Hi I’m Amy and I have an obsession with stationery. Pens, pencils, notebooks, cute post it notes, stickers, you name it, I love it! I came across this planner a couple of weeks ago and there was no way I couldn’t buy it. This is the I Am Very Busy by Bando, but sold through Mod Dolly. It’s sold out at the moment but hopefully it will be back in stock soon! It’s 17 months which is really useful, as it starts in late July through to December 2016. The planner has a small section in the front for your name and a couple of contact details if you like to put them in and a sheet of really cute stickers.  have to say that the planner is a little “teen-y”, especially with the ‘Bando Girl’ secret code they have, but I can definitely look past this due to how lovely the rest of this is! There is a year on one page overview of both 2016 and 2017, month on two pages with a small note section and then week on two pages. I love that you can organise your day to day goings in either of the three sections. I like to use the month on two pages to highlight when my bills and direct debits have to come out (all the exciting stuff) and then I write my day to day tasks in the week on two pages section.Throughout the planner there are loads of lovely additions, like the ‘reasons to party pages’ and the notes pages which make it even easier to stay organised, along with a document slot on the inside back page.

At the beginning of each month there are super cool illustrations and quotes, with colour coded month tabs so you can flick through easily. My favourite thing about the planner, aside from it’s basic planner qualities of course, is that it is so colorful and fun. I think this makes you even more motivated to use it to it’s full capability. It’s a really handy size too with it being A5, meaning you can carry it around with you in your handbag without taking up too much room. It’s also a hardback planner making it nice and sturdy and less likely to get damaged. At £16 it’s not the cheapest of planners, nor the most expensive, but it’s got everything I need. I’ve just started a 12 month marketing placement and this is going to be the perfect thing to keep me on top of everything that will be going on!


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