The Top Five Of 2013

2013 was the year I finally decided to get my arse in gear and use my love of writing to create something and be productive, so amyjanealice was born! I thought it would be nice to do a sort of round up of my blog in 2013 by showing you all my top five posts. 

5. Neals Yard Remedies Event – Back in July 2013 I headed to one of my first events at the Neal’s store in Manchester. Attending this event gave me my first proper introduction to the brand and their ethos, and I had a lovely time.

4. Company Magazine Fashion Forum – After seeing an advert for the Fashion Forum in Company Magazine, I knew I had to buy a ticket. Loving to write, I couldn’t wait to go and get some tips straight from people in the industry themselves. This post included a round up of the advice I got while I was there, making it my fourth most popular blog post last year.

3. Manchester Blogger Meet Up – Number three makes me very proud, as it’s the post where I first introduced my idea to host a meet up in my hometown of Manchester. I had a great time, giving everyone that attended the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers in their area and to chance to catch up with those they already knew. 

2. Zara Mini City Bag Review – I never thought that this post would be as successful as it is, but as I know a lot of you love Zara and their bags, I can see why! This is such a gorgeous bag and I love it, so after so many of you reading it, I hope it helped if you a little indecisive on whether to buy it (but I’m sorry if it made you spend more money!).

1. MAC & Molly Louise Giveaway – When I hit 100 followers on my blog, and to celebrate my first event, I decided to host a giveaway. I was overwhelmed by the number of entries I received but glad that my giveaway prize was interesting to all those that did enter and made this post the number one most viewed post of 2013!

Have any of you got similar posts to this? I’d love to read them, so link me to them in the comments.

Amy x


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