As much I enjoy shopping for makeup and clothes, sometimes I love taking a break from it all and spending some time in the countryside. This weekend, me and my boyfriend decided to drive up to Hyde in Manchester for a Country Walk, walking routes created in the countryside nearby to Chef & Brewer pubs. I came across these after a friend shared a post online and I knew that it was the perfect way for me and George to spend some time together while getting in some (much needed in my case) exercise and then ruining it all with some good pub grub.

After getting a little lost at first, because Google Maps is never quite accurate, we pulled up in the car park and I immediately noticed the views. The walk starts off overlooking Cheshire as you make your way down through fields and small valleys. Luckily, we went on a fairly nice day so the views were beautiful. I often forget how close I live to the countryside, after spending so much time in the city! 

After working up an appetite, we made our way back to the Hare and Hounds pub, which even from just the outside I knew I was going to love. The interior was a combination of a traditional farmhouse feel with exposed beams and other old-fashioned ornaments, and modern day chic. The wine bottles with Christmas hats got a huge thumbs up from me – it’s September now, surely the countdown to Christmas is on?! There was lots of food to choose from, including a 1940s inspired menu! I went for the Cod Finger Sandwich while George opted for the good old pie. I loved the cosy and comfy feel of the Hare and Hounds, and the little extra touches which made it that bit more than just another pub.

I really enjoyed doing something different with my weekend (though inevitably, I did end up shopping…) and would definitely like to try out a few more of the Country Walks. This post ins’t sponsored, I genuinely enjoyed myself and thought I’d share this with you all in case any of you fancied a nice walk this weekend! There are lots of Chef & Brewer pubs around the UK that are part of the Country Walk programme so check them out here. Where are your favourite places to spend your weekend?


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