies? What did you think?

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sleep-In Rollers

A few weeks ago I was kindly asked if I would like to try out some Sleep-In Rollers*, and having seen so many good reviews about them and hearing so many people praising them, from friends to celebrities, I decided to give them and go to see if they could do anything to tame my usually unruly hair. 

I was a bit dubious at first as I recently bought the Strawberry Curlers, which had been raved about all over Twitter and my Instagram, but they all got completely tangled in my hair and I ended up having to cut some of them out. Not only that, but they didn’t even make my hair wavy, it just looked knotty and messy. Saying that, since then I haven’t tried them, so it could have been something I did but I’m too scared to ruin my hair again!

Anyway, back to Sleep-In Rollers… The rollers are made of a spongy material, with a gap to put your grips in when attaching them to your head, and are designed to flatten when you sleep, hence the name.

I watched the recommended video showing you how to put them in, and for someone who usually takes multiple tries to learn a new technique, I managed to get the rollers in easily and quickly. The only problem I found at this stage is that not all my hair is the same length (thank you crazy layers trend), which meant that it was a pain trying to get all the hair to wrap around the roller together, as you have to hold the chunk of hair above your head at first as you start wrapping from the ends. It was nothing to do with the rollers, just a product of my ever-changing hairstyles from the past.

The lady in the video I watched ranted and raved about the fact that sleeping with these rollers is just like sleeping with “another pillow” under your head. It wasn’t. You could definitely feel the rollers around your head when lying in any position. Well, except face down but I can’t imagine that being comfortable at all. Although, it didn’t completely ruin my nights sleep, (the fact that my boyfriend rolled in from a night out around 3am is more likely the reason I was tired the day after), after a while I found a comfy position to lay my head until I dropped off. Aside from the Strawberry ones, which are made of foam, I haven't used rollers before, but I can assume that even though you can still feel them, they aren’t as uncomfortable as the plastic ones everyone’s Nan wears!

In the morning I was slightly panicky that the rollers wouldn’t come out without a fight, but I was pleasantly surprised. They rolled out with ease, and from the first one I took out I could tell they’d done their job. My hair was voluminous with a curl at the end, a look I am always trying and failing to create by blow-drying. I’d put a roller in my fringe, rolling forwards as I usually wear a middle parting and wanted some slight volume there. However, it didn’t look great so I clipped my fringe to one side, which I liked anyway.

The volume in my hair didn’t last all day, but maybe if slightly backcombed and sprayed with hairspray it might last a little longer than mine did. I really liked how my hair looked natural and effortless, and actually was pretty effortless to do!

Before                                                                                                                       After


I put my rollers in last Friday night, ready for the FABB Event on Saturday (you can read my post all about it here), and am so glad I did! Overall I love Sleep-In Rollers, and think they’re worth the slight discomfort when you first lay your head down to sleep. They retail at £17.99 from the Sleep-In Rollers online store and in some hair salons, and considering I was going to buy them anyway I’d definitely recommend that if you’re looking for some comfier rollers, these are the ones!

Have any of you tried Sleep-In Rollers? What did you think? 

Thanks for reading!

Amy x 

* I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FABB Events Manchester

Saturday was the FABB event in Manchester and I had a great time and met some really lovely people :) The event was hosted by the FABB Events team - Tor from That's Peachy and Ray from Who Is She

OOTD: Jacket - New Look, shirt - Primark, jeans - Warehouse, necklace - Primark, bag - H&M.... and my cat in the background, oops.

I started the day by returning a few things and having a browse around town (I couldn't resist!) and then met up with some other lovely bloggers (ElizabethJess, CatFrancesca, Sophie, Tilly, HannahBeth and Molly, I hope I've not missed anybody out, my memory is terrible at times!) to grab some Burger King. We found our way to the venue pretty easily, and couldn't wait to see what was inside! There were lovely tables set up from different companies: Lavish Alice (they had the most gorgeous blazer you can see below!), Tinned Bananas, Derma V10 Tech, South Beach, Vita Liberata, La Moda and Eldora lashes. There were also some of the most beautiful cupcakes I've ever had on offer too! Yum.

There were giveaways running all through the afternoon where you were alerted by tweet if you managed to win anything, I luckily won some Blow Dry Balm by Neal and Wolf, and a gorgeous pinafore style dress from Chiara Fashion. Apart from the items given away by the brands at the event, we also got a giftbag from the girls themselves, thanks so much! :) Inside the gift bags there were things like Pearl Drops Instant White Toothpaste, Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion, Sweet and Salty Pop Chips, Vita Liberata Fake Tan, Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara and some American style sweets, among so many other wonderful things!

