A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine told me about this new hit podcast, Serial. She told me a little about the plot and I was immediately hooked. I listened to about 10 hours of material in around two days; I’m not proud of that. But seriously, it’s that good.

Serial is a podcast from the producers of This American Life, hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig. Serial tells one story, a true story, over the whole season of the podcast. The interesting thing about Serial is that the hosts don’t know what happens at the end until they get there themselves; they are actually discovering the information as they tell it to you, so it’s important to start with episode one and listen in order.

The first season is about a murder that takes place in 1993 in Baltimore in America, a teenage girl is murdered in her car and her ex boyfriend is convicted. In the beginning you discover there is no definitive evidence, just a motive and a story that the state put together with the help from a mysterious witness. Throughout the season, Sarah interviews real people related to the case, she speaks to the man convicted of the murder and you actually listen to their conversations from the prison, and there’s also information provided from the trials. If you visit Serial’s website, you can browse through lots of real material like letters and phone records used in the trials.

I was so absorbed into this story. I just had to know what happens next. Throughout the podcast it’s interesting to see how one piece of information can change your complete outlook on the case and you find yourself thirsty for more. I can’t really give any more information on this podcast without giving any of the story away, but take my word for it: you will love it. I’d never listened to a podcast before, and I didn’t know if it’s something I would be interested in doing, but I found myself listening to it on the bus, if I was walking anywhere, even on speaker while I was getting ready in the mornings. 

If you’re interested in crime, thriller or just factual documentaries, you need to listen to this.


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