If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s makeup brushes. While I’m always wanting to try out new brands, I always end up coming back to my trusty Real Techniques brushes. I picked up the new Sculpting Brush in my recent Look Fantastic mini haul, and have not looked back since. As somebody with a pretty round face, contouring and bronzing is an absolute must for me and this brush is perfect. Yep, it’s the best contouring brush I’ve ever used. The bristles are very dense, meaning you can pick up a little bit of product or really pack it on, and as they’re also super soft so you can blend the product out effortlessly. I’ve been using the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush with my new favourite bronzer, Hoola by Benefit. Let me tell you, it’s changed my contouring and bronzing life forever. I’ve got definition where I’ve never had definition before! With the brush being shaped at an angle yet curved, it fits right into the hollow of your cheekbone and around your forehead, down the sides of your face and under your jaw easily. For somebody who is a self confessed contouring novice, this brush is so easy to use and does all the work for you. 

I’ve only used the Sculpting Brush with powder products so far, though I’m looking forward to trying it out with cream products too. I’m sure it will be just as amazing with either! This is definitely becoming my fave brush, and I think that along with the fact it’s less than £10 justifies the fact that I want to buy more…


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