Among a flurry of blogger and YouTuber books being released over the last few months, The Glam Guide is admittedly one of the only ones I was interested in. After reading so many positive thoughts on the book I had to get my hands on it.

On first glance, I fell in love. From the rose gold embossed text on the cover, to the style of the photography and the illustations on each page to the watercolour splashes throughout, it’s a really beautiful book. I really love the fact that it’s not quite hard back though not quite paper back; it’s somewhere in between which makes it super easy to hold and read. Especially when you’re snugged up in bed which is how I love to read!

The Glam Guide isn’t just about one specific topic, Fleur covers all sorts: beauty, hair, fashion, travel, health and fitness, life, love and dreams and YouTube and blogging. There’s definitely something for every kind of reader! I love the fact that at the end of each chapter, there are “10 Quick Tips” relating to that particular subject, so even when you’ve finished the book you can check back every now and then to refresh your memory and read the most important bits.

Throughout The Glam Guide there are pictures and drawings to illustrate the points made, such as hair tutorials, wardrobe essentials, recipes and even how to set lighting up for photography which is really interesting and helpful! I also really like the tone of the book; it’s informative, friendly and informal whilst not seeming patronising. The tone doesn’t target one age group either, which means it’s suitable for anyone who fancies it and makes it so easy to read through. While I wouldn’t say I’m one of Fleur’s biggest ever fans, I am subscribed and enjoy watching her videos, and you can really feel Fleur’s personality throughout the book. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a complete fan girl to enjoy The Glam Guide!

Providing so many tips and featuring such gorgeous design, The Glame Guide is the perfect handbook for any beauty, fashion or lifestyle lover. It can be dipped in and out of with the easy navigation of the contents and chapters, or you can get lost reading cover to cover. Either way I know it’s a faultless addition to my ever growing collection of books and it’s something I’ll be referring back to again and again!

The Glam Guide is available in most bookshops, including Waterstones. What do you think of The Glam Guide?