Over the years I haven’t really taken care of my hair too much. It’s been dyed nearly every colour numerous times, attacked with brushes and combs to detangle the unruly mess and curled and straigtened to within an inch of it’s life. Let’s not mention the gallons of hairspray I used to go through… Around three years ago, I made more of an effort with my hair as I was starting to hate the way it looked and felt. I grew out the dye, I started getting my hair cut more regularly, began using heat protectant spray and stopped using as much heat. Over time I noticed that it started looking healthier and fuller and for the first time in a long time, I was happy with how it looked. Although the past year or so I have loved being an honorary ginger, it was time to get rid of that too and try to get back to my natural brunette. So, here you can find my new favourite shampoo and conditioner.

I have never really stuck with one particular duo, though I did find myself regularly buying Herbal Essences, usually for the lovely smells. However, recently I was introduced to Faith In Nature. Faith in Nature were created around forty years ago, and their products are cruelty free, paraben free and have no synthetic colourings or fragrances. Perfect for perking up your hair! I have been absolutely loving using the coconut shampoo* and conditioner* over the past couple of weeks. They smell gorgeous and leave my hair feeling super clean and nourished after use. I’ve also found that I go longer between washes since I’ve been using the coconut pair! My hair also feels and looks as though it has more texture, so I’ve been using less and less of my once-loved texturising spray. I can’t think of any negatives of this Faith in Nature range, and that is rare for me! I think I’ll be buying their Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner next…


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