My Most Used Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are some of my favourite beauty products to buy; using the right brushes definitely has an impact on the application of your make up and the end result. Something I haven’t featured on amyjanealice before is a post on makeup brushes, so it’s about time. 


(L-R) Real Techniques Powder Brush – To set my foundation, this is my go to powder brush. It’s big enough to do a quick sweep over your face and still cover most of it, but also you can still work the powder in those harder to get to places like under your eyes. 

Expert Face Brush – For a while I used the infamous Buffing Brush to apply foundation, but soon I grew to dislike it and turned to using my fingers. That was when I decided to buy the Expert Face Brush after reading so many great reviews about it, and I love it. It applies and blends foundation flawlessly, and with it being dome shaped and smaller than the Buffing Brush, it also easily works under the eyes and around the nose.

Real Techniques Contour Brush – This is definitely one of my favourite brushes by RT; it fits perfectly in the hollow of your cheeks and I’ve even used it for blusher before just to add a little colour to the apples of my cheeks.


(L-R) Real Techniques Blush Brush – Another Real Techniques brush, what a surprise?! Perfect for sweeping blush across your cheeks, this one is definitely my favourite for blusher.  

Eco Tools Tapered Blush – As I am quite pale, using colour on my face is a must. After contouring, I might add a little bronzer on my cheeks, forehead and sometimes under my jaw and this brush my Eco Tools is amazing. Although designed for cheeks, I find the shape is perfect for bronzer too.


(L-R) Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – Although this brush was designed for the crease, I use this alongside the Nanshy Shader Brush to apply shadow all over the lid. A lot of Real Techniques brushes are multi-functional, so you may find that you can use them for other purposes than their primary use.

Nanshy Crease Brush – So this time I’m actually using a crease brush to apply colour to the crease in my eye lid! This brush by Nanshy is amazing. It picks up just the right amount of product and is fluffy enough to blend it all out.

Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush – Having quite fair eyebrows, shading them in is a must. I have found that this brush works really well for me. The bristles are firm, meaning that you can accurately define your brows.

To make sure I keep my brushes in tip top condition, I give them a deep clean every couple of weeks and spot clean them in between when necessary. Are any of these brushes your most used too?

Amy x



  1. 27th January 2014 / 8:04 pm

    I really want to try the RT eye brushes, I have some of the face ones and I can see why they are your most used!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. 28th January 2014 / 10:21 pm

    Love the real techniques expert face brush, makes my foundation look so flawless!

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