Back in my New Year Hopes and Goals post, I mentioned a recent purchase of mine to help get me back in the blogging spirit and to hopefully make 2016 a more productive and creative year: The Blogger Journal. I came across the journal on a post in a blogger Facebook group by Steph from Cocohic. As soon as I saw the post, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. As these journals were created by Steph, I knew it would do everything I needed it to to help me improve amyjanealice, as Steph is a blogger herself! I received the journal only a couple of days after ordering which I was very impressed about and it was packaged nice and securely.

The first page has a quote on that encompasses everything I want from this journal: “2016. A year of internet ass-kicking and better blogging”. Yes please! The journal kicks off with a blogging tips section, including blogging terminology which explains all those pesky internet terms, optimum posting times, useful websites and apps, fail safe blog post ideas, SEO tips, Google Analytics FAQ, Twitter chat times and popular Instagram tags. Phew! I’ve found this section to be super helpful; despite working in marketing and having blogged (sporadically) for a couple of years, it’s really useful to be able to brush up on your knowledge of blogging. The journal then moves on to the calendar. Each month is started with a quote with a cute illustation before launching into the yearly planner. This isn’t something I tend to use a lot but it’s quite useful to look at for quick dates and days. Each month has a small box for each day to keep track of any appointments, events or post deadlines and at the bottom of the page there is a section for monthly goals and “don’t forget” which is nice to keep any important dates noted down! There is also a small notes section and a monthly checklist including tasks such as reply to comments, clear out inboxes, update social sites and brainstorm content among many more. I really like this idea and I do often forget to do a couple of those things!

For each day of the month there is a generous sized lined section with a small checklist to help you with blog promotion: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Super organised! Steph has even provided a blog tip for each month along with a notes and ideas section – perfect for planning! At the end of each monthly section there is a sort of “review”. The monthly statistics table is so helpful to keep track of followers on the various socia media sites, traffic to your blog, ranking and even your top keywords! You can keep an eye on your income and expenses at the end of each month too, and make some monthly goals.

Overall I am so impressed with The Blogger Jounal; it has absolutely everything in there you need to smash blogging in 2016! You can get your hands on one of them on Steph’s website for only £15.99! Compared to a couple of others I’ve been looking at online, I’m so glad I invested in this one.