Map My Heart – A Relationship Journal by Dom & Ink.

”This book is about relationships, it’s about how
people meet, fall in love, break up, wallow and then pull themselves together
again for round number 2. It will make you laugh and think, pour out your
innermost thoughts and doodle away your angst, scrawl swear words and rip out
its pages. In short, this book will be your best friend when your heart is
being battered and bashed on the rollercoaster of love.”

Sometimes in life, you just need that “kick up the arse” to pick yourself up and sort yourself out, and Dominic Evans is that kick (I know him, and he would probably give me one literally!). Map My Heart is a refreshing take on a relationship guide to help with moving on from a broken relationship. Through tongue in cheek activities, short stories and amazing illustrations, Map My Heart helps you see yourself in a more positive light and decide what you want and how you’re going to get it. 

Now, I’m not actually single or going through a break up, but there’s a section to fill out for those of you in a relationship too! Despite that, filling out the other parts of the book is also fun, helping you realise what you want from your future, how to seduce and ‘eyesex’ people (yes, it’s a thing!) and how to flirt successfully. One of the great things about the book would have to be the fact that it really makes you think about how you actually feel. Putting all your emotions and thoughts about your love life, your image and the way you feel into words on a page really helps you to understand yourself better. 

The illustrations throughout the book are simply amazing; they made me laugh, and insanely jealous that I really can’t draw. Dom also writes in such a relatable way it’s like having your best friend sat with you and helping you through whatever stage in a relationship you’re at by giving you some much needed home truths – “That turtleneck jumper is killing your sex life. Burn it.”

Don’t mistake Map My Heart for some kind of same old same old self help book, it’s nothing like anything you’ve read before, but it’s exactly what you could need! I would definitely recommend this book and I’m so glad I bought it. Map My Heart can be used by everyone, those going through a break up, or if you’re wanting to find a new man or woman or even if you just want to fill it in for future reference.

Map My Heart is by Dom & Ink and you can find him on Twitter, Facebook and on his blog here. You can buy Map My Heart on Amazon for £8.77 or from Huck And Pucker

Let me know if you get your hands on a copy and what you think about it!

Amy x