I was very late in joining the Makeup Revolution bandwagon, as you can see by my huge haul a couple of months ago. I don’t really know what was holding me back from splurging, but I am glad I did! Their Ultra Contour Palette was something I’d heard great things about, so that was a must. On first impressions, I really liked the sleek, black packaging. It’s made of a plastic-y material, which means that the inevitable ‘make up all over the packaging’ marks can be simply wiped away. The huge mirror inside is also a bonus. Come on, admit it, we can’t sit at our dressing tables everyday, right? I’m a huge advocate of sitting on my bed with make up strewn around me using mirrors in palettes, so this is perfect.

Onto to the shades. I use the palest contour shade, which is second from the left, every morning and it’s a perfect match for me. It isn’t too orange or muddy, and is definitely easy to build up and blend out which means you can create the perfect contour for you.. Occasionally I’ll venture to a darker shade if I’m creating a more daring look, and I still find the shade selection to be everything I need it to be. As for the highlighters, I don’t really have a “go-to favourite”. I kind of just swirl my brush into whichever shades I fancy at that moment in time (is that really bad?) and they all seem to do the job for me!

Despite having, one might say “too many”, bronzers and contour shades, I definitely need this palette in my life. At £8, it works out that each contour and highlight shade cost only £1 each! One pound! How can you resist?