Fresh Laces x Harvey Nichols Event

Last Friday, Fresh Laces took over the menswear floor of Harvey Nichols in Manchester to host an exclusive sneaker lifestyle event, showcasing some famous kicks and collections from designers such as Mr Sneaker, Dimension London, Tapis Rouge UK, Tranerholic, Kicks on the Moon, Elisha Francis London, I Want Your Sole, BenJArt, Custom Eyes, Crep Protect, From Virginia, Davo Howarth, Lescott-Stewart and Sultan Est. Originating in South London, Fresh London was created by Nathan Massiah, after he decided to turn his passion for collecting, or as he said his hoarding of trainers, into something more. After realising there was huge hype around sneaker events in America, he wanted to bring it to the UK, and so Fresh Laces was born.

I met up with my lovely blogging friends, Callie Rose, Francesca and Jessica and after some breakfast, we headed to Harvey Nichols for the event. On arrival, we were greeted by the people hosting the event, and met the lovely Elisha, events manager for Fresh Laces. 

We looked at some amazing sneaker collections, and although I’m not a huge sneaker fan personally, I definitely had my eye on a couple of pairs. Throughout the event there was entertainment, in the form of resident Fresh Laces DJ 10Faces and drummer NathStar

Elisha also owns her own gorgeous handmade jewelry range, Elisha Francis London. It’s absolutely beautiful and I especially loved the bracelets and definitely plan on looking at buying some, check it out!

I had a great time at the event and meeting the Fresh Laces team, and it was definitely a hit judging by the amount of people taking up the second floor of Harvey Nichols. After their first Fresh Laces event in London going down a storm, and now this one in Manchester, I guarantee that any future events will be even more popular. After speaking to Nathan, he told me he had plans to maybe go to Europe next, and the brand obviously has plans to go even bigger. 



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