So this is a new series starting this week on my blog, and basically it’s one list a week. The lists can be on absolutely everything. I’ve been inspired by Rose who I had a chat with about this series a while ago now, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to actually sit down and do it! I think it’ll be quite interesting to come up with all these lists and for you to read them, and it’ll be nice when I’ve done them all in a year to come back and look through them. This week is ten facts about me. I don’t think I’ve posted anything like this before so this should help you get to know me a little better!

1. My name is Amy Jane Alice, hence the blog title, but when I was younger I wanted to change one of my middle names to Louise because it seemed everyone else had…

2. I’ve been dying my hair since I was around 14. Currently I’m a little in between ginger and brown, but I have been black, red, purple, light brown, dark brown, blonde-ish, and copper, and there’s been an array of really bad hair do’s in general really.

3. I’m 19 and in my first year at university studying Public Relations and Digital Communication.

4. When I was younger I played one of the games on the kid’s TV show Smile live. I didn’t do very well, but I did win an MP3 player!

5. I’ve been with my boyfriend George for nearly two and a half years now.

6. I’ve wanted a cat since I was really young, and one day last year in particular I was begging my parents for one. I was told we were never going to get a cat. The next day a little black cat followed my sister home from the bus stop. Nearly a year later, Pepper is still the favourite member of the Rule family; was it fate or just a coincidence?! You can read about the Pepper saga here.

7. When MySpace was at the height of popularity back in 2009, us ‘alternative’ kids, or as we were called, ‘moshers’, used to hang around on what essentially was a huge patch of grass outside a museum in Manchester called Urbis. I always got asked if my name was a ‘MySpace’ name and I’d get really offended and say “No! Rule is my actual surname!” I don’t know if people believed me, and the Amy Rulez jokes never got any funnier.

8. I used to pretend that I couldn’t swim when we had swimming lessons in secondary school so that I could stay in the shallow end as I hated going underwater and jumping in. 

9. I love Volkswagen Camper Vans, and one day I will own one!  

10. I LOVE superhero and action films. No matter how much I love a good chick flick, I’d much rather go and watch the latest Marvel or DC release. I actually went to the midnight showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my dad and my sister recently (I’m so cool).  My fave superhero is either Captain America or Superman, but there’s going to be a whole post on this later on in the series…

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