So I’m back with another FairyLoot unboxing. Every month I legit set an alarm to make sure I’m in time to order the new box, and then I obsessively watch the shipping tracker for the few days before it is delivered. I just love these boxes so much; they never fail to disappoint! The February box was no different, and this time I had no idea what to expect which made it all the more exciting. Warning: this post is a little photo heavy but everything was just so pretty…

FairyLoot is a “fantasy focused monthly subscription box containing a Young Adult book and some hand selected bookish goodies” as described on their website. You can commit to six or twelve month subscriptions or if you’re fast enough, you can get your hands on their single purchase boxes! The February theme was “Emperors and Fugitives”.

I’m so excited for this month’s book, Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. I mean that beautiful cover alone is enough for it to sail straight to the top of your TBR! A combination of fantasy and sci-fi, described as “a saga of vengeance, warfare, and the true meaning of legacy”, I’m already pretty sure I’m going to love this book. Ok so *deep breath*. This double sided art print of my queen Manon and the lovely Prince Dorian from The Throne of Glass series by Taratjah. I was kind of expecting this after seeing a couple of FairyLoot’s tweets but I still squealed when I saw it. Now the only hard part is trying to decide which side to have showing!

Next is this Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain mini little cutie baby Dancing Groot JUST LOOK AT HIM. I’m so happy to finally own my own Groot Funko Pop, even if he is a miniature one. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, a sure fire way to cheer myself up is to do the little Groot dance, so now I have my own personal one to carry around with me! I love a good bath with a book, so this Celestial Gunpowder bath bomb from Bathing Beauties is perfect for me. And it smells like cupcakes – yay! This Illuminae Quote Coaster by Read At Midnight will look perfect on my bedside table and will hopefully give me that kick up the arse to finally get around to reading Illuminae. I’ve also got another gorgeous bookmark to add to my collection: Space Girl by Till and Dill. So pretty!

The next item is this Rebel of the Sands Pouch by Alisse Courter. I read Rebel of the Sands earlier this year and oh man I loved it, so naturally I love this pouch too! And if you follow me on any other social media channel you’ll know that I have a slight obsession with bookish candles, so to receive another one in February’s FairyLoot box was just fab. The Kalusian Sunset Candle (which is huge!) by Happy Piranha not only looks super cute, but was named by this month’s author AND smells absolutely delicious.

There were a couple of bonus items included too, like a Secret Sampler of The One Memory of Flora Banks and a discount for MyBookmark. I’m so pleased with this month’s FairyLoot box (as usual!) and can’t wait to get using all of the items and get reading! Seriously, if you’re uhmming and aaahing about buying a FairyLoot box, just do it,.You won’t regret it – promise!


*Book depository affiliate links used. I get a small commission if you purchase through them, and you get free delivery!


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