Friday, 31 January 2014

Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette

Sleek is definitely one of my favourite high street beauty brands, with the products being extremely good quality, offering many different colours in shadows, lipsticks and blushers, and the fact that the majority of the products are under a tenner. Last week I picked up this Corrector & Concealer Palette on a whim, and I'm so glad that I did!

Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette

I chose Shade 2, however when I opened it the palette inside the box had been switched for shade 3, (annoying!), which means the concealer is actually too dark for my skin. However, the corrector is just right and does a great job of covering the dark circles under my eyes and any blemishes. Despite the concealer being too dark, I could actually use it as a contour colour to add some definition to my face so I'm not too fussed about that. The setting powder is too dark for me also, but at £7.99 it isn't the end of the world. The products in this palette ae also SPF 15 which is an added bonus.

Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette
(L-R) Corrector / concealer / setting powder

As always, I love the packaging of Sleek products and the Corrector & Concealer Palette doesn't disappoint. The palette looks smart and more expensive than it actually is, and has a small mirror inside which is great if you need to do any little touch ups during the day.

I find that the corrector is a very similar shade with the same amount of coverage as the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15, so if you don't want to spend £15 on that I'd definitely recommend this Sleek palette.

Have any of you tried this palette?

Amy x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils

During a recent trip to Boots, I decided to pick up some new products for my eyes. Although I love my MAC shadows, I thought it would be nice to try something new. At £2.99 each, if I didn't love the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils it wouldn't be a huge deal, so I picked up two: Hot Chocolate, a warm brown and Midnight Glam, a black with a slight shimmer. 

"Work the colour your way! Velvety, soft blendable eyeshadow pencil. Waterproof and long lasting."

The pencils do just as they say on the tin, or in this case tube; they are durable and definitely long lasting. Even after a night out that involved quite a lot of dancing (cringe), my eye make up was still in tact when I got home which I was really pleased with. The pencils are definitely blendable, but I'd recommend warming them by rubbing them between your hands for a short while before applying, just to make it that bit easier. The Collection Eyeshadow Pencils can be used for liner, an all over shadow, or as a colour for your crease. I'd definitely recommend trying these pencils, at under £3 you can't go wrong.

Have you tried the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils?

Amy x

Monday, 27 January 2014

My Most Used Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are some of my favourite beauty products to buy; using the right brushes definitely has an impact on the application of your make up and the end result. Something I haven't featured on amyjanealice before is a post on makeup brushes, so it's about time. 


(L-R) Real Techniques Powder Brush - To set my foundation, this is my go to powder brush. It's big enough to do a quick sweep over your face and still cover most of it, but also you can still work the powder in those harder to get to places like under your eyes. 

Expert Face Brush - For a while I used the infamous Buffing Brush to apply foundation, but soon I grew to dislike it and turned to using my fingers. That was when I decided to buy the Expert Face Brush after reading so many great reviews about it, and I love it. It applies and blends foundation flawlessly, and with it being dome shaped and smaller than the Buffing Brush, it also easily works under the eyes and around the nose.

Real Techniques Contour Brush - This is definitely one of my favourite brushes by RT; it fits perfectly in the hollow of your cheeks and I've even used it for blusher before just to add a little colour to the apples of my cheeks.


(L-R) Real Techniques Blush Brush - Another Real Techniques brush, what a surprise?! Perfect for sweeping blush across your cheeks, this one is definitely my favourite for blusher.  

Eco Tools Tapered Blush - As I am quite pale, using colour on my face is a must. After contouring, I might add a little bronzer on my cheeks, forehead and sometimes under my jaw and this brush my Eco Tools is amazing. Although designed for cheeks, I find the shape is perfect for bronzer too.


(L-R) Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush - Although this brush was designed for the crease, I use this alongside the Nanshy Shader Brush to apply shadow all over the lid. A lot of Real Techniques brushes are multi-functional, so you may find that you can use them for other purposes than their primary use.

Nanshy Crease Brush - So this time I'm actually using a crease brush to apply colour to the crease in my eye lid! This brush by Nanshy is amazing. It picks up just the right amount of product and is fluffy enough to blend it all out.

Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush - Having quite fair eyebrows, shading them in is a must. I have found that this brush works really well for me. The bristles are firm, meaning that you can accurately define your brows.

To make sure I keep my brushes in tip top condition, I give them a deep clean every couple of weeks and spot clean them in between when necessary. Are any of these brushes your most used too?

Amy x

Monday, 20 January 2014

For The Man In Your Life: Friend Or Faux Sweatshirt

I don't know if it's just me, but every time I have to buy a present for my boyfriend I really struggle. Unless there is something I know that he wants, I end up browsing so many different shops until I buy a few little bits and pieces. Now though, I have found the perfect gift for any man in your life: a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt might sound boring, but not this one. The Piston Sweat* by Friend Or Faux is unique and anything but boring.

