In less than three weeks my
boyfriend George and I will be jetting off on our first holiday together to
Alcudia and I can’t wait! Of course this called for some serious shopping, both
beauty and fashion, and in today’s post I’ll be showing you all the beauty
related products I’ve bought! In terms of makeup, I’ve treated
myself to quite a few things because you have to adapt your makeup to the heat
don’t you?! Most of these products I haven’t yet tried as I want to save them
until a week before my holiday, just so that I can make sure they’re right for
me and not use them up either.

I’m a huge fan of the Mac Studio
Fix Fluid because of its high coverage, but due to the coverage it is quite a
thick foundation. I don’t really fancy using it on holiday as makeup sliding
off your face is not a good look, so I had a look for something slightly
similar but a bit lighter. After reading reviews and recommendations from
fellow #bbloggers, I decided to purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in the
shade Vanille Clair (Light Vanilla) 51. I haven’t yet tried it so I’m not sure
whether it will be a great match to my skin or how it’ll fare over a couple of
hours but I’ve read some really great things so I’m definitely looking forward
to using it. I thought I’d found the perfect primer for me a couple of months
which you can read about here, but recently I’ve been getting a little bored of
it and wanted to try something that would make me look a little more  ‘dewy’ for Summer. Enter Seventeen Skin Wow 3
Way Highlighter. After swatching on my hand, I saw that before blending it can
look a little scary as it is quite white with visible glittery pieces in but
once it has been evenly rubbed in it looks lovely.  This is another product I’ve read some great
things about, and think it’ll look really nice under the Healthy Mix Serum with
some cream blush and a slick of eyeliner in the evenings on holiday. Speaking
of eyeliner, I use it near enough every single day to create cat eyes so I have
plenty of eyeliners, but with using it so much I like to treat myself to new
ones to try and find my next ‘Holy Grail’. Seventeen had a 3 for 2 offer on
when I bought the makeup, so I decided to try one of theirs, the Lacquer Liner
Wet Look Finish. The nib of the liner is super thin so it should be fairly easy
to achieve a precise line but it could take a little while to get used to as
I’m used to more firm and thick liners. A product that needs no introduction or
explanation is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It’s my fave
concealer and I always make sure I have a spare in my makeup collection. The
last product I bought was the Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil. I usually use
brown eyeshadow to shape my brows but I thought on holiday I’d prefer to shape
my brows with ease and quickly and so decided to buy a pencil. At the moment it
only comes in one colour which is a dark brown. For me, this is perfect but
I’ll let you know when I use it if it would be suitable for any other colours.
With my order from Boots, I got a free Seventeen Blow Out Volumise Sculpt Tease
Mascara with spending over a certain amount. I love trying new mascaras and the
wand seems nice and thick so hopefully it’ll add some volume to my otherwise
poor lashes.


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