#TopSecretCoffee Event

A couple of days ago I was invited to a #TopSecretCoffee event at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester; it sounded really interesting so I couldn’t wait to get there. Top Secret Coffee is touring the UK giving out free coffee for free in return for answering a few questions on a survey. The coffee comes from a high street brand, but it’s all undercover so that all opinions are formed solely on the coffee you taste. The brand was revealed only this morning, so I had no idea while actually at the event!

Yesterday morning, I met Callie Rose and we made our way to the hotel with the help of my trusty friend, Google Maps. On arrival we were greeted by the lovely Caroline who had invited us to the event, and immediately I was stunned by how beautiful the hotel was! They’re were mismatched chairs and tables dotted around and it looked so luxurious and vintage. The room the event was held in was like an old library, with big comfy sofas and a gorgeous bookcase that I would love to have something similar to in my house.

We sat down and started chatting to the other bloggers and journalists attending the event while we waited for it all to get going. First we got the chance to learn how coffee is made and produced, told the differences between the types of coffee and got to taste a few different kinds of beans. I’m not a lover of black coffee so I didn’t love this part but it was nice to try something new! We then got to choose which coffee we would like, and the barista made these for us free of charge. I chose a cappuccino and it was honestly gorgeous. The staff from Great John Street Hotel served sandwiches, pies, cakes, scones and other delicious treats which of course I couldn’t say no to, despite trying to be ‘healthy’. 

I had a great afternoon and loved meeting some other bloggers in Manchester, all while enjoying lovely food and drinks. We were also given a box of amazing goodies, including our own coffee filter and free coffee! I’m so grateful for being invited and being able to experience the #TopSecretCoffee campaign first hand. This morning we were sent an email announcing the high street coffee retailer and it was….. Greggs! I was pleasantly surpised at this, the coffee definitely tasted much more expensive.

Did any of you visit a #TopSecretCoffee van?