Exactly a month ago today, my boyfriend George and I went on our first holiday together to Alcudia in Spain. I can’t really believe it’s taken this long for me to write this post, but I have been a little absent from amyjanealice recently. With starting a new full time job a couple of weeks ago among other things, I’ve felt a little drained and uncreative and so I didn’t want to post if my heart wasn’t in it. However, now I’m back with a long list of ideas, so keep your eyes out for future posts!

Anyway, my holiday was the best week I’ve had in a long time, if not ever. It was so lovely to just relax and spend the whole week with George. I think being able to do that has brought us closer together, despite having been together for nearly three years already. I loved wearing no makeup during the day, scraping my hair back into a ponytail and wearing cute dresses without worrying about my devastaingly pale legs. We spent the days at the beach or by the pool, reading until George convinced me to play bat and ball in the water for what felt like forever (which I was terrible at), or lying on the inflatable lilo we bought floating around. At night we got dressed up, went out for food and took advantage of the all inclusive bars. Cheese and ham toasties are a must in Spain, so we definitely overindulged in those. 

The break really helped us to both refresh, and for George, get a tan. Me on the other hand, the only indications I ever went on holiday are the freckles on my face and the slight tan line where my all inclusive band was on my wrist. It was amazing, and we’re already discussing our next break!