As the months get colder, my skin gets drier. Though every year I know this is going to happen, I still haven’t found the perfect moisturiser. As much as I love my Origins Overnight Intensive Mask, it was time to try something new. I had a quick search of my favourite blogs and came across this beauty. Oilatum is a brand I’d heard of before, but never would it have crossed my mind when thinking of buying a new moisturiser. I picked it up from Boots for around £5 and thought it was worth a try. Well, well, well, how very glad I am! Since using this moisturiser I’ve noticed that my skin feels plumper and looks more glowy, a far cry from all those days my skin felt tight and sore. Don’t get me wrong, I do still get drier patches at the end of the day, but no where near the state it used to be in. I’ve also noticed that my skin feels ‘repaired’, as the name suggets. The redness and blemishes have decreased and overall my skin just looks healthy! I can’t believe the Oilatum Natural Repair Moisturiser has been right under my nose all this time!


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