Browsing Debenhams online last week armed with a discount voucher, I came across this beauty, the Brighton Every Day Bag by Victoria Green, and couldn’t not put it in my basket. It’s not like I don’t have enough makeup bags already, but I thought this was so cute and kitsch that I just had to add it to the collection and wanted to share it with you all!

The bag is made out of a sturdy and waterproof material which I love, so it’ll be easy to keep clean and won’t get damaged rattling around in your handbag. It’s not the largest of makeup bags, but it will be perfect for holding little bits and pieces in my carry-on bag on my holiday to Spain, and who doesn’t love a cute makeup bag, right? Don’t get me started on the polka dot lining…. Want to know the best part? It only cost me £4. There’s a whole range of Brighton print bags, from costmetic bags to traveller bags and I’m somehow restraining myself from buying them all!