Last week I posted about blogging organisation and I thought I’d follow on with the theme and talk about scheduling tweets. Now I know that a lot of people already do schedule their tweets, but when I first started blogging I didn’t know how to until someone explained how to. So I hope this post is helpful to some of you, and maybe for those who already do schedule, you could find a new platform to use.

There are plenty of platforms from which you can schedule tweets, like Future Tweets, Tweetdeck and Twuffer but personally, and the one this post will focus on, is Hootsuite. After writing and scheduling my post on Blogger, I come over to Hootsuite and set to work scheduling my tweets.

After creating an account on Hootsuite, which is free, this is the screen that will become your homepage. It shows your feed, mentions, direct messages and sent tweets which is useful as you can look over and manage everything at once. You can also add more than one account, so you can flick between them.

To schedule a tweet, in the top left hand corner, click the white bar next to your display picture. From here you can choose which account you would like to schedule the tweet from. Then, simply type in what you would like the tweet to say. If you are adding a link to your tweet, type it into the box below and click shrink. This shortens the link (see the picture below to see what it would look like) which saves you valuable characters. The link I would put in is the permalink from my blog post, which you can find on the left-hand sidebar when you are editing your post. Once you have finished your tweet, click the calender icon to schedule. You can also add an attachment, change privacy settings and add your location from the other icons.

Once you click the calender, this is what will pop up. From this screen you can choose the date and time of when you would like the tweet to be published. You can also auto schedule a collection of tweets, by turning the toggle on.

If you choose to auto schedule tweets, you can choose how many you want published in what time frame and on which days. This is super useful if there is a certain tweet you publish regularly, for example I would auto schedule “ #lbloggers”. 

I’ve scheduled a couple of tweets that I can show you as an example, but usually I would have a couple more. To access this screen, click the arrow on the top left hand of your homepage. The Publisher shows all your scheduled tweets and from here you can also edit and delete them. 

This post has been quite short and to the point, but his is the easiest way to use Hootsuite and it takes me only minutes to sort my tweets out for the next few days. There are more advanced things you can do, but for the purposes of this post, I wanted to keep it simple.  

I hope this post has been useful for you!