Sunday, 25 May 2014


Beautiful Alcudia I shall be seeing you in less than one month / Pepper getting comfy (it's a good job we eat dinner at a different table!) / The prettiest kimono handmade by Beach Melba which will be featured in a blog post very soon / How to get your dream job / Lunch from Bagel Nash / Double date drinks / Fave James Bond song / Cheesy jokes / Latest Summer purchases

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Last Sunday me and my boyfriend George took advantage of the warm weather and went on a trip to Blackpool Zoo. It was such a lovely day but I didn't take too many pictures unfortunately! There were lots of really cute animals, especially the babies and it made a nice change to be able to walk around with no coat on (but plenty of suncream!). I'm already looking forward to the next Bank Holiday weekend so that we can go on another trip out together. The warm weather is definitely making me even more excited for my Summer holiday!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


So to some of you, it may come as no surprise that I am a bit of a geek. Sci-fi and superhero films are probably my favourite kind of film and so a list of my favourite superheroes was inevitable. These are in no particular order as that is an impossible task and these definitely aren't all of my faves - just five! You'll probably notice that they're all male. I have nothing against the female superheroes, it's just the male superhero films are so much more successful and I definitely enjoy them more.

1. Captain America - Aside from being beautiful (thank you for casting Chris Evans, Marvel!), I just really love the character. He seems more real to me than any of the others, I don't really know why. The First Avenger is one of my favourite ever films!

2. Batman - Errrrrrrybody loves Batman. What I do not love though, is my boyfriend constantly quoting him and Bane. Anyway, I like how DC makes their films a little 'darker' than Marvel and the Batman films are always a massive hit and are likely to be played quite often in the Rule household. I also met Adam West when I was younger, so I feel inclined to mention him here, though I'd much prefer to meet Christian Bale now. Also, I think Batman has to be the coolest superhero out there, with the Batcave, the Batmobile and all the weapons and gadgets!

3. Superman - Oh god I really have a thing for attractive superheroes. Henry Cavill was definitely the right choice for Man of Steel and I really enjoyed watching it at the cinema! Superman was never a favourite of mine until the 2013 film, so I'm glad they decided to give the classics a reboot. Also, how excited are you for Batman V Superman?! Eeeek. 

4. Iron Man - I love Iron Man's attitude more than anything else. The Iron Man films always have me laughing (not laughing when the cinema screen was full so we had to wait for the next showing on the day of release - always book in advance guys!) and his sarcasm is great. I think if I was a member of The Avengers, I'd say things similar to he does. Also, he can fly! I know Superman can technically 'fly', and Iron Man uses a suit, but this must be one of the best powers to have. 

5. Wolverine - I like that Wolverine isn't your average superhero hellbent on saving the world constantly, though he always seems to be pulled in. Although he is an aloof and moody character I always warm to him in films and he has great rapor with the other characters. I also really love Hugh Jackman; I think he's an amazing actor and perfect for the role.

So that's probably the most geeky post I have ever written - don't hate me! Superhero films have been a big part of my life since I was a young child due to my dad being a huuuge fan of films, comics etc. I always thought I had more of a "boys taste", as I called it, in films. I used to prefer going to watch the latest Arnie or Stallone release than a chick flit, and I still go and watch them all now! 

Monday, 19 May 2014


A couple of years ago I attended the Company Fashion Forum on which a panel of people, including Company editor Victoria White, who work in the journalism and fashion industry talked us through how they got their jobs and also took part in a Q&A session. I wrote a post about this at the time which you can read here, but as that was a while ago when I had first started blogging, I thought I'd repost the tips as they are valuable and hopefully they'll reach and help more of you this time around.

1. Intern and do as much work experience as possible.
2. Get to know as many people as you can - networking is essential.
3. Never give up your contacts, they can help you down the line!
4. Be indispensable - a menial task might massively help your boss, and get you noticed!
5. Never turn down an opportunity.
6. Always keep the name of everybody you work with.
6. Stand out creatively, you won't get noticed if you're the same as everybody else.
7. Tenacity is key. You need to be keen and work hard.
8. Mold yourself to situations but always stay true to yourself.
9. Be open and positive, nobody likes a a diva!
10. Believe in yourself and what you can do, otherwise no one will take you seriously.
11. Stay open minded when having to do things that may not be exactly what you want a career in. You may find yourself liking something you hadn't considered before!
12. With regards to CV's and covering letters, be brief, show passion and say exactly what you can bring to that company.
13. If contacting a company for a position or experience, it's often better to contact somebody in a junior position - senior staff can be extremely busy! 
14. Write letters instead of sending emails sometimes when trying to contact a company, they're almost guaranteed to get there and it shows individuality.
15. Do whatever your passion is. Don't choose a job you hate just for the pay and the good hours, doing what you love is more fulfilling and you'll enjoy it more! 

I'm looking for some work experience or an internship over the Summer until I go back to university, as having experience in industry is super valuable. I'm hoping that combined with my degree, it will really prepare me for work and increase my chance of finding a job after graduating uni!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Selfieeee / Apothekit by Franziska Hatton - A Room For Discussion exhibition / Currently reading / I want an Emperor Tamarin / Almost Famous Bacon Bacon Fries and the River Phoenix Burger / Homemade cake


Franziska Hatton and Hannah Rose Robinson, two students in their final year of studying BA Hons Three Dimensional Design, hosted an exhibition of their work at Federation House in Manchester that launched on the 15th May and ran through until the 17th called A Room For Discussion. The context of their individual practice is critical design and they work under the name FHR Lab. Although they collaborated to exhibit their third year work, the pieces included were however individual though the themes explored do relate to one another. The exhibition was held in a space used by artist Kathryn Miller with the help of Castlefield Gallery.
 Franziska says "As a designer I produce critical pieces which reveal public issues that are ordinarily overlooked, taken for granted or simply not questioned" while the aim of Hannah's work is to spark debate as she looks at the possible emotional outcomes that today’s emerging technology has on society.
Fransizka's work includes Apothekit, a piece focused on the uncertain future of the UK's National Health Service and whether future generations will still receive the healthcare and to what extent. With knowledge of research on the NHS, Franziska developed a speculative scenario that would help reduce these statistics and keep the NHS performing at a high level. Apothekit inhabits a future scenario in which the NHS has become overburdened, forcing the vast majority of the general population to monitor their own health, and self-medicate. The home Apothecary Kit (ApotheKit) seeks to make this not only possible, but simple and effective, by providing the basic tools and equipment to create and store herbal remedies.
The Bookless Future
The second piece created by Franziska, The Bookless Future, offers critical reflection on the fate of analogue books in an increasingly digital age. A speculative scenario, which accompanies the piece, portrays the future where analogue books are no longer in mass production. As such traditional books have become a collectors item, which only the fortunate can own and experience.
How We Became
Hannah created a piece, How We Became, where in the future, man-kind will become a hybrid species with the use of DNA from the jelly fish known as Turritopsis dohrnii. This work is a speculative museum display, set in the far future looking back at the near future on how and why we became a hybrid species.  Hannah has created fetuses in various stages of growth to show the transition of human to hybrid. The piece is there to provoke thought about society and individuals who want to live longer. 

Do You Want To Know?
Hannah's second piece, Do you want to know?, challenges the audiences view on technology surrounding quicker diagnosis methods. There is more technology being developed to diagnose our illnesses much faster, and although this is a positive for society, Hannah wanted to question the implications if may have on both an individual's emotional and psychological self. She  wanted the audience to address the next step of diagnosis. "What happens when you find out you have a disease?" "What next?" "What will you do with this knowledge?" The game created is playing on a very serious idea within society today - Do you really want to know?

The Exhibition

I found the pieces to be extrememly thought provoking as they consider important themes within today's society. For me, being an avid book reader, I really liked the ideas that The Bookless Future dealt with; I personally prefer having an actual copy of a book but I do find myself purchasing books via iTunes Bookstore and the Kindle store to read on my iPad due to the ease and speed I can buy and read a book. What do you think of A Room For Discussion?

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Are you planning an event in the North West? Whether that be a wedding, a birthday party, a work's Christmas party, an anniversary or a corporate event, The Specialist Events Company Ltd and Party Manchester Ltd could be just who you are looking for to help you make the perfect event. 

The Specialist Events Company Ltd offer a wide range of services for all events including, venue dressing, a supply of cakes for all occasions, chocolate fountain hire, candy buffets and entertainment and photography services. By using The Specialist Events Company Ltd, all you would have to worry about is catering for the event and any little extras you would like, as they can take care of everything else! There are a range of packages that you can choose from, such as the Premium Package, the Magnificent Package and the Exclusive Package. All packages and their features are bespoke to the customer's needs, so you can really tailor them to suit your event! All the services provided by The Specialist Events Company Ltd are designed to ensure that the event runs like clockwork and by using them, you get the services of a wedding/event planner, coordinator and a financial planner. Before deciding to use The Specialist Events Company Ltd, you can have a free initial consultation to discuss any ideas. Once you do decide to use them, you can negotiate terms and conditions with any contacts The Specialist Events Company Ltd have and trust that they will stick to an agreed event schedule and budget and will coordinate all services on the day. If you have any dietary needs, or want something specific from The Specialist Events Company Ltd, this can be arranged as they are a customer focuused business, centred on making your special occasion perfect. For more information and to read about all services available, check out their brochure. There are also plenty of pictures of past events and wedding fairs The Specialist Events Company Ltd have attended on their Facebook page, and if you have any quick questions you can also tweet them.

Party Manchester Ltd offer the very best in mobile disco and DJ entertainment in Manchester, Lancashire and all surrounding areas. With more than 20 years' experience in the industry, Party Manchester are professional in providing the best party possible. Just like The Specialist Events Company Ltd, Party Manchester encourage having as much input in your party as possible. So, you can provide a list of songs you would like to be played, and even a list of songs you would not like to be played, so the 'party classics' can be avoided (unless you love a bit of cheese of course!). You don't have to take my word for it, just check out the testimonials and ratings on the website to hear first hand from those who have worked with Party Manchester already. Party Manchester also offer a mood lighting service, which lights the walls and room in a colour theme of your choice to enhance the atmosphere. Party Manchester also take an array of photographs of the event which can be uploaded to the Facebook page for friends and family to take a look at and reminisce about the wonderful event.

So, if you're planning an event in the North West , you should definitely check out Party Manchester Ltd and the Specialist Events Company Ltd to see how they can make your event perfect.

Friday, 16 May 2014


Beach Melba is a lovely online store that sells handmade items based in London. First of all can I just say, how cute is the name?! All the items are made for the Summery side of every girl and the name definitely reflects that; I love it. With my Summer holiday only 35 days away (omg!), I've been getting my holiday wardrobe sorted and Beach Melba is the perfect place to look. All the items are limited stock, so if you like something you need to order it straight away! I like the fact that only a few of each item are made, as you don't have to fear bumping into someone wearing the same thing as you. Beach Melba also create custom orders which is amazing if you're looking for that perfect flowery kimono or the two piece in a certain print and can't find it in store. Here are my fave items from the Beach Melba store.

I need a two piece in my life. I love the gingham and floral prints and know they would be perfect for my holiday, and even the occasional hot day we get in Manchester! Kimonos are definitely my favourite SS14 trend and I don't think you can have too many! This marble floral print kimono would look great with some denim shorts and a white crop, or even with some skinnies when it gets a bit colder. 

You can follow Beach Melba on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest trends and additions to the site. Remember that as only a few of each item are made, when it's gone it's gone. What better reason to snap it up while you can?!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


1. Work harder on my blog - Over Summer, I plan to take my blog a lot more seriously. I've neglected it slightly over the past month or so due to exams and uni stress, but with my first year out of the way now, I can focus solely on work and my blog. I plan to pay a lot more attention to SEO (search engine optimisation) to make my blog more accessible through search engines. I would also like to be posting a lot more frequently, at least three times a week. If there are any specific posts you like to read, please let me know in the comments! Although amyjanealice has always been a lifestyle blog, I'm going to make it more diverse and include posts about an array of topics.

2. Start posting on YouTube - This is something I've been planning to do for a while now, but never really found the right time to do it. Summer seems perfect; I'll have plenty of spare time to plan, film and edit videos. I am nervous about starting posting videos online, but I've seen how much fun people can have doing it and I already have a few series planned out!

3. Finish decorating my room - So I actually started decorating my room a while back but it still isn't how I would like it. I plan to wallpaper one of my walls, and even though my room looks ok all white, I think a nice feature wall would love lovely. I have a built in wardrobe that I want to utilise more. Currently, one half is to hang clothes in while the other is made up of shelves. I want it all to be able to fit clothes in hung up, so I'm getting my boyfriend to sort that out for me as I am useless at anything DIY.

4. Get healthy! - While I've got the spare time over Summer, I want to be productive in changing my lifestyle for the better. I want to cut out nasty foods and spend more time being active. Whether that be doing at home work outs, going to the gym or spending more time outside walking for example, I want to incorporate it into my everyday life. (I must put something like this in every plan I post on my blog - ha!)

5. Find more work experience or an internship - I worked in a PR agency for two weeks last Summer and I LOVED it! I'm currently studying a PR and Digital Communications degree so work experience will really benefit both my studies and my future career. So, I'm on the hunt for something over Summer, whether that be a PR internship or some work experience within social media, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find something! 

Monday, 12 May 2014


I love the Inbetweeners / The difference in portion sizes between me and my boyfriend is ridiculous / Live band at my friend's leaving do - she's off to New Zealand! / A lovely quote we should all remember / My music taste hasn't really changed much since I was 14

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Starting the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan / Love Like This is my fave song at the moment! / Topshop Geek Shoes that I'm selling / My lovely boyfriend as a little vampire / Me everyday - I'm such a catlady / A little amyjanealice

Saturday, 3 May 2014


A little while back I was on top of everything, with blog posts scheduled months in advance, university work organised and my personal life on track. Though over the last few weeks I feel like everything has just caught up with me. I've had two assignments consisting of four essays each to write over Easter for university and two exams to revise for, and so of course these have taken priority. In turn, my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat. I've always said to myself, that I would never force myself to write and if I had to take a break, then I would, and so that's what happened. I've still been uploading content but it's definitely been more sporadic and not as often as I'd like. I haven't really been up to much but I thought I'd write a bit of a catch up. 

When I haven't been writing essays, revising, working or spending time with my boyfriend George, I've been sorting things out for our first holiday together next month to Spain. I'm slightly worried that I'm going to forget something, so I've been like a crazy list lady recently writing down everything and anything that I could possibly need. I've also done quite a bit of shopping, as I haven't been abroad in two years so I needed a whole new wardrobe (any excuse eh?). I've enjoyed putting outfits together with accessories and shoes, so I don't end up taking more than I need - I'm already dreading weighing my suitcase! I think I'm going to post an OOTD each day while I'm away, starting with my airport outfit. It would be something completely new and different on amyjanealice, and I'm already looking forward to doing it! With only a month and 18 days to go (eeeek), I'm not expecting to drop dress sizes, but I'm being a lot more conscious of what I'm eating and drinking to make sure that I go on holiday feeling more happy and healthy. The last time I went to Spain I had a horrible breakout on my chin and I'm doing everything I can to prevent it happening again including drinking a lot more water. If you have any summer skincare advice, please leave it in the comments.

Speaking of skincare, I've really been loving my routine recently. I wrote a post not too long ago, which you can read here, but it has changed over the over the last month or so I think I'll be posting an updated routine quite soon! The No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser really has become a firm favourite of mine and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. 

So as you can see, even though it's all been quiet on the blog front, I haven't actually been up to much. Once I have my exams out of the way in around two weeks, I'll be planning all of my blog posts and getting things ready for while I'm on holiday, so if there's anything you would like to see in particular please let me know! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014


In 50 days I'll be on my way to Spain, for mine and my boyfriend's first holiday together. Of course, this occasion called for a huuuuge Summer haul. New Look is one of my favourite high street stores and so when they asked if I'd like to create a Summer wishlist with them, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm probably most definitely going to take too many clothes with me on holiday, but a girl needs options, right?

White Daisy Broderie Sleeveless V Back Skater Dress £22.99 / Black Neon Floral Print Sweetheart Neck Strappy Skater  Dress £19.99 / Blue Strappy Crochet Waist Skater Dress £17.99

I love a bright Summer wardrobe and dresses are the perfect item for when going abroad. You can wear them as part of a casual day look, or dress them up with accessories and heels for a night out. The Black Neon Floral Print Sweetheart dress is such a flattering shape, and the Coral Daisy Print Swing dress is so cute! I love the lime green colour of the Waffle Skater Dress and think with a bit of colour it would look lovely. The Mint Green Waist Pleat Lace Dress is gorgeous, and would be so nice to wear for a nice meal one night when I'm away. As I'm a lot on the pale side, and not a fan of fake tan, it's not often you'll see me in a dress with both my arms and legs out, but I'm very much looking forward to getting Spain and being able to wear whatever I feel like!

Which dress is your favourite?
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