Friend or Faux
Modeled by my lovely boyfriend, ha!

Sweatshirts can sometimes feel a little thin and cheap, but The Piston Sweat is thick, a brilliant fit and made of material that you just know is going to last. My boyfriend loves the jumper; it looks smart when paired with some skinny black trousers and a denim jacket. At £44.99 it isn't the cheapest of sweatshirts, but it's definitely worth it. 

If you're looking for a bit of a different present for the man in your life for whatever occasion, steer clear of the chocolates and socks and have a look at Friend Or Faux. I've definitely got my eye on the phone cases!

Amy x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I love notebooks. I have a pretty extensive collection as it seems that I can't say no to buying them and I use them for all sorts: lists, university work, planning blog posts, the book challenge (there will be a post up about this soon!), just to name a few.

Huck & Pucker, established only last year to bring "fresh, fun and functional stationery gifts to all",  offer a brilliant range of notebooks called "...And Proud Of It". The books celebrate individuality and being passionate so The Bookish... And Proud Of It notebook* is perfect for me, as admittedly I am a little bit of a book geek, but they also offer for those of you who are Arty, Dreamers, Geeky, Hipster and Genius'. A5 in size with lined pages and an elastic band to hold the notebook together, it's perfect to carry around from day to day. I love the look of the notebook; plain brown with the exception of the title "Bookish...And Proud Of It" in a bold speech bubble. 

Bookish is going to be my new blogging note book, and I can't wait to  start using it! What do you think of the "...And Proud Of It" range?

Amy x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Look Clutch Wishlist

Clutch bags are one of the best accessories an outfit can be partnered with, especially on a night out. I pretty much always carry a huge bag with me, carrying everything from face wipes to a hair brush to moisturiser, but of course you can't carry all this when you fancy going out for a dance! Admittedly, clutch bags are something that I should buy more of, and after being invited to collaborate with New Look, this is my wishlist.

Black Snakeskin Contrast Floral Print Panel Clutch  £15.99 / Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch £15.99Pink Structured Metal Plate Across Body Bag  £15.99 

Mint Green Pleat Detail Clutch £8.99 / Nude and Pink Colour Block Envelope Clutch £15.99 / Black Snake Print Gold Tab Clutch  £9.99

A black clutch bag is necessary for everyone's wardrobe; it will go with everything and won't go out of fashion! I'm also trying to find a couple of smaller bags to take with me to Spain when I go on holiday later this year, so the two mint green bags and the bright pink one look perfect. I especially like the pink structured bag, as I tend to wear a lot of white on holiday so this would add a lovely pop of colour.  I also love the mint green and cream structured bag, as it's a decent size so will be able to carry my bits and bobs around, and also has a chain strap. I think the nude and pink clutch would look great with a nice summer dress and some sandals, whereas the black snake print contrast clutch would look cool with some black skinnies, black heels and a blouse.

What do you think of my picks?

Amy x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Map My Heart - A Relationship Journal by Dom & Ink.

''This book is about relationships, it's about how people meet, fall in love, break up, wallow and then pull themselves together again for round number 2. It will make you laugh and think, pour out your innermost thoughts and doodle away your angst, scrawl swear words and rip out its pages. In short, this book will be your best friend when your heart is being battered and bashed on the rollercoaster of love.''

Sometimes in life, you just need that "kick up the arse" to pick yourself up and sort yourself out, and Dominic Evans is that kick (I know him, and he would probably give me one literally!). Map My Heart is a refreshing take on a relationship guide to help with moving on from a broken relationship. Through tongue in cheek activities, short stories and amazing illustrations, Map My Heart helps you see yourself in a more positive light and decide what you want and how you're going to get it. 

Now, I'm not actually single or going through a break up, but there's a section to fill out for those of you in a relationship too! Despite that, filling out the other parts of the book is also fun, helping you realise what you want from your future, how to seduce and 'eyesex' people (yes, it's a thing!) and how to flirt successfully. One of the great things about the book would have to be the fact that it really makes you think about how you actually feel. Putting all your emotions and thoughts about your love life, your image and the way you feel into words on a page really helps you to understand yourself better. 

The illustrations throughout the book are simply amazing; they made me laugh, and insanely jealous that I really can't draw. Dom also writes in such a relatable way it's like having your best friend sat with you and helping you through whatever stage in a relationship you're at by giving you some much needed home truths - "That turtleneck jumper is killing your sex life. Burn it."

Don't mistake Map My Heart for some kind of same old same old self help book, it's nothing like anything you've read before, but it's exactly what you could need! I would definitely recommend this book and I'm so glad I bought it. Map My Heart can be used by everyone, those going through a break up, or if you're wanting to find a new man or woman or even if you just want to fill it in for future reference.

Map My Heart is by Dom & Ink and you can find him on Twitter, Facebook and on his blog here. You can buy Map My Heart on Amazon for £8.77 or from Huck And Pucker

Let me know if you get your hands on a copy and what you think about it!

Amy x

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Top Five Of 2013

2013 was the year I finally decided to get my arse in gear and use my love of writing to create something and be productive, so amyjanealice was born! I thought it would be nice to do a sort of round up of my blog in 2013 by showing you all my top five posts. 

5. Neals Yard Remedies Event - Back in July 2013 I headed to one of my first events at the Neal's store in Manchester. Attending this event gave me my first proper introduction to the brand and their ethos, and I had a lovely time.

4. Company Magazine Fashion Forum - After seeing an advert for the Fashion Forum in Company Magazine, I knew I had to buy a ticket. Loving to write, I couldn't wait to go and get some tips straight from people in the industry themselves. This post included a round up of the advice I got while I was there, making it my fourth most popular blog post last year.

3. Manchester Blogger Meet Up - Number three makes me very proud, as it's the post where I first introduced my idea to host a meet up in my hometown of Manchester. I had a great time, giving everyone that attended the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers in their area and to chance to catch up with those they already knew. 

2. Zara Mini City Bag Review - I never thought that this post would be as successful as it is, but as I know a lot of you love Zara and their bags, I can see why! This is such a gorgeous bag and I love it, so after so many of you reading it, I hope it helped if you a little indecisive on whether to buy it (but I'm sorry if it made you spend more money!).

1. MAC & Molly Louise Giveaway - When I hit 100 followers on my blog, and to celebrate my first event, I decided to host a giveaway. I was overwhelmed by the number of entries I received but glad that my giveaway prize was interesting to all those that did enter and made this post the number one most viewed post of 2013!

Have any of you got similar posts to this? I'd love to read them, so link me to them in the comments.

Amy x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve, whatever you did :)

I know that just because it's a new year, it doesn't mean you get a fresh start and you can become a 'new' you, but you can make plans and set goals for the next 12 months. 2013 was a pretty good year for me. I started amyjanealice, gained my first real experience of working in PR, started my first year at university, celebrated my Mum's 50th birthday and mine and my boyfriends two year anniversary, saw Arctic Monkeys for the second time, hosted my own meet up, worked with some brilliant brands and attended events, grew up a considerable amount, realised what I wanted in terms of friends, work and aspirations, just to name a few. Although I did enjoy 2013, there is so much I want to achieve this year.

1. Say yes more - I think one of the biggest things that can hold a person back is the fear of doing something new. I'm  not talking about anything crazy or dangerous here, I mean things like taking an outfit to the fitting rooms you usually wouldn't even think to pick up. It could turn out it looks brilliant on! Doing more means making more memories, and that's exactly what I want to do this year.

2. Put more time and effort into my blog - I admit, I have neglected my poor blog a little over the last month or so and although I have been busy with starting university and upping my hours at work, that shouldn't really have affected anything. So I need to get organised and plan my posts better to make sure amyjanealice progresses!

3. Work harder for a healthier lifestyle - This year I'd love to become more healthy, lose a bit of weight and tone up; the numbers on the scale don't bother me so much, it's more how I look and how I feel. Instead of trying to change too much too quickly, which is why I usually slip up when I've set this goal before, I'm going to change things one or two at a time. For example, I'm going to cut crisps and fizzy drinks out of my diet first, and then after a week or two change something else. Obviously I will be more conscious of what I'm eating throughout, but cutting everything that's slightly naughty for me out just makes them all that more tempting. I need willpower but I'm sure the holiday I have booked for June will provide me with motivation!

4. Instead of dreaming, do it - I want to travel. SO much. Instead of just wishing and daydreaming, this year I'm going to try and put some plans in motion. This also goes for all the other things I want to do but never get round to it, some of them being getting over my fear of deep water/going underwater/not being able to see what's in the water (argh!), do something different with my hair, get a tattoo and to get my nose re-pierced.

5. Document important events and memories - I've never been good at keeping a diary, which is surprising because I've always loved writing. This year I think it would be lovely to write down anything important and memorable in a notebook, so that in the future I'll be able to look back and see what made 2014 so great.

6. Learn something new - Whether it be a language or a skill, or how to do something different with my hair and make up, I want to learn something new this year. 

So that's a bit of a long post, but with it being the first post of 2014, why not? Have you got any goals you have set yourself this year? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x
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