Lately I’ve been really into learning how to improve my life and wellbeing, not only physically but mentally too. Along with my planned health and fitness overhaul, I want to make my mental health and state better too. That’s when I came across Robin Sharma, an international bestselling author who specialises in leadership. Now I know that might sound a little different to what I was actually looking for, but it’s there that I found out about the 5am club. Basically, you wake up at 5am and use that hour before most other people wake up to be super productive, be it exercise, planning or learning. Now 5am sounds hella early, and I cringe at the thought of rolling out of bed at that time, but I do want to start training myself to get up earlier and without the effort it takes now. So, I looked into how to become a morning person and here are my favourite tips!

1. Get enough sleep. Pretty obvious huh? Suprising that most of us don’t then. Seven to nine hours of sleep are recommended each night, and without that we’re missing out on all the fab benefits of sleep! A good sleep is linked to improved memory, a better metabolism and weight, heightened mood and concentration and even lower blood pressure and stress levels. So after all that, why wouldn’t you get a good kip? 

2. Keep your evenings clear. It’s hard to refrain from crossing those last few bits off your to-do list, but if they aren’t super duper important, then just don’t. Take an hour out of your day in the evenings to just be and wind down. During this time you can create a routine to help prepare your mind and body to understand that evening is time to get ready to sleep.

3. Get prepared. Lay out your clothes, sort your bag out and make your lunches the night before so that in the morning you’re good to go. That way, you also don’t forget anything! Feeling rushed in the morning is the worst thing and can set you up for a funny old day.

4. Eat yourself awake. Ok so that sounds a little weird… but stick with me. As you’ve heard off your parents and grandparents probably your whole life, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s important to kickstart your day and your metabolism with a healthy breakfast and some water. Up the protein in the mornings and reap the benefits all day long.

5. Invite light indoors. Your brain is pretty sensitive to the light and to temperature, which means that even on those lazy days where you’re feeling desperate for some sleep, it can be pretty difficult to get a good sleep in the middle of the day. With light being one of the most powerful things to force your body awake. it’s a must in your morning routine to help you wake up easier. Sleep with no blinds on your window, or with sheer curtains, or if you don’t like that idea you can invest in a special Wake Up Light.

6. Get energized. Once you’re awake, get moving straight away. Lounging in bed for those few extra minutes might feel precious, but you’re just letting that groggy feeling sink in. Get some music on, walk into another room, brush your teeth, dance if you have to, just do something!

7. Hydrate. You know that dry mouth feeling? Your body feels it too. After a long night’s sleep, your body can be dehydrated. Sleep with some water next to your bed and take a big gulp as soon as you get up to help wake up your muscles and organs.

8. Stretch. You’ve been lying down all night, in a pretty sedentary position. Take a few minutes to do some stretches in the morning to help prepare your body for the day ahead. Add a bit of meditation in there for a truly powerful morning routine.

9. Have a positive outlook. Start your morning with a motivational quote or a positive affirmation. Even saying “today is a great day” to yourself will kick start your day in a positive way and will help you feel much more motivated and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

10. Reward yourself. I know how tough that struggle can be when your alarm starts screeching in the mornings, but you’ve done it! You’re up and out of bed. Now it’s time to reward yourself. Take advantage of the extra time you now have and read that chapter of that book you’re struggling to put down, do some exercise, meditate, induldge in a good cup of coffee, whatver it is that you love to do it, spend your spare time doing it.

I hope these tips are of some use to you, and I’ll definitely be putting these in place to help me on my journey to joining the 5am club! How do you make your mornings that bit easier?


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