We’d be here for hours if I rambled on about every place in the world I want to visit, so here’s just a few of them!

America – I’ve been dreaming of travelling America for years now, and fingers crossed it’ll finally happen when I turn 21.  I’ve been bugging my boyfriend and family about it for so long,  so I’m sure they’d be happy if I shut up about it. I would love to go to Texas. I want to go horse riding, visit ranches and finally own a pair of cowboy boots! Of course I’d love to go to New York too and do some shopping and have a walk around Central Park , ideally at Christmas time. There are so many places I want to visit: The Grand Canyon, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, New Orleans, LA, Seattle, Arizona and Nashville to name a few. My heart is set on doing a two month tour of America through Trek America, but I’d need to save up £5000 for that minus spending money, so maybe one visit at a time will do for now.

Ireland – Despite living across a fairly small sea from Ireland, I’ve never actually been! Aside from the lovely accent, Ireland just seems so charming with all the countrysides and quaint little pubs. Some of my friends have been and gush about it whenever you ask; I think it’d be such a cute weekend away.

Canada – Canada looks like such a beautiful country. There’s Ottowa, Churchill where you can see its famous polar bears, Niagra Falls on the border of New York and the Banff National Park in Alberta. The park looks absolutely stunning, with gorgeous scenery and wildlife, it’d be wonderful to cycle around! I’m thinking about doing Canada’s equivalent to Camp America next Summer, which would be an amazing opportunity.

Thailand – The beaches look stunning in Thailand, and after chatting with a colleague about her time travelling the country, it was enough to convince me that I need to do it.

Australia – The Great Barrier Reef, Bondi  beach, Kangaroo island, need I say more? I love the accent, hate the spiders, but I definitely want to pack up and get over to Australia at least once in my life. 

Italy – Me and the boyfriend have been discussing visiting Italy soon, and I really hope we do.  With all the amazing architecture and history, the food (I love pizza!) Florence and Pompeii to name just a few things, it’d make for an interesting but romantic holiday.

Amsterdam – I’ve been planning to visit Amsterdam for a while now, so hopefully I’ll get it all booked soon! I’d love to visit Anne Frank’s house and I’ve heard from friends that have been that it’s actually a really lovely place to visit. Though I don’t think I’d spending much time in the Red Light District at all…

Brazil – How amazing would it be to experience the Brazilian Carnival in Rio? It’d definitely be something you’d never forget. Also I’d love to be in the midst of the celebrations at the World Cup this year or the Olympics in 2016 – I’d best get saving! Aside from that, the rain-forests looks amazing and although I’m not particularly religious, you couldn’t go to Brazil without visiting Christ the Redeemer.

Mexico – I love Mexican food. So much that I might even deem it an appropriate reason to visit Mexico alone, but I would also love to experience the culture, and of course there’s the historical architecture like the Chichen Itza and you’d have to go loco down in Acapulco…. sorry, couldn’t resist. There’s the tropical Tulum beach too!

Africa – I think it’d be pretty scary but I’d love to go on a safari and then relax on the idyllic beaches like in Zanzibar. There’s also Mount Kilimanjaro which you’d just have to visit on a tour of Africa, and then make your way through Egypt and see the pyramids.



  1. 23rd April 2014 / 8:13 am

    Good list. Thailand is definitely near the top of my travel wishlist too.

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