So this is my first post of 2015. I can’t believe it’s taken me until the 16th of January to sit down and start typing this post, but honestly I’ve just felt so busy and run down at times that I’ve just needed time to recooperate alongside working. After working overtime here and there over December and the beginning of January, running around seeing family and friends, taking part in the fesitivities, having the flu and generally just enjoying my time off uni, amyjanealice has been slightly neglected. On my days off I’ve just wanted to relax and catch up on some odd jobs here and there. I do feel really bad about this but I didn’t want to be churning out posts if my heart wasn’t in it. So anyway, I’m back and I just wanted to have a little bit of a chat with you all, catch up, let you know where I’m up to and my plans for the next few months.

I’m now in the second term of my second year at university and things are going to get tough. I’ve got several assignments and an exam coming up so I’m definitely going to be working on my “Get Organised” New Year’s resolution to make sure I’m using my time effectively. I’m also working on living a more healthy lifestyle, so I want to ensure I’m getting enough sleep and not sitting at my laptop working away for 10+ hours a day so time management is going to be really important this year.

As part of my healthier lifestyle, I also joined Slimming World two weeks ago. I’ve never really found a ‘diet’ that works for me, but after hearing so many positive things about the group I decided to go along to a meeting with my mum. My thought is, knowing that somebody has to weigh me every week means that I’ll have to stick to it for fear of embarrassment (ha!). In my first week, I stayed the same weight which I was a bit miffed about as I was sat with people who had joined the same time as me and had lost 6, 7 or even 8 pounds in a week! I don’t want to write too much about Slimming World here as I’m planning on writing a few posts on it throughout my journey – let me know if that’s something you want to see! I’ve also invested in some fitness and workout gear including clothing and weights etc and I’m feeling really motivated to make a change in my life. 

Me and my boyfriend are also just about to book our second holiday together for this Summer.We fancy staying in around a four star hotel while we still have a bit of money before we start saving up to move out. So, the holiday is also a massive kick of motivation to get fitter and healthier, so I can actually enjoy being in a bikini for once!

I’ve got very high hopes for amyjanealice this year, both my blog and YouTube channel. I’m in the process of planning posts and videos, working out when I’m going to prepare and post them. I also want to really work on the amyjanealice brand this year, focusing on SEO and engagement to try and get the most out of it as possible. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly two years and I feel I haven’t sat down and thought about it seriously. Of course I love writing this blog just for the sense of achievement I get from seeing my posts going up, but I would love to see how far I can take amyjanealice as I’m sure most bloggers do with their websites!

So a bit of a lenghty chatty post today but I just fancied a little catch up. I’m excited to see what 2015 brings for both me and my blog, and I can’t wait to get started.



  1. 17th January 2015 / 1:07 pm

    Good luck with Slimming World. I have always been tempted so guess I will eagerly read your blog posts and see what its about!
    Happy New Year!
    Love Steph xx

    • 18th January 2015 / 6:15 pm

      Thank you 🙂 I'll hopefully be uploading one a week on a Wednesday so keep an eye out lovely 🙂 xx

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