A little while back I was on top of everything, with blog posts scheduled months in advance, university work organised and my personal life on track. Though over the last few weeks I feel like everything has just caught up with me. I’ve had two assignments consisting of four essays each to write over Easter for university and two exams to revise for, and so of course these have taken priority. In turn, my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat. I’ve always said to myself, that I would never force myself to write and if I had to take a break, then I would, and so that’s what happened. I’ve still been uploading content but it’s definitely been more sporadic and not as often as I’d like. I haven’t really been up to much but I thought I’d write a bit of a catch up. 

When I haven’t been writing essays, revising, working or spending time with my boyfriend George, I’ve been sorting things out for our first holiday together next month to Spain. I’m slightly worried that I’m going to forget something, so I’ve been like a crazy list lady recently writing down everything and anything that I could possibly need. I’ve also done quite a bit of shopping, as I haven’t been abroad in two years so I needed a whole new wardrobe (any excuse eh?). I’ve enjoyed putting outfits together with accessories and shoes, so I don’t end up taking more than I need – I’m already dreading weighing my suitcase! I think I’m going to post an OOTD each day while I’m away, starting with my airport outfit. It would be something completely new and different on amyjanealice, and I’m already looking forward to doing it! With only a month and 18 days to go (eeeek), I’m not expecting to drop dress sizes, but I’m being a lot more conscious of what I’m eating and drinking to make sure that I go on holiday feeling more happy and healthy. The last time I went to Spain I had a horrible breakout on my chin and I’m doing everything I can to prevent it happening again including drinking a lot more water. If you have any summer skincare advice, please leave it in the comments.

Speaking of skincare, I’ve really been loving my routine recently. I wrote a post not too long ago, which you can read here, but it has changed over the over the last month or so I think I’ll be posting an updated routine quite soon! The No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser really has become a firm favourite of mine and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. 

So as you can see, even though it’s all been quiet on the blog front, I haven’t actually been up to much. Once I have my exams out of the way in around two weeks, I’ll be planning all of my blog posts and getting things ready for while I’m on holiday, so if there’s anything you would like to see in particular please let me know! 


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