So to some of you, it may come as no surprise that I am a bit of a geek. Sci-fi and superhero films are probably my favourite kind of film and so a list of my favourite superheroes was inevitable. These are in no particular order as that is an impossible task and these definitely aren’t all of my faves – just five! You’ll probably notice that they’re all male. I have nothing against the female superheroes, it’s just the male superhero films are so much more successful and I definitely enjoy them more.

1. Captain America – Aside from being beautiful (thank you for casting Chris Evans, Marvel!), I just really love the character. He seems more real to me than any of the others, I don’t really know why. The First Avenger is one of my favourite ever films!

2. Batman – Errrrrrrybody loves Batman. What I do not love though, is my boyfriend constantly quoting him and Bane. Anyway, I like how DC makes their films a little ‘darker’ than Marvel and the Batman films are always a massive hit and are likely to be played quite often in the Rule household. I also met Adam West when I was younger, so I feel inclined to mention him here, though I’d much prefer to meet Christian Bale now. Also, I think Batman has to be the coolest superhero out there, with the Batcave, the Batmobile and all the weapons and gadgets!

3. Superman – Oh god I really have a thing for attractive superheroes. Henry Cavill was definitely the right choice for Man of Steel and I really enjoyed watching it at the cinema! Superman was never a favourite of mine until the 2013 film, so I’m glad they decided to give the classics a reboot. Also, how excited are you for Batman V Superman?! Eeeek. 

4. Iron Man – I love Iron Man’s attitude more than anything else. The Iron Man films always have me laughing (not laughing when the cinema screen was full so we had to wait for the next showing on the day of release – always book in advance guys!) and his sarcasm is great. I think if I was a member of The Avengers, I’d say things similar to he does. Also, he can fly! I know Superman can technically ‘fly’, and Iron Man uses a suit, but this must be one of the best powers to have. 

5. Wolverine – I like that Wolverine isn’t your average superhero hellbent on saving the world constantly, though he always seems to be pulled in. Although he is an aloof and moody character I always warm to him in films and he has great rapor with the other characters. I also really love Hugh Jackman; I think he’s an amazing actor and perfect for the role.

So that’s probably the most geeky post I have ever written – don’t hate me! Superhero films have been a big part of my life since I was a young child due to my dad being a huuuge fan of films, comics etc. I always thought I had more of a “boys taste”, as I called it, in films. I used to prefer going to watch the latest Arnie or Stallone release than a chick flit, and I still go and watch them all now! 


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  1. 22nd May 2014 / 2:50 pm

    I love all of them but Superman. I don't know why, he just seems so cheesy? Haha

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