Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the AX Paris press launch of their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, and so made my way to the Black Dog Ballroom after meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Allie. I’ve been in the venue a few times before with it being pretty close to my university and near where I usually go out in Manchester so I was excited to see how AX Paris would utilise the space for their event. On arrival we were greeted by some lovely members of the AX team and offered a cocktail. As I don’t drink much alcohol I asked for a glass of Coke. I was prepared to pay for this as it wasn’t one of the free drinks provided, but they let me just have it anyway which I was super grateful for!

I spent most of the event with Allie, Nicola, Cat and Heather along with chatting with other bloggers, some of whom I’d met before and some I met that day. Everyone was so lovely, so it was really nice being able to get to know each other and have a catch up. After browsing the collection, I decided that my favourite pieces were this burgundy pleather skirt (me and Allie couldn’t stop drooling over it), a burgundy shirt and a couple of black lace pieces shown in the last photograph. Guess my fave colours to wear, huh? 

As usual, there were cupcakes available that were absolutely delicious and they looked so cute! I loved the gold frame icing. AX Paris also provided food, so I happily munched on some sweet potato fries and a veggie burger while chatting away. I’m not vegitarian msyelf but thought I would try it after it was recommended to me; it was actually quite nice! I loved that there was a photobooth there, and if you used the AX hashtag on Instagram, you could print it out like a little polaroid. So cool!

I had a great time at the event and have got my eye on a few things from the new collection. We received a really generous goody bag before leaving with some amazing bits in it, so thank you AX Paris for the bag and the amazing event!


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