After the event, me, Cat, Elizabeth and Francesca went to Dry bar in Manchester to have a cocktail and some pizza and have a look through our goodie bags! Before going home I had a browse in Boots with Elizabeth and ended up treating myself to a few things, and I finally found a coke bottle with my name on it!

I had such a good day and am glad I finally got to meet the bloggers I'd been speaking to over Twitter and texts for the weeks leading to the event! Let me know if you went to the event and links to any posts you've written  on it, I'd love to see them :)

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Monday, 8 July 2013

Retail Royalty Challenge

A few days ago I had an email informing me about this challenge that had been set by MoneySupermarket, you can read all about it here, but basically MoneySupermarket gave me £30 to spend on a charity of my choice. The charity I chose is Millstream Animal Shelter, which houses cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets that have either been abandoned or are in need of a new home. Once they are taken in, if need be, their health is restored by the love and care that the staff give to all their animals, and then they try to find new loving homes for each of them. After taking in an abandoned cat myself and helping him to get healthy and to trust humans again, it really means a lot to me that these animals are helped, as the charity relies heavily on local support alone. When I was younger my dad and I used to volunteer at the charity by taking the shelter's dogs for a walk every now and again, and I couldn't wait to be able to help them out again.

As I already follow their Facebook page, I knew that as they are looking after 35 kittens among all the other animals at the moment, they are in need of a lot of kitten food, so this helped me to decide what to buy! Along with wet and dry kitten food, I bought dry food for adult cats and adult dogs and dry food for puppies as well. You can see in the picture that I got a lot for my money, and only had to add about £2 of my own money at the till!

Choosing from all the products available at Pets At Home was hard!
Then it all just about fit in the boot of the car!
I'm extremely sorry about the carboot-esque photo, but this was the only chance we got to take a picture!

Some of the cats that live permanently in the shelter were chilling inside, with a lot of comfy spaces to relax on.

These are the pens that the cats that need homing are kept it at night, but usually wander around during the day. Today they were all hiding in the shade so there weren't many to see around here.
Except for this cheeky fellow who kept sticking his tongue out at us....
.... and this little guy who'd gotten himself stuck here! Sorry for the awful picture quality but I just had to capture this moment. Looks like he didn't know to go back the way he'd came bless him.
Unfortunately we weren't able to see the dogs at the shelter as it can be too stressful for those who've had troubled pasts, but the lovely lady at the shelter took us round where they sleep.
 As you can see there are plenty of toys and dens to keep them busy and entertained!
I bought:

6 x wet kitten food = £20
2 x dry adult cat food = £2
1 x dry kitten food = £1
1 x dry adult dog food = £4.99
1 x dry puppy food = £4.99

I feel so happy to have been able to help such a worthwhile charity. If anyone around Greater Manchester is looking at adopting a cat or dog, you should definitely check out Millstream Animal Shelter here. If you're not able to adopt one of the lovely animals, you can always help out by donating to the charity here. It costs around £530 to run the shelter for ONE day!!! Every penny definitely helps :)

Thank you for reading!

Amy x

Monday, 1 July 2013

TAG| What's In My Handbag

I've seen this tag floating around the blogging and YouTube-ing (yep, it's a word!) world for a while now and  haven't wrote anything like this before so thought this tag would be perfect! I'm currently doing two weeks work experience at PR company Fido based in Manchester City Centre, so I'm going to try and schedule as many posts as possible so that I can still be blogging :)

Purse / Make Up Bag /Notebook And Pen / Umbrella / Water / Chewing gum / Carmex / Boots Lip Balm / Joop Perfume / Ipod / Tangle Teezer / Garnier Face Wipes / iPhone Charger / Palmers Hand Cream / Right Guard Deodarant / Bus Pass / Hello Kitty Mirror / Keys / Molton Brown Perfume Sample

I always carry so much in my bags, which is why I can't buy small ones. I feel lost without all my belongings! As part of a competition MoneySupermarket are holding, they want you to add up how much your bag and the contents are worth. Here's my total including the products in the everyday make up bag: £333.76. Wow it's crazy how things add up when you look at it like that! How much does yours cost?

Thanks for reading!

Amy x
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