If you read my last post or have seen my excited tweets counting down the days, you’ll know that I’m currently in Spain. I wanted to get a few travel related posts scheduled for while I am away, and so today’s is going to be about what I’m reading on holiday. Reading a good book by the pool or at the beach while sipping a chilled Fanta Lemon is one of my absolute fave things to do. It makes me so relaxed and as I’m not a big fan of swimming, it helps pass the time while the other half is splashing around. Up until a couple of years ago my designated holiday book was always The Deathy Hallows, but as much as I love that book I thought this year I’d switch it up a bit. I’ve downloaded quite a few books onto my iPad; I’m especially excited to read The Virgin Suicides as I’ve read some great things about it! Though, I’m a sucker for a good paperback and when I saw these on offer I had to pick them up.

Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella

“It’s all gone wrong with the man Lottie thought was Mr Right. Then out of the blue she gets a call from her first love. She decides it muct be Fate, and rushes off to marry him and rekindle their sizzling Greek island romance. Lottie’s older sister can’t believe she’s doing something so crazy. No more Ms Nice Sister, she’s stopping this marriage. Right away! And she’ll go to any lengths to do so…”

I haven’t read anything of Sophie’s before, though from what I’ve gathered from other people’s opinions, I’m going to love her. This book sounds right up my street: chick lit, funny with some romance. The perfect poolside read!

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simison

“Don Tillman is getting married. He just doesn’t know who to yet. But he has designed the Wife Project, using a sixteen-page questionnaire to help him find the perfect partner. She will most definitely not be a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker, or a late-arriver.

Rosie Jarman is all these things. She is also fiery and intelligent and beautiful. And on a quest of her own to find her biological father—a search that Don, a professor of genetics, might just be able to help her with.

The Wife Project teaches Don some unexpected things. Why earlobe length is an inadequate predictor of sexual attraction. Why quick-dry clothes aren’t appropriate attire in New York. Why he’s never been on a second date. And why, despite your best scientific efforts, you don’t find love: love finds you.”

Another romance book, but slightly different than the first. This isn’t the kind of book I’d usually go for but again, I’ve read some amazing things regarding The Rosie Project online and the cover and inside page are literally filled with great reviews. Every now and again I like to mix up the kind of books I read and so I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one!

The Time Of Our Lives – Jane Costello

“Imogen and her friends Meredith and Nicola have had their fill of budget holidays, cattle-class flights and 6am. offensives for a space by the pool.

So when Meredith wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona’s hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set, party with the glitterati and switch off in unapologetic luxury. But when the worst crisis of her working life erupts back home, Imogen has to juggle her BlackBerry with a Manhattan, while soothing a hysterical boss and hunting down an AWOL assistant. 

Between a robbery, a run-in with hotel security staff and an encounter on a nudist beach that they’d all rather forget, the friends stumble from one disaster to the next. At least Imogen has a distraction in the form of the gorgeous guy who’s always in the right place at the very worst time. Until, that is, his motives start to arouse a few suspicions . . . “

I already know I’m going to love this book! The plot reminds me of something Lindsey Kelk or Paige Toon would come up with, and they’re my two favourite authors so that’s high praise indeed. Girly adventures like this are ones you can get sucked right into so I can’t wait to get started on it.

Summer With Love – Sarah Morgan

Days away from marrying a man she doesn’t love, Katy’s shocked when fate throws her in the path of Jago Rodriguez – he may have left her years before, but now he’s back, more beautiful than ever and still makes her heart skip a beat…”

Who could have guessed? Another romance book?! Yep. They’re one of my favourite genres. I was interested in the story as soon as I read the blurb and Jago does sound quite intriguing….

These books have been sitting in my bookcase for months now, teasing me and making me want to read them early. But no, I waited, and as sad as it may sound to you non book lovers, I’m so excited to finally get into them! Let me know if you’re interested in any reviews and I’ll get them done for you as soon as.