So I’ve been pretty absent from my blog recently and I thought I’d have a little catch up with you all, let you know what’s been going on and think about what’s going to happen with amyjanealice going forward. While I don’t think people should necessarily apologise for taking time out from blogging if they need it, I think it’s nice to explain and keep up to date. 

I finished my second year of university. Completing essays and assignments and revising for my exam took up most of my time over the past several months, so I couldn’t spend as much time blogging and doing my hobbies etc. Now that’s all over, I can finally concentrate on other things in my life and hopefully work on some changes for the better on my blog!

I got a placement! A couple of months ago I changed my mind, changed it back, and then changed it again about whether I wanted to do a placement year or not. In the end I decided that gaining experience is key and that a placement year would be extremely beneficial. I was invited to attend a couple of interviews, and was then offered a job by the first company I had an interview at. From July onwards I will be a Junior Account Executive in a digital marketing agency!

I got a job in social media. So, it seems as though I like to keep busy, doesn’t it? Although I loved working at Warehouse, after four years I decided that I wanted to do something different and so emailed a company asking if I could come and work for them. After a couple of meetings and creating a social media proposal, they offered me the job of Social Media Executive. I’m here for a little while before I start my placement and it’s great practice for my future career and I can add some more experience to my CV.

I’ve been planning my holiday. In June me and my boyfriend jet off to the Costa Blanca for our second holiday together and I’ve spent any little free time I did have putting things together for it. I’ve spent too much money on new holiday clothes and accessories, but I need it, right? I’ve been writing list after list because I’m terrified of forgetting anything and I’ve just been getting excited in general!

Over the next few months I plan to develop my blog to make it more professional and hopefully more sucessful, so I hope to be posting around three times a week on a wider range of topics. I’m going to start a new ‘intern series’ maybe, documenting my time during the placement and also hopefully give some people tips on how to attain one too.  I’m also planning on working on my YouTube channel; it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and I want to stop putting it off now and just do it!

So just a little catch up! I hope you’re all well and if there’s anything you want to see on amyjanealice do please let me know 🙂



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