Over the past few months, I’ve really got on top of my blog and had posts scheduled quite a few weeks in advance. To tell you the truth, it took me nearly a year to get this organised. I wish I’d sorted myself out sooner as I think my blog could have grown so much more had there been a better structure. I’m by no means an expert, and what works for me might not work for you, but these are the things that I do to make my blog more organised.

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Use A Notebook

Writing all of my ideas down in a notebook is really useful for me. I have a particular notebook that I use from Huck & Pucker, which you can read about here. I write down all my ideas for future posts, any products I’m lusting over and sometimes I’ll plan the main points I want to include in a post. I have it next to my bed so that if inspiration strikes when I’m about to fall asleep, I can jot it down quickly. When I’m on the go, I make notes on my iPhone that I’ll transfer into my notebook later on.

Use A Calendar

I use one that I found on Google Images, which is basically a grid with one column to write the name of the post, one where you write the date of when it is to be published and another with boxes to tick when you’ve written the content, taken the photographs and when the post is ready to go live. It’s really useful to have a quick glance at to see if there’s anything I’ve missed. There are tons available online here if you can’t make one yourself.

Have A To-Do List

This is pretty similar to the calendar but I like to use both of them. My to-do list is a Kirstie Allsopp notepad with 52 pages, one for each week of the year. On each day I like to write what post is due to go live, and also make any notes if there’s something I need to do on a particular day like “Take picture of Lush Bath Bomb”.

Take Pictures In Bulk

I’m guilty of not always doing this, I do sometimes panic and take a picture quickly for a blog post to go up straight away, but taking pictures in bulk is really helpful. On a day you’re not doing much, pile up the things you need to take pictures of and do it. It shouldn’t take too long and that way you can write and schedule all your posts in one sitting.