I’ve always loved decorating my bedroom with pictures or posters. From rebelling in my younger teenage years by plastering the walls with pages from my favourite Kerrang! and NME magazines to now, sticking photos to the magnetic back of my dressing table. While getting ready in the mornings I love being able to look at the different pictures and remembering that day, or looking at the shot from ‘Rita’ at Alton Towers and not quite believing yours and your boyfriend’s faces could quite look like that… 

PicStick* offer magetic photos in sheets of nine for only £9.50 which you can upload straight from your phone, Dropbox, Facebook or computer which means you don’t have to faff around saving them all in one location. Also, they have free delivery! So in all it’s just over £1 per photo, who could argue with that? I made nine photos of me and my boyfriend George throughout the years, as it was coming up to our three year anniversary and thought it’d be a nice little collection to treat myself with. These make great gifts too, or maybe you took some great shots on holiday and want to showcase them at home. With Christmas just around the corner, maybe PicStick will be the perfect place for you to sort some presents out. Especially as they’re creative, personal and thoughtful too!