Monday, 2 March 2015


Lush is one of my absolute favourite shops; every time I walk past one I can't help but go in and browse, and often leave with a basket-full of beautiful things! I love baths, and so I usually end up with an abundance of bath products.

"When I've got that feeling I need...." a Lush Sex Bomb bath bomb. Perfect for releving feelings of anxiousness, stress and tiredness it's been an absolute necessity for me as of late due to awful assignment deadlines. It contains jasmine, ylang ylang which is renowned for it's soothing effect and clary sage to help clear the mind. 

It turns the bathwater a gorgeous colour and smells divine. Partner it with some chocolate and a good book and there you go, the perfect relaxing pamper night. At £3.25, it's something I buy every time I go to Lush and it will continue to be! I would like to try some new bath bombs though, so leave me your favourites in the comments.


  1. I've recently been warming to the scent of jasmine so I might finally give this one a pop!

    Anastasia xo
    Dainty Desires

    1. Oh I definitely recommend it! I love it xx